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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
My Study Plan
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:53 AM --- Post#115077201143527096

Teachers still cared
yawn...being woke up by my teacher this morning...well the school wants to know which city did we went for holidays. Strange enough, my teacher sounds so nice. When she 1st called I tot she will be hunting me down for my GP homework, the essay and compre which i decided to ignore this time because i wanna spent more time on the others subject.

In fact why are all the teachers being so nice to me? Im so defiant and problematic and those kinda that never do hw and never study for exams. My results are the best proof. Still wondering why the teachers are so good to me, this rotten apple (as mentioned in I Not Stupid). I rot liao no future liao. Kiat told me he study not for AJC, but for the A levels. I told him otherwise, becos im studying for the sake of it, not for A's either.

Q: Why u enter JC then?
A: I dint wanted to, my parents forced me to. Im so fatigue after O's that i dun ever feel like studying again.

Q: Why your parents force you? Dint u tell them what u actually want?
A: Typical herding instinct, JC=good, so being rock stubborn, they force me go. U cant blame them, well they did it for my own good.

Q: U not worry about your future?
A: No, im not going to get married (its impossible anyway), and i dun mind being poor.

Q: Any other factors why u dun like to study
A: Honestly speaking, the college itself lah....no need to elaborate liao...u shld noe why.

The AJC Proposal
While reading 0705student.blogspot, i found this survey about AJC. Its quite nicely done! I mean its the only proper survey after so many crap survey in AJC...Seems that quite a lot of ppl did it liao. So got time go do lah!

My Study Plan

Today shld start studying le.

Physics: Skipping physics of fluid
Math: skipping this entire subject
Computing: I will try my best
GP: Not studying for it

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