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Saturday, July 29, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:02 PM --- Post#115416744181263478

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Friday, July 28, 2006
The Math Pro
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:42 PM --- Post#115409052426619382

There is thus guy, upon starting of his Vector math test, suddenly realised that his calculator is gone! He dare not search his bag cos he scared teacher say he cheat. So out of desperation, he borrowed a calculator from him friend. He dint really like the idea cos he scared his friend cant finish on time cos he was hogging the machine. Anyway, the Vector test was quite tough. After the test, there was a 5 minutes break before the next one. He sprang fro his seat, dashed across so many people in the packed Audi, out of the Audi and zoomed to the other end of the school.

He reached his classroom and tot he left his machine there. THE FUCKING DOOR WERE LOCKED! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! In order not to miss his next test, he sprinted all the way back to Audi and almost tripped over the bags and threw himself into the seat. OUCH! Smthing in his pocket jammed his butt. He pulled the damn thing out and...

"WTF KNN! MY CALCULATOR!". The people around him burst off with all the laughter.

Guess what, that guy was me!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Nice one
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:16 AM --- Post#115379378106665676

A few weeks before, i was walking n tokin to robert during pe. I got
scolded. Fine. This week, out of ten, i ran the 1st 5 rounds n come to
a slow jog as i noe i dun have the stamina. Yes in chatting to someone
else to distract from the strain of running. But i did finish the 10
rounds though its a slow jog. And i got scolded even more. Teacher say
other ppl run fast to join their class for games. Well dint he answer
the question to y i run so slow? Because i dun want to play games! Cos
i suck at it! I just dun like playing sports! I prefer running! N the
only way to distract me from slowing into a walk is to tok to someone
else. Well well he said its gonna be my character, someone no
responsibility, give up easily... Ok lor, my bad. So? Im a useless
scum? Ok lor? This is not the first time i got disciplinary talks, i
got a lot of those last time in secondary school. Nice one! This entry
is posted on my phone.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006
I dun want to study, i want to die.
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:24 PM --- Post#115355307602362192

你不想知道老师说么? 其实头头尾尾还有三个月, 你要拼的话还来得及,不会fail得那么惨. 你已经这么大了, 要生要死靠你自己, 我们逼你也没有用, 只可以从傍帮你. 你一个computing 的同学已经在拼了, 老师讲他成绩在进步…”

That’s what my mom told me. I had been avoiding my parents because I really do not want to know what my teachers told my dad, even though I have got a rough idea on the “standard” things they say.

For those damned authorities spying my blog, you SHOULD read this entry.

For the sake of those who dun really understand Chinese, the teachers said that there is 3 months left, if I pia, then I dun fail so miserably. I choose my path, life or death is entirely up to me, the others can only support me. One of my computing friends is pia-ing liao, and his results are improving. Cant understand singlish as well. Oh too bad then.

Going to JC is a wrong choice for me. Going to AJC is nothing but an invitation to Hell (Nooo…dun insult Hell). No offence here, but that’s what I think. Its Hell for me at least, for the others I dunno. Dun come kao pei about freedom of speech, I had enough of it in GP.

Ever since O’s finished, I told myself, “this kind of nightmare is over, not coming again. No more Social Studies and no more A-Math. JC is gonna be a “free-er” place, less of those teachers nagging stuff. I should go Poly, more life and flexibility there, more for me, Mr You and the other teachers all think so as well. But nvm I shall give 1st three months JC a try. There is computing course! Yes, a subject built right for me!”

So I looked at the list of JC and chose AJC, the nearest to my L1R5 11 aggregate score. In the 1st three months, I was quite happy with the school, and I stayed. But after that, life is a horror. I started to realize what my J2 seniors told me is true. They all told me to leave here right after 1st three months, but I dint heed their advice.

So Econs is totally like Social Studies. That day Ka Chou told me “U dropped econs ah, aiya I knew it, you this kinda person surely dun like SS kinda subjects one!” Ya I dropped econs, but I cant drop math. Its worse than A-math. Deep down in me the hatred for math started since Primary school, where you need to complete 50 questions (of which 15 are problem sums) within one and a half hours. E-math was much more fun, less stress and less wordy, problems come in various form involving case studies kind of problem sums which you have your calculator. A-Math was horrible, lines and lines of algebra in thick texty form.

