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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Time to get busy
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:35 PM --- Post#114725734071533919

I got this over MSN from a friend, used to be in VS now in AJC like me:

fro goodness sake...dun ever mention i play lan in front of my mugger frens...i will kena look down on as lazy one...ni ystday hai wo....

WTF?!?!?! Its our VS meeting to Orchard play LAN lah. Look down? I LOOK DOWN ON MUGGERS....FUCK lah...what crap is this? My friend being denied of his freedom to tok LAN with me cos others LOOK DOWN on him...THis nonsense gotta stop!

Time to get busy
Well i gotta catch up w all the work i had yet to do during my one week hols, oso to do my work at the same time. Yan's boss seemed to be okay with it, and i will still try my best. Tml got this AI presentation, math test and i needa sumbit the 4th draft of my work tonite. Oso tonite got the Never Say Die! MUST WATCH!

Wicked Fight
Kiat was stirring trouble w VS-AJ Lim Yun...LOL...stir with VS ah beng will die of horrible death! Hahahaha. Just some bickering lah...lol...me and Yan was luffing while watchg the SuperBand Vids

New FireFox Extension
Just some new FF extension, or rather...new to me:
- Performancing (Blog editor)
- NoScript (to disable scripts on webby, thinkinbg to use it to disable things like no right click scripts)
- Video Downloader (download all EMBED items, swf, mp3, midi, rmv, mov....)
- JS view (view internal and external CSS and JS files, good for koping)
- IE tab (not new, render page in IE within an FF tab)
- Tab Mix Plus (a lot more control over tabs and includes a session saver)

Its RAINing!
First time...we got a zhar bo for our President...thinking of it..hmmmm...not bad ah!

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