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Friday, May 26, 2006
I did something sinful
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:10 PM --- Post#114863462740877451

The Last Lesson
Wah...after 2 hours of physics, i rushed home...finally...its the end of the term.
End of the term means:
-movies, movies and more movies
-games, games and more games
-photoshop, photoshop and more photoshop
-slacking, chat, eat and shit more
-tour, tour and more tour
-music, music and more music
-tv, tv and more tv

For everything, there is no World Cup in my plans at all.

And i heard rumours about this monster call "Mid year exam". This monster beri strange one, u need to learn the Muggification magic to Muggify yourself and defeat the monster. Another strange thing is that, if you dun bother about this monster, the ending will not bother you as well.


I did something sinful
The latest version of SLAX includes this ntfsmount. It allows Linux to read and write to NTFS drives (those normally used in Windows XP). SLAX is a LIVE portable Operating System, meaning it can be booted from CD directly, without the need of any Elvins (hard drives). Unlike Windows, SLAX comes preinstalled with a lot of software, including GIMP, ABIWord, FireFox...

Using My SLAX Creator and UltraISO, i can easily modify the distribution to include a lot of other more stuffs. SLAX can be used as temporary OS when Windows fail, and the pre installation of software make it convinent as most public computers comes no additional Windows apps and they wun allow you to install any thing.

Since Linux once cannot write to NTFS drives, its quite useless if the comp is running on XP using a NTFS formatted disk, which is normally the case. Meaning u cannot save anything, unless u email to yourself or use a thumbdrive. With ntfsmount, its a different story liao. Though its not 100% compatible, it does not corrupt your drive like some other attempts in the past. If the file operation cannot be performed, it will terminate or "reject", instead of going ahead and perform the operation which may corrupt the disk.

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