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Sunday, June 25, 2006
GP teacher takes Chinese, Visual Arts and Computing
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:50 AM --- Post#115117140812087595

Imagine u are a GP teacher, loved English and passionate to know about current affairs. One day, MOE tells you that u have to go for lessons.

You have to take one major and two minors. The major is Chinese literature, as China is developing, Chinese is getting more important. The other two subjects are Computing, Visual Arts.

Chinese literature is indeed interesting, but no matter how, you just feel that English is your niche and you think that speaking in English makes you feel home and comfortable. You have to buy Chinese newspaper everyday, and cut them out and make sentences with all those hard characters and phrases. To add on, you Chinese teach keep telling you the correct way to use all the cheng yu yet you still used them wrongly. You style of writing is not too elegant and you get quite a lot of expression and wrong characters.

In Visual Arts class, your teacher keep telling you that u need not be a talent to draw well. "U need 99% hardwork! Only 1% talent!" But no matter how you tried, the concepts of colour theory dun ring a bell in you. Your teacher tells you to practice, but drawing the same thing over and over again makes u feel sian. And seriously u dun understand how drawing and designing has practical use in your life. Also being in the 21st century, the final project or exams are based on visual computer graphics. "Why has it got to be computers? I mean in actual visual arts, I can choose to do in by hand! Those functions and interfaces are getting me crazy. And how come the teach always know the next step?"

In Computing class, you are presented with algorithms, functions, pointers, arrays....There are like 101 ways to just sort some bunch of numbers, the concept of computing is like "what the hell? I cant understand a shit?" English language is much better than C++! The arguments, expressions and grammer, or what they call syntax are no longer the same that i noe of in English. The teacher ask me to go online and read up on those chapters, he is going damn fast as he thinks all those concepts are quite easily understood. When i go home, i dun feel like reading the stack of notes becos i rarely understand a thing inside. The algorithms are far too complex!

In school, ppl luff at me cos i speak English and not Chinese. Although i can draw, but when it comes to exam, all my Creativity are blocked and i just cant perform. Computing actually looks fun but things are getting screwed. Ppl luff at u cos u like English, which is like a "nerd's stuff". OMG...this is hell.

Now, come back to reality.

CHinese is now GP, Visual Arts is math and then Computing is Physics. After you reverse everything, the GP teacher is actually me. This is how exactly i feel. Imagine all those subjects are throw to the now teachers using the way they teach us to teach them. Imagine how chaotic it is.

Isit GP, Maths or Physics' fault? No...its my bad to be born in such a society.

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