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Friday, June 30, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:07 PM --- Post#115167644325665475

Went back to VS to pay a visit to my school while the rest are having some F-Math exam. This time, i was taking bus 55 and not the usual 59. Ten minutes is all it takes to go to VS from my house. Wow, looking at the poster, i realised VS had been around for 130 years, and we had 5 sites altogether if im not wrong. Forget about class foto, we have SCHOOL foto! Oh well, our "Long Kang Moat" is so much nicer! As usual, you will have to pass by the broad and spacious entrance, there where the ceiling is designed with zodiac patterns. The side are two huge glass walls packed with trophies and an LCD TV showing the recent events. There will also be a spiral stairs to the Audi.

Right: school foto

Left: Nice moat!!!
Right: Entrance (photo shld be rotated)

Left: stairs to Audi
Right: Trophies

As i walk in, i saw Mr Xiao. Next to the canteen is a starcase leading to the 2nd and 3rd floor. Its under some kinda touching up i think, thats why its cornered off. I think they are retouching the paint. Oh my, they retouching when its only up for a year plus? The words form our school song's lyrics, i guess its inspired by our Grandstand last time in Kallang. Canteen was again airy and spacious, no birdshits and rats of course. We have nice laminated benches and on the side is an area with steel cafe-like tables and chairs. The canteen has a high ceiling, meaning hot air can stay on top. The canteen stalls are separated on another compartment so the smoke and oil wun go to the eating area. The lighting is sort of...romantic? The lamps look like some sphere with curly support. Nice design.

Left: Stair case with our lyrics
Middle: canteen overview
Right: speck clean benches

Left: This orangy pic is NOT computer printed. Its 100% hand painted.
Right: camera on steel table aiming at the photocopy, uniform shop, Student Council and the bookshop. Uniform shop operates every school day with free altering service.


I went to my DnT lab. Mr Quek just retired today le. Mr. Joe and Chan wasnt around. Mr You was there though. I saw a couple of student doing 3D modelling on the comps. New software, IronCAD, the userfriendliness is better than Bryce, though not as professional as AutoCAD. I saw that student was modeling the Victorian Guitar like a breeze. I dint noe those sec 3 students, but they greeted and tok cock to me. Then i told them im their senior.

So Mr You explained what the Victoria Guitar was about. The VS music teacher wanted to have a simple guitar for music class and ordered one from Israel. It cost US30 and its really SIMPLE. The material quality wasnt there and there was only one string. US30 for a crap. So being creative, Mr You redesigned the guitar, making it 2 strings (real guitar strings this time, the Israel one was just a normal string). AEP teacher did the outlook and painting and the music teacher did some tuning to it. It went pretty well and won some MOE award. So the students are going to make the guitar body in DnT, followed by designing it in Art class and making a protective pouch for it in Home Econs. Followed by using it to explain some music theory in Music and vibration in Science. THIS, is call CREATIVITY, true self learning, and it will be part of the exam so the students wun need to mug so much. Well, u teach a basic idea, and the rest of the designing and painting of the guitar and casing is all up to the student. Teachers will provide help and demo and not leave everything to books to SDL. Though the final guitar is not a professional one and may not sound good at all, at least its a representation of your own CREATIVITY and u use it as exam score. More skills + creativty = more score.

Left: Victorian Guitar
Middle: the place where i always have my Dnt lessons, with a pantry and lots of reference book and instant internet access.
Right: My junior doing CAD for the guitar

And I notice this:

Its an award for a mobile stretcher. The design is nevertheless simple, but useful. There are always space for us to improvise things, and keeping to the current standard is not the way. My DnT teacher always tell me to go Poly (ok, i regret not listening), becos he says there are actually a lot of talents among students, be it in animation, art, photography...and in fact going to Poly makes u specialise in an area. And there is actually no need to go thru the standard Singapore education at all.

Well unlike some teachers...who teach us and do their job thats it, emphasis on the exam, dun really care for us, old skool thinking and all...

Next up i take a walk into my lab

Left: Old skool lathe machine
Middle: Micro Turn and Micro Drill, the hi tech version of the lathe machine, basically u do your CAD on the comp and they will cut and carve and do the design and create the object u want using various matherial
Right: Vacuum former, to form plastic sheets.

