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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Called up to VP's Office!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:03 PM --- Post#114718666436427084

Burger Ramly
Hmmm...today after sch me went home. Normally i go Toa Payoh, then change bus 59 lah. Much faster than bus 8 or MRT all the way. So Toa Payoh got Pasar malam mah, then got this Ramly Burger.

I was always thinking, this kinda burger nice meh? Street side burger nia. Also im damn puzzled cos there were quite a few of those Ramly stalls around. Its till i went to wiki to check that those burgers were smuggled in, meaning they should be banned...

Anyway, its $2.50 with egg and cheese. Wah $2.50 neh! U noe me de, i dun mind spending more money on smthing, but it has to be good. Like the $3 Ba Chor Mee, even the ablone is fake de, its still my fav ba chor mee despite being 50cents more than the normal $2.50 pricing. The amount given and the quality far exceed that 50cents more i paid lah!

So to noe if the Ramly is good, i gotta try it out. I went up the unker and asked for a beef burger. The platter dun seemed too big a piece though. Strange enuff, the unker crack and spreaded the egg on the hotplate.. ehhh...i tot it shld be smthing like putting the egg into a mould and make it into some sort of egg platter to be placed with the beef platter?

When the beef platter was ready, he put it on top of the egg and add mayo and a lot of other unhealthy (who cares if its unhealthy...) sauces...still it dun look as fantastic..he added cheese and wrapped up the egg before sandwiching between the two buns.

Its then nicely packed and i paid up. I opened it and wow...the smell is like wah kao....the platter with everything dun look that small after all. I took a bite.

WOOOWWWW...the first thing that came to my mind: ITS NICER THAN MCDONAL'S. The beef was just cooked tender and soft, and i appreciate the nice mixture of the bbq and mayo sauces, best is it enhanced the beef taste instead of covering it. The egg and cheese added extra fragrances. Its uber juicy! And since its wapped up, the content wun "slide" off like the conventional burger.

No lettuce to spoil the taste! Sad to say, adding that 2 pieces of vege in Mc Burgers spoilt the taste and 口感 of the burger. Not only that, their sauces do not enhance the taste of the meat, instead its like "another thing" in the burger. How healthy can that 2 pieces of lettuce be nia...

WOW. My $2.50 is not wasted! Nice one Ramly? Why the hell isit banned in Singapore?

My Leg
Aiya, form teacher (i still not used to calling what CT or ST) 4get to zap my MC neh! Hahaha, nvm, heng PE teacher nice enuff to let me off! Hehehe. Then Ani 4get to bring his pants, jsut right i can lend him cos i on MC mah! Hahahah

Called up to VP's Office!
I was called to VP's offce today...cos im in APTS. Somehow some damn interesting stuff happened. Haha, for my sake, its gonna be BlogLocked...so teachers, authorities viewing here...so sorry...Muahahahahhaa.

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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