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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Milo Saturday
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:08 PM --- Post#114813413193623180

Today must be the day i drank the most milo...

I board the train to Outram, cos Robber was living one MRT stop before me, i gotta hop onto the right train to meet up with him. The Train was freaking crowded. Then me and Robber was like one at each end of the train, like some lover movie liddat we squeesed and inched our way towards one another and saw each other in the middle. Lol!

The timing was just right, Ah Lam and Darren reached there almost the same time as us. They actually dunno how to go there one, but Robber said got bus 174. We got some problem locating the correct side of bus stops, then on the wall they put "YMCA". A bit strange hor, we going YWCA leh! Why ah? Robber said he confirm its the right bus and its like 8:59:59 liaoz...kao...later late sia! Then the bus arrived, we we up and asked the unker.

"Errr, your bus got go YMCA anot?"
"Huh? Simi?"
"YWCA ah!"
"YMCA isit?"
""No No Y Da-Ber-Diew C A!"

Then Darren interrupted
"Its WOMAN, not MAN! YWCA!"

"Dunno leh...my bus later turning right noe..."

We were damn stunned...ok....the buz driver dunno YWCA...then wtf will noe where it is? KNNCCB neh...

Nvm we decided to take a cab, cos it next to some dunno what health center, so a lot of taxis. It took us only 5 minutes and we realised that bus 174 is the CORRECT one lah! I think the cabbie oso face orh orh, four ppl take taxi paid $3.40 only.....

When we reached there, got bunch of zhar bo in the office liao. Wah, dressed until sui sui think go party meh? Not veri chio lah, then Ah Lam told me they from AJC oso de. I was like HUH? AJC got so chio one meh! He told me in his accented tone "No no no...Im not telling you how i noe they from AJC...". Robber then pointed to me one of the gal. Her shirt reads...."SIXTEEN OH FIVE". Wah kao, if Robber dint tell me, i oso dunno thats a class Tee sia!

We were put in charge of the stage for the sandwich making compy. The four of us started to wrap the table tops with plastik sheets. Ah Lam and me switched places to hold the sticky tape and using my knife to chop it. Lol, like performing some stuns liddat. Ah Lam damn scared i chop his fingers. It ended up i cutting the tape and pasting them on the pole while the 3 of them just pull off the tapes and get the job done. We actually damn efficient.

Meanwhile...we decided to sneak up to the milo truck to kope some milo. So we pretend to be visitors, hid our "HELPER" tags and spied on the milo truck. There were quite some ppl there taking milo, i dun care, reached for the huge transparent cup and headed for the container..

"eh eh u helper?" An Auntie suddenly questioned me. I faster stuffed my Helper Tag deeper inside my pocket.
"Your tag neh?" Oh shit, she knew im a helper! So pulled out my tag and showed her. "Nah!"
"Must show tag mah, no tag no milo, faster help yourself!"

Wah...upon hearing that, the rest of the gang rushed to filled up their cup...and happily lim milo, sit one corner relac. Ah Lam was telling me how exp one huge cup liddat cos, Darren gave the idea on save money and drink milo for lunch. I drank 2 huge cups and kept the cup for later used.

One of the AJC gal came and asked me.."Milo how much ah?"
"Orh..$2.50 only! Beri CHEAP ah!" i replied.
I turned around saw the this-is-damn-wrong face of the three's face. I was like hehehehehehhee, giving the zhao pai spastic face. Ah Lam replied with his usual accented "Ok..." and Darren and Robber faster said "Its free! Its free..." I cannot tahan bursted out in laughter...LOL! My bad ok....

Ya...we waited for the GOH to come...After she finally arrived and gone down, we rushed and drag all the tables up...then the organiser looked at us with huge eyes. "No no no no no no...RELAC....later later...relac relac..". Then the audience all staring at us nia. We all "hehehehehhehe..." Then drag back all tables.

Finally the sandwich making compy started, we faster shifted our tables to the stage in rows of three and zhao liao! Yawn...its only like 11am and guess what...its time for MILO again. We took our cups and rushed off to the Milo cups. This time the other side of the truck was meant solely for helpers. Wahh...got one chio bu tenidng the milo truck. Heck chio bu, i want MILO. Now they changed the cups to the small small one liao, heng we got the large plastik ones. We filled up our cups and i went for three rounds of Milo.

"ah dey...chio bu there u drink until liddat..." Darren told me as we walking back.
"Dun care lah, milo free one, oso that one not chio bu"
Then Ah Lam was again calculating the cost of the milo....

So we took some chairs and slacked...talked about everything on Earth....like how Terrence's muscles came about, if gals in his class noes how to masturbate, how to turn our Prom nite into Porn nite...After some long freaking 30 minutes, the compy is over and we stacked the tables down.

We went back to Meeting Room to slack. 15 minutes later we went down and asked for more jobs. We stood in the office and saw the Milo, Mash Potato mascots...wah kao...some ugly bu was wearing the costumes and we were like jaw dropping...we tot the organisers wanted us to be the mascots..and started to debate who should be the one...in the end we decided to zhao lor befor anything happens...

We ended up in the garage sales room packing toys and sorting the books. Actually half the time we were playing with all the toys there....what Star Wars lah, dunno what robots...then the organisers stared at us playing....lol...i no childhood nia! We cannot tahan at about 1pm liao...went for another round of milo...this time i spilled one cup...wah lao...

We went up to the office to clean up...we waited outside the office as we secretly listening to the organisers complaining about the CJCians...

"They damn mischievous, the mascot was walking as one kid wacked him from behind, he fell and got so pissed off. I ask the two guys helping him why never look out for him, they say 'how to protect him??'. The mascot got so pissed that he took off his costume and all the vulgarities came out..." The lady walked towards us...."eh why ur all here?"

We pointed at the door..."Toilet Toilet!" She a bit the shocked we overheard everything....Hahahahaha!

So we back again to the meeting room...this time the rest of the AJCians J1 guys were there...we tok cock alot...suddenly the phone rings....i picked it up...hairy king kong came out from the TV and milo drowned us...hahahaha...we happily spinnning tales as the "kind" J1s went down to volunteer for another hour. We continue to slept in the room and dun care...on the air con...hahahaha...until 2.15 when the gals came back then we left together...

Hahaha...liddat we got alot of CIP hours liao!!!

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