As everyone know, I dint have a pleasant time in AJC as well. I dun even have someone to confront when im in no good mood. Sometimes my humor was deemed as offensive whereas it created an uproar of laughter with some other bunch of people. And it seemed so wrong I dun like sports and im the geek of the earth because I took the never-heard-of Computing and the WTF DnT in Secondary school. Girls, hmmm, I hate them, eyesore to me for some bimbos. The rest were OK. People often make me depress in school. I dunno why, prolly something cock up in my character and attitude. Maybe im too guai lan, but well that’s my way of being different from the rest and creative.

The teachers were MORE grumpy here. They aint friendly at all, they are just…teachers. I dun see the “loving part” of teachers here anywhere! They teach they go, they ask u buck up, scold you and that’s it. They dint bother to find out more about you, they dint bother to show concern for non-academic part. They dint bother to spend time interacting with us. I cant blame them, partly its due to the lack in time in finishing the syllabus. Partly there are A LOT of generation gap thingy.

Every morning I ask myself “what am I doing here?” when im in school. How does all these math and physics and GP helps in so call “my future”? I want to be a graphic designer, or maybe even a DJ or sound engineer. If not I dun mind jobs like taxi driver or a kart selling in Parco.

In all I just want to be happy, and obviously im NOT. At times I will suddenly break into a sudden depression. Its like im ok then suddenly something I see or something I hear or just a gush of random feelings make me so depressed that I will start to become very afraid of everything around me and very afraid to talk to anyone and start doodling. If im at home I will stare at the ceiling, lying on the floor. I will feel very very much like crying and start to get a lot of headaches as my mind feel that its gonna explode soon while all those threads of thoughts are streaming way too fast inside.

Sometimes I think im mad. But will a mad man admits he is mad? It seems like I have a damn clear concept of what is right and wrong and what I should do. A lot of times I know what im doing is VERY WRONG, very psychotic, very perverse, very abnormal, but well, I have to do it cos its me? Dunno.

See how Hellish the JC is? See? Can see anot? Number one, im tired of the same kinda schooling system and exams similar kind of subjects after O’s, Number two I should go Poly but parents dun agree (4got to mention this earlier), Number three no social happiness, Number four the teachers are so cold.

These all de-motivate me. Whats the point of studying here? So what if I get all A’s for A level? I get into a uni and so???? The same vicious cycle REPEATS itself in Uni! Same mugging, cold people there and stuff… It never ends. Do I really get happiness in getting the cert? Even I get my A’s, can I survive NS? Its so torturing. Fine, im weak, im stupid, no perseverance, NOTHING! I have no personal qualities to write on!

I want to break free from all these. I want something simplier, something more meaningful. All these certs, exams, results, are not MEANINGFUL to me AT ALL. Ironically, authorites refer all these to MY FUTURE. Except for computing, becos that’s my passion.

Stop freaking tell me to “you must try to be interested lor”. There is NO WAY for me to bluff myself into getting interested in Math, physics or GP when I freaking HATE THEM TO THE CORE. NO WAY! I dun believe in bluffing myself to like something I dun like. Yes, for an event, for a person I can try to like it. For a subject in this kina educational system? No!

Under all these depression and tension, I seriously feel like giving up all those. Its not “giving up” as those are not of my choice in the beginning. I dun feel like studying. I already gave the teachers alot respect. I dun disturb the rest, I try to hand in my work, I be courteous to them, dun create too much trouble to them. I know they are doing their job.

Now and then, I had developed a habit of saying “thank you” when im patronizing those neighbourhood stores. Im buying stuff from them, they should thank me, but I will thank them before I even receive my food or stuff. I thank the  auntie who cleared my table in the hawker center. Why? Because one day in near future, I have a high possibility of being one of those “low class” jobs of cleaning toilet or driving taxi or selling noodles, and then I wish my customers will be courteous as well.

