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Saturday, May 06, 2006
Sista Cried Over Hotdog
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:40 PM --- Post#114692654435996466

Today at Marine Parade, we were at the Bread Talk. My sis saw this fried hotdoggy bun and suggested to my mum she wanted it, cos she neber tried the friec hotdog bun before mah.

Who knows my mum fired her Saliva Shotgun and rattled my sis till she cried.

"Exam liao still eat fried stuff! Later sore throat how? Sick how? Cannot exam lah, then you win liao lor. Go...go eat! Go eat lah. You think i wanna harm you meh, huh, got others dun eat, purposely eat that fried one. See lah. You so stupid!"

My relation with my sis isnt that good, but seeing my sis kena scolded liddat made me feel heartbroken lor. It reminded me of my past. I was treated the exact way my mum treats my sis now. In fact i think she got a worse treatment since my parents cherish her as their hope, future and glamour as a mugging machine as opposed to the ulimate slacking garbage me.

I went forward and sayang my Primary 5 sis. She whispered to me, "Next time she wun buy for me liao. I was only suggesting i wanna eat that mah, dun eat dun eat lor....". I was comforting her when my mum yelled at us, pointing finger at me saying i 带坏 my sis.

My mum is always damn paranoid. Im sure the next time, after her exam, she will tell her "now weather hot", "u got one mouth ulcer", "its too exp in here", "this one fried until too dark" or watever reasons to stop her from eating. Even if she does allow, she confirm kope half the bun or peel off the fried bun skin before letting her eat in peace. Poor sis.

She neber allowed my sis to eat anything fried. She dun mind letting her eat fatty food but seldom fried or cold food. Be it biscuits, crackers, breakfast cereal, chocolate....No, my sis got armour health, in fact her MC rate is almost zero. Sometimes she fell sick even without eating all those stuff. And my mum got damn paranoid at the slightest ulcer or mild fever.

For me, i used to get the same treatment. But since i got into VS i got more and more outta hand. I used to get sore throat and ulcers damn easier at heaty food suff. But even since i start muching chocolates, swallow chicken chops, throw in potato chips everyday, i seldom get all those "heaty syndromes". All i could guess is my body got used to it. YA....now u noe why i so fat....

Other rules my mum implemented on my sis:
- No soupy or watery breakfast (cos later lessons scared go toilet ma fan)
- Everyday must shit at 9pm (cos later lessons scared go toilet ma fan)
- Must not drink from water cooler (she believes no water except those boiled by her is clean)
- She must take her and bring her home from school, even her sch is only 5 minutes walk away (so that no one can kidnap her)
- All homework must be done on that day even if its not due tml
- No any kinda computer games except on holidays, not even during weekdays if you had complete your homework
- Unlimited assesment before exam, no matter how fast you complete your assesment, there will be lots infinite more
- No saving of daily pocket money, all remaining pocket money will go back to my mum whom will keep till she is 21. If she wanna buy things she like, she gotta beg my mum or use the $10 per month allowance given
- During CNY, she gets only half the amount given by my parents and paternal side grand parents (about $20). The rest must be given back to my mum.
- Controlled phone call even its on house phone line (psss my mum chat on the phone more than her!)
- No going out without my mom (cos scared kena kidnapped). Thus no going to friends house.
- She must obey my mum on actiosn taken to her friend. If my mum thinks that her friends are "bad" from daily conversation, she will be asked to tekan or break relationship w her friends...And there are a lot of hasty generalisation and assumption by my mum.

Not only that, my sis had unfortunately inherited the arrogrance of my parents. Their "kiasu" and all-so-practical attitude. Also the very objective way of looking at matters, and always take their perference as the "standard", while the others are "wrong". Not only that, they neber give care and compassion to pets and animals. Pets are reared cos they are nice, if not nice then throw....

Yes, my parents are caring no mater what. But the way they treat my sis is a bit too tough...in fact they are SPOILING her. I used to get very similar treatment and look at me now - a total nonsense. I really pity my sista, as his bro i really dunno how to help her....haiz....

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