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Monday, June 12, 2006
Sawadi Kup Kha
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:07 PM --- Post#115012485369757477

T H A I L A N D....

Plane took off at nite. I tried to mug before i go for the trip but well.... The Thai time is 1 hour less than Singapore (GMT+7). The plane was some Finland airline...the air zhar bo all old old de neh...no eye candy...so i was fast asleep and snoring while burning in my CK7. Reached Bangkok at around 12am Singapore time. Got checked in hotel and everything before 1am. The tour guide is Mr Happy, dunno where he got the name from, but his english is really CMI...I can barely make out what he was toking about nia.

Took all our luggages and went city tour. Went to look at some tomes, or what they call pagodas to commemorate some kings when they die. The floating market is no longer there, all the stalls-on-water were moved to near the pagodas. Only some ah soh rowed sampan and "hijacked" our boat trying to sell us expensive handicrafts.

The river still ok lah, a lot of catfish nia! Then can buy some bread and throw, got like 50 fish will chiong up eat the bread! Mr Happy treated us banana, fuck lah! DAMN SWEET DAMN NICE! Dun see the bananas small small, tell u, damn tok gong one!

Pic: Catfish filled river

On land, i bought several of those tribal like hand straps. Those kind that are weaved from some rough strings.I picked those more evil looking ones. Muahahha, must go ZOMBiE. Damn cheap, 10 for 100 baht. 100 baht is about S$4. In 77th Street, similar stuff selling for a few dollars each nia!

Pic: Market on land, suppose to be part of floating market.

We then went up to the Golden Buddha and pray. Following by lunch.

Next up we go to Tiger Zoo. Wah kao inside the baby tiger can mix with piglets and suck milk from the sow nia! The pig! DAMN BIG.... T H I S B I G!!! The piglets can also mix with the tiger mama! To bluff the Tiger mama, they gotta wear the tiger-patterned clothing.

Left: Tiger sucking milk frm big pig
Right: piglet sleeping with tigress

Following up is the Croc and Tiger Show. The Croc show the zhar bo put her head inside crocodile's mouth. Then the crocodile hor, once they stay there, they open their mouth, they wun move at all...like statue liddat.

At nite we reached Pattaya le. We were dropped at the roadside and free to roam about. My mum bought a stingray skin handbag, i bought a big toad statue.

Morning the bus took us from the Pattaya hotel to the beach. From there we gotta WALK IN THE SEA to the speed boat. Luckily i brought plastic bag to water proof all the gadgets sia! But my bag dint touch the water, the water merely went up to my knees before we reached the boat.

The speed boat took us to a huge platform where we can play parachute gliding - attach you to a parachute and speed boat and the boat will pull u in the air round the sea. I never play lah, cos i never bring extra clothing. My dad played.

After that we went speed boating to Coral Island. Its like WOW. The sand is really nice to step on. The scenery is nice and everything! Me, sis and dad went Banana Boating. We requested not make the boat overturn cos again we 4got to bring extra clothings lah. Damn fun and shiok. Then went round hunting for durians and BBQ seafood.

pic: ok...tell me...wtf is this?

At about Thai time 12pm, we went on the boat where there is this transparent acrylic at the bottom that we can see the coral on the water bed. By about 1.30pm, we speedboated back to hotel to have lunch. Sis requested to sit in the front of the boat. DAMN WINDY AND BUMBY. Its DAMN nice lah!

After lunch we bathed and set off to see some Honey distribution followed by Thailand biggest jewelery shop. WAH KAO the show room its like the area of about 2 soccer field! Summore got mini train to take us to some tunnel where inside got exhibition about different gems.

IIRC, we went to some farm later on, inside never see anything much, just some traditional dance and elephant show. The place is actually big and nice one, but no time nia! The hornbills there, wah...this is the 1st time i get soooo close to hornbills sia!

Nite was boring at 1st. But the Ah Gua show was entertaining! Only 9 out of 30 in my tour grop watched the Ah Gua show. They all sync lip damn lousy and when they REALLY SPEAK....their voice is damn deep and its damn disgusting...Their boobs...all same size one...i think same doctor...

We spent most of Saturday in Dream World as we went from Pattaya back to Bangkok. IMHO, Pattaya's stuff is more exp as its more of a tourist area. Not much thingy to shop in Pattaya also. The most fun thingy in Dream World theme park is the snow town. Similar to Singapore's Snow City, only that is far cheaper. Its 180 B (S$7.50) per pax with clothings and all and unlimited time inside. Its really quite cold inside. Maybe 0 degree or -10 degrees ba. Surprisingly, on the floor is not foam but real snow! I never see real snow before, but i guess its man made snow or smthing. Its not too cold until i went got this snow slide from this little hill. When i reach the ground, i used my hand to push myself up. My hands froze once it sunk into the snow and totally no feeling sia. My ears also, no feeling! The area isnt big, maybe half a soccer field ba, but me and sis got nice time playing snow ball fight. We cant build snowman cos the snow is quite hard. And surprisingly, my camera works at that temperature!

left/middle: Snow!!!
right: Giant's house

We had an early nite. Damn tired

Fun time, we went to the week end market, fucking huge area of parsam malam, all kinds of thing. But the weekend market is nothing when we went to Ma Boon Kong (MBK) Center. Its connected with three other building (Toyoku, Siam Square and City Link i think). ITS HUGE. One floor can take you hours. And the pricing can be cheaper, if not the same as from the stuffy and hot weekend market. Its far larger than Suntech City lah! Nope, no DKNY, Nike, Royal Sports, Isetan....All the shops are selling imitation goods (i think lah, else how come so cheap). But unlike China, their imitation goods are all of good quality (much better than those u get at ChinaTown CK Department Stores). A lot of QuickSilver, Van Dunno-what, Billabong, The Guard, Diesel....no APE for Tsun Lam...so sorry! In one small shop, u can get like thousands of different T-shirt design, thats why it takes sooooo long for one level of MBK! There are already tons to look at in one small shop, let alone 100+ shops in one level. There is this basement damn crazy...100+ shops ALL SELLING JEANS. Faints. A lot of Tees, caps, belts, and even stuffs like baton, ninja-star, electric shocker, blades, fanciful helmet and goggles.....

By the time we went back to hotel, we all damn tired. Dint manage to cover all, running outta bahts also. ("MBK" means "Money from Bag Kick"). After dinner, we went to the Pratunam area but all shop closing liao! their malls damn early close. All like 8pm all close liaoz!

We slept damn loooooong...and catch the afternoon flight back to Singapore....

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