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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Why they give 3 hours for math?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:47 PM --- Post#115142327312859093

Eskimo Party Ended
I keep thinking the Eskimo Party was during the holidays...well its not and also i realised that school reopen on the 26th of June and not the 1st of July the few days before Monday.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Look at this pic! Na,....not the two handsome, but the poster behind...eh...i bit the familiar hor...who do one ah?

Haha, well this is the 1st time my poster dint have to get stuck with AJC's BnW laser printer with my own A4 paper due to the skool being BUDGET, ahem, i mean thrifty.

*BUDGET (pronounced "barr-jet")
adj. Used by Victorians to describe that something is of lacking in details and effort or not professional enough, due to funding, timing or skill restriction.

Time to tear down the "*** is simply the best" one and replace it with my poster.

Why they give 3 hours for math?
Seriously, when i finish my paper, i was looking around. Na, not cheating, i wun bother to cheat as well. I saw ppl struggling to finish their paper, while im thinking how to spend the rest of my time. Well, i flipped through the paper, and found questions 2,3,6,7,8,9,10 totally blank. The rest were half done.

Frankly speaking the nite before, i was TRYING to study till 3am. I sat there but nothing went in. Simply speaking, my brain refuses to take in anything. I spent 2 hours just to dig out and look for all my notes...suddenly a lot of "new" chapters was "discovered". I was like "Huh? Simi Differential equation? Simi Approximation of roots?Oooo i think ya got teach before" Yet all these still felt so unfamiliar after looking at my tutorials. Are those tutorials really done by me? Why dun i have any impression? In the end, i ended up sitting on my bed doing nothing, listening to music, keep pacing round my room...all but studying till 3am, where i "convinced" myself that i had tried my best in math...well humans do like to lie to themselves...

Those question that i did not attempt, are not difficult. But it seems like the approach to solve them are long forgotten. The formulae dun ring a shit bell in my mind. Clearly, its cos i dint revise. Ok....so meaning if i revise i will do better? Not really...i did revision for my Promos and J1 Mid Year...still what happened?

But i do understand and noe how to do those questions when my tuition teacher guided me! Ya, but the pacing is so fast and there are so many chapters that i forget the previous topic totally while stuffing info about the current topic in my brain.

"WHY did they give 3 hours for math? 10 minutes is enuff!" -Yue Han, VS

Poor Ah Yan Didi
Ya....he got Math, Geog and Chinese on the same day tml....WTF? 3 papers in a day! I had never taken 3 papers in a go one....

Jia You no use one!
What "keep it up", "jia you" all no use one lah. Got a better way not to feel too bad when studying last minute till late nite (or next morning for me). Well find a friend and keep sms-ing him and vent all ur worries to each other. Thats what i did to Tomato, keep smsing her to vent how poor thing i am...well...she does last minute cramping like me...i think she slacked a lot since she enter NYJC le...well i guess JCs always put ppl off.

A song dedicated to all those who wish to kao bei

让你思考要你拒绝去补习班 拒绝联考



妈妈书包太重 我快要背不动
我的彩色笔画不出 青春的那道彩虹
德智体群美并重 只是教育部长永远吹不破的吹牛
我想问为什么 放课后要去老师家补习
不过成绩比较低 就要被打手心
我们拒绝补习 拒绝当读书的机器

所有补习班老师 全部去冬眠

我心里有太多不爽 我想要说出来
我有五千万个干 现在我要说出来




每个人都说自己是天王名师 fuck that



我说补补补补 阿哈阿哈阿哈阿哈
我说补补补补 为什么一直补习
我说补补补补 补习补习
我说补补补 我的青春昏天暗地

我说补补补补 ya~阿哈阿哈
我说补补补补 为什么一直补习
我说补补补补 我的青春昏天暗地
我说补补补 补习

This song by Mc Hotdog, well tuition itself is not wrong, i have math tuition myself, but im really weak in math as everyone noes. For some muggers, they are already damn good in the subject yet their rich parents still force them to go for extra tuitions. This situation is more commonly seen in Primary or Secondary school as tuitions at those level are cheaper and more affordable. For me i had attended Enlgish tuitions that are quite useless, where all the cases they do not conform to the O level standard and format, and well in fact the school's teacher does a much much better job.

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