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Monday, May 01, 2006
My feet....my feet...awwwww
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:26 PM --- Post#114647251344620585

Awwww....my feet HAS NOT made any improvement at all..awwww...its so damn swollen now...filled with some liquid...i tried to walk, although there is no pain, my feet just cannot exert and strength on the floor....its so bloated till its quite impossible to move at all...awwwwww. When i step, i need like 10 seconds to slowly bent my foot to match the floor, then i stand up, i feel like got one waterbad beneth my feet liddat...

Haiz...i need hop on my right leg, cos hopping dun cover much distance, i needa hop damn lot to get to various places in my house...oso made me damn sweaty and smelly...

When bathing, i needa use a stool and sit while bathing...when climbing stairs, i need sit on the staircase and slide down on my butt. Needa crawl up oso...awwww

I starting to worry what if i dun get well by Thursday? What if i still cant walk? There is no use having MC at home and getting stuck in my own room...I dun even have the mood to do hw liao...i only feel like watching TV, play GunZ and tok cock on SPUG....haiz...

I cant even do my artwork.....no inspiration at all...haiz...how i wish someone can come to my room and tok cock to me right now....haiz....

my Wed morning, if im still not well, means there is smthing still in the wound...needa xray and cut my feet open....

I noe, upon reading this and knowing me MC for 2 fuck days, a lot of ppl sure damn happy de...haiz..the worst is a lot of ppl think im lying....isnt it unbelievale? Double injury on the SAME FEET....i cant believe it myself either...haiz...

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