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Friday, June 02, 2006
Im dying
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:41 PM --- Post#114926291705915976

Guai Lan Inc
As far as Guai Lan Inc. is concerned, im still the only one working. Sorry to the others i still cannot find your a job. But thanks for the support. Especially Tomato and Jeremy and how can i forget Yan? Thanks man. Without Yan, Guai Lan wun operate till today. Who am i looking for in Guai Lan Inc? Talents. I want to show the rest AJC is more than muggers, sports ppl, bimbos, posers and of course, rats. Also who says we can only be "used" after some sickening years of muggification and NS? Who says we are too young to understand it all? And who says working is definitely harder than studying?

In fact all those in Guai Lan Inc are of various talents. Yan is good in hardware computing. Tomato is good in socializing and she is creative and she make a damn good sexology. Jeremy is someone who can rely on once you endorse a job for him and he is physically fittest among us all. So what is "talent"? Its not necessary piano, ballet, swimming... What i call talent is some special. In another words, "guai lan" enuff. Someone who can think and of course not forgetting basic integrity. Think in terms emotions, deep deep.

The slogan is that we do everything, as long as we can. Doesnt matter if the pay is low.

Going to die
Went down to SLS to meet Yan and Caramon today. Yan was late (as usual) and im early (as usual). I began to shop around looking for cans and i found that my left ear was...spoilt. At first i tot its my phones but its not. There is some defect in my left ear since 2 weeks ago some water went in. Water went in a few days ago AGAIN and that things got worse. Tinnitus Tinnitus Tinnitus. And the sound came in is very unclear, though there is not much reduction in volume. Thus i have to guess what the others are talking about. Suddenly I dun feel like buying earphones anymore, since i might be deaf for life. Thinking about it, maybe i can skip NS or smthing.

Argg....my stomach began to yell again. Of hunger, but i just had my lunch! This is bad cos its abnormal, i think my stomach has been making too much digestive juices, plus the change in eating time slot from sch to holidays make things worse. At times i can feel smthing burning in my stomach.

Suddenly i realised. Im going to die. The mirrors and cameras in SLS make me feel more stress and worse.

VR Office
Called Yan and he brought me through all the backdoors, secret passages, dark alley to get to some gfx card shop. Met Caramon and we went out while he do some servicing. He came out after 5 minutes and we basically tok cocked. Again we went round some unknown building, alleys, lifts, passage way and then went back to the SLS canteen where i was treated to my old time fav - the teh O bing. We tok cock more and headed back to the VR office to add in the Toshiba logo and edited the micro site.

Wow...their office...they are building some sort of 1m high PC with auto filling dry ice...from time to time, ppl came in to deliver goods. I notice all their PC are huge in size, the one im using is almost twice the size of mine. I wonder what sort of hardware they cramp inside. Tubes and pipes lied all over the place. They talked alot about dry ice, liquid CO2, liquid N2O....in fact for the 1st time im blinded w computer term i dun understand. Its the same thing with caramon and yan when i told then about C++, dynamic arrays, VB, AS....

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I was doing what im suppose to do and by 4 i was done.

Going Home
Went to look for my cans once again. The Audio Technica ATH-CK7 titanium costed $120, and the CX300 that cost also $120! Anyway, on the bus home...i was thinking how am i gonna explain to my mum how the hell i got so much money. Anyway i dint expect any earning since at 1st i tot its just voluntary helping. And how i explain the card?

The 1st thing that came into my mind is that my mum will say i stole all those. Or that is that i secretly go out and do part time w/o her permission. So she can then conviently blame my sucky studies on it. How am i gonna exprain to my bull mother? At that time my stomach was yelling and burning again...arggg....

So i decided to tell her everything but act blur.

When i reach home...
"Wah, so early ah"
"ya lah, my friend treat me drink then come home le lor"
"Ya, i help him do webby mah"
"Then he gimme one envelop, dunno what it is..." *Acting innocent....

The rest is up to you to guess...

What I feel
I enjoy making poster. I admit my posters sucks, my flash banner sucks more and my website is CMI.

In AJC, i made countless posters, be it for the class, CCA....but no one appreciates. All they say is "Its too dark".  "I want fonts BIG BIG, and i want this this this this this this info in the poster" (ends up it became a canvas of text...). When i asked for ideas, all that was given was "err...change this color" while another say "change back original colour...". Then i asked for inspiration...nothing came out....

Worse, all my posters ended up in BnW....which totally wasted my time to pick the colours. And it ended up WRAPPING the AJ pillars...due to the complex colouring, the whole thing in greyscale print out look crap. Its just like cXtreme itself, no one outside appreciates us. They often matches us with the professionals outside, a bit wrong means we sucks.

Its not about money, not about showing off...its that under the situation, certain students in AJC is not given enuff chance and treated fairly.

Unlike VS, how bad i drew, how bad i make my craft work...they dint say "its nice" or "it sucks", instead they come around and try to improve on it. "Not bad" from them are not meant for the junk u created, its for the effort. I mean if not for my 4B, if not for DnT, i wun learn design. I was not born with a design engine in my brain, but its smthing i like. Smthing i can contribute. Something that my school now and the system now will never help me fulfill.

Upon finishing the 1st task for Guai Lan Inc, the next is the chem plant website. And its long term so i will needa find smthing for the rest of them. Which i guess will be some CIP work.

In fact the second was together with Jeremy in the YWCA doing voluntary work. Our pay was 6 cups of Milo each, and one whole morning of fun and enjoyment and making ourself useful. Thats more than enuff. I also wish December or Selina can join us.

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