Left:Ok...i dunno what this is...alot of new equipment around
Middle, Right: Spacious lab for classes.

We have a lot of trees and plants around, to clean the air and thats why the air there feel so fresh. Sea breeze from East Coast a lot of times replaces the fan. Its important that the study area is airy. We have our eco pond as well, inside got Pacu, Arowana, Lou Han...a lot lah, water not too clear cos of eutrophication. Well thats why the Pacu and all get so fat feeding on the algae. There is this little round platform that let us sit and leave our feet dangling on top of the pond. nice rite! Then me ran up seven levels (with bag and all), timing is 40s, eh...last time i can do it in 28s one.

Right: Notice the rounded platform for us to sit on.

When i walked round the school I notice smthing. The sides of the walk way are NEBR totally covered with concrete walls. There are covered with metal plated with lots of holes. From far, some of these holes form huge patterns. Like this, the whole school is much much airy and bright.

Left: Side of walkway covered with plates with holes
Right: Stair case with a full glass windowed planes so that a lot of light goes in

The toilet is small, but clean. Whats more than hygiene in a toilet? Water cooler can be found on ends and middle of corridors. No need to walk damn far to look for a hygienic water source. Oh yes, we do have lifts!

Left: Lift
Right: Toilet

From the inside, the buildings looks kinda high tech. the walkways, link ways and the metal sheets used reminds me of some futuristic scenes in movies. We can even see the sea from the classrooms nia! Wah! Hahaha.

All: how the buildings look from inside

Middle: stairs to 6th level from the 7th.
Right: This is what u see half way on the bend down the stairs


We have our parade square on the 5th floor. The "roof", which is not a roof actually but a structure that has our school logo on it, and in the noon when the sun shines, our school crest will appear on the parade square as a huge shadow.

Left: The "roof" with our school logo
Middle: Parade square taken from the 6th floor
Right: Walkway to another block, bypassing the parade square

Left: Top down view from the 4th floor
Middle: to the left is the hall, to the right is the CCA block
Right: area outside home econs rooms

Went to the CCA block as well. The IT club's room was stuffed with trophies neh! Hahaha i was from NPCC, not IT Club. The IT Club has got this area behind for them to do their activites, which is also an area for the Uniform Groups to change (in public since no gals). They have this huge stall which my camera's range isnt wide enuff to shoot it. This stall when opened contains the micro mouse thingys. Meaning no need to move the mouse around, just open the side doors of the stall and there is the working table.

Middle: IT Club's MicroMouse stall
Right: The amphi theater is on the far end

The Resource Rooms and a other important rooms are secured using biometric locks. A thumbprint and passcode is needed to open up the rooms. Our lockers are neatly on the side of the Gallery.

The Gallery (3rd floor) is the upper part of the Hall (2nd floor). You can see the Stage from the Gallery. So in case the hall is not enuff, ppl can view performances from the Gallery. Also the Gallery allows others to view the performance of another group of students when they are free. Meaning say Lower Sec watching performance, but some Upper Sec students who are free (cos of subject combi) can watch on the Gallery without going into the hall and disturb them. It goes the same for sports in the Hall as well. Both the Gallery and hall are airconed. Normally, the Gallery is used as a self study area.

Left: Thumb Print NEEDED!
Right: Lockers


Left, Middle: 2 end view of the Gallery. From the 1st pic u can see the green tables on the Hall below
Right: Hall, they seem to be having exams

The sides of the VS walls are decorated with art work. All student's work. They can range from a few cm2 to a few m2 huge. Again as said, we never let student's creativity go to waste. In fact we cherish them a lot. I saw Kuen Ho's piece there as well, it says:

Hong Kuen Ho
Victoria School
Seocndary 4 (2004)
Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 180cm (2 canvases)

My work is based on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus from Luke 16:19-31. The Story tells of a pitiful beggar who pleads with a rich man for food. Despite his pleas, the beggar is ignored and left to die. These paintings express the coldness of our society towards the less fortunate. We simply walk past them.

* Sorry to the motion blur!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Right: VS's graffiti wall!

Ok...now Im wondering why i have to go JC....

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