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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Please note your vocab
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:13 PM --- Post#115157602602633612

The Last Day
Last day of suffering, poor Tomato needa suffer until Tuesday. Kuen Ho no Mid Year, so song. December dint turn up for today's physics test cos he fever.

Last nite, i dutifully studied from 4pm till 3am. It seems that 3 am is the standard for exam days. And i dun feel tired in the morning. Amazing, im turning fully nocturnal soon, sleeping in the early morning (during lecture oso sleep) and most active in the evening and nite. But to boost my thinking speed i take ginseng soup and chicken essence and coffee and tea and Red Bull and all sorts of stuff to make me feel "high". Also got the habit of sniffing inhalant during exams....SNIFFFF...ahhhhhh...soonnggg.

Anway, i tried to fit everything into my brain last nite, well thats typically me as a Victorian, always trying to cramp last minute. Actually cramping last minute works better than stretching the revision period over a long time, cos being a forgetful me, i will forget everything before the exam...still in the end i need to revise everything the day before.

From 4pm till 3am, actually i was walking around, listening music from my hi fi, SMSing, trying out some cooking in the kitchen or playing w Pok Pok...So 11 hours boils down to no more than 3 hours of studying.

I skipped physics of fluid, charged particles and the op amp shit. Well the exam was not too difficult but i cant sort out my thinking and some concept. I think there is a 60% chance to fail, which is better than a 80-90% chance last time.

Please note your vocab
Dunno which stupid idiot invented the term "June Common Test". Ever since Kindergarden, i was taught that exam is a major test. A homework in paper form is call a worksheet. A homework in book form is call workbook. We go for our Math, English, Chinese CLASSES. Those teaching us are call teachers. My class is the form class and the teacher in charge is call the Form teacher.

Mid Year Exam is call the June Common Test.
Worksheets are call tutorials.
Classes are call lessons.
Teachers are call lecturer or tutors.
Form class is call PDG.
Form teacher call PDG tutor.

The new terms sound so cool hor? Rightt....still the life is less enriching that in my secondary school, whats the use of coiling up all these terms to try act mature?

Superband Revival round
So Milo Peng, JuzB, Summer Breeze and my Qinobe all got kicked out. Well Qinobe will have a tough time against Milo, SM and juzB.

Milo Peng is a band with potential, with a lot of new ideas. The three of them are damn good in singing and playing their instruments.  Got skills one eh. Their fans also a lot.

JuzB is always an eye candy for the judges, and since 70% lies on the judges, they might get an advantage in revival.

Summer Breeze is well...nothing more than a bunch of ppl who is so damn lucky to survive until Q7 or 8. They win by sheer supporters. But if they got in just becos of that....welll...crap, im not watching SuperBand again.

Amber is nice as well, though their singing not as good, i like the way they remix and redesign their music. A lot of SFX and pattern. They are MUCH MUCH MUCH better than Summer Breeze, though significantly not as good as the other 3.

So Qinobe's chances are not that high. Well not much ppl support mando rap rock eh?
Anyway, Jia You ba!

For the Holidays...
For now till Monday, i will work on a new art piece, hand drawn again this time, but im trying 3D drawing this time. Same A5 canvas, since i suck at drawing large canvas. Again it will be digitally coloured.

Also i will be working on finishing up my zB Player and zB BlogLock, tie up loose ends and stuffs. Maybe i will send to Mr Garette Chen as well.

I will be gg back to VS to see my teachers as well, maybe tml ba.

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