The End.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006
Bimbo Detected
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:55 PM --- Post#115340057357109890

Now math extra lesson. Fucking two bimbos in front of me, one singing
to her ipod (ewww!) w the ipod stock buds summore (puke)! The other
was making some funny screeches. 'miss !!! Come! Eh, u dun
liddat lah!', n waving her arms frantically with this im-too-cute
smile. ', u wanna sit w me? Eh, dun liddat lah! Come sit,
u noe hor......'. bIMBOS!

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Pon lesson to mug
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:00 PM --- Post#115337161211494114

In library now, just now pon math lecture myself. Reason: bad mood.
Instead i went to libray to do my math remedial worksheet. Sian leh.
Beri fan now. Esp over the testimonial thingy. I dint do a shit to
write in anything. Thats call true blue slaxxor ok... Rite.... Beri
sleepy, i was busy doing magic to my Craptop last nite. Haiz. . . .
Yesterday damn scary, GP teacher wanna take disciplinary action
against me for not handing in my Prep 2 essay. I got smthing else to
say, but no bloglock here. K i shall take a nap now, today's math
remedial gonna end at 8pm again. Oh Fuck later got PE, surely th scold
for putting on weight (yet all my relative n vs cher say i lost
weight...) this entry is posted from my phone.

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Craptop Field Test
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:40 AM --- Post#115333146066988123

Tested out Craptop in schook today. Connecting to the Elementz lab AP is no prob. But got some issue with the security of other AP. Shall fix that later. Overall, able to run my VC++ let me do my coursework, able to IM and surf net.

I will be installing some Win 95 abandonware and apps and see how I can play DVIX videos on it.

Using it to source for info for GP is a definite yes yes.

Yes, im making magic on my $50 Craptop.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
My Testimonial
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:48 PM --- Post#115323772234398273

Skoll wants me to fill in this school buzz thingy about my character traits and achievements. So I think and thing…and I got some idea!

  1. Manage to drive a girl off computing during 1st three months in JC1 by merely touching her hair and got a trip to Principal’s office.

  2. Managed to delete iGuard from school computers and bypass Window’s restriction on users using Linux

  3. Never before membership of APTS and Alpha List at the same time

  4. 100% downtime (sleeping) during Math lessons

  5. Propagated LieroX and Dragostea Din Tei as once the most “in” network game and music

  6. developed BlogLock so that I can say all I like w/o the authorities after me

  7. Bravely stood up against the dogma sexuality talk

  8. #1 ahem distributor, never fail to deliver entertainment to others in time

Character traits:
  1. Guai lan. I always do what others dun do and dun do what others do. Always seek to oppose the norm and create new culture.

  2. Blacklisted. I just get blacklisted in all areas and everywhere.

  3. Defiant. The more you force me to do, the more I dun do leh!

  4. Un-gentleman. Make way for gals? Dream on. Bimbos should all die

  5. Hardworking. Push myself to create artworks and programs the best of my abilities.

  6. Look down on myself. No one beats me in thinking im the lousiest of all.

  7. Childish. Wanna see who lamer? I just love to the childish!

  8. DirectX. Yes, I say all that I feel.

  9. Vulgar. Vulgarity is my life, it’s the highest form of literature to express feelings

  10. Innocent. Of couse im innocent…

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The way non-geeks think
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:37 AM --- Post#115316144480080705

So peepz call IT ppl “geeks”, how true is that im not sure. But even im so called an “IT savvy” guy, I always try to live in the world of “normal people”, or so call the “non-geeks”. Between me and Yan, Yan will always rattle to me model numbers of chips and speed and about the different interface; between me and Ah Lam is always ways to make a picture look gay or look gory by means of digital manipulation; between me and Kiat is always if Visual Basics is easier to use than Flash ActionScript; between me and Andrew is always the fight of Windows and Linux.

Well, so what happened if its not Yan, Kiat, Lam or Andrew? Blue_Quartz never believed that outside this pool of “geeks”, the rest of the people are actually so call computer noobs. Noobs dun mean they dunno how to use a computer. Nowadays, except for aunties and unkers and ah ma and ah gong, who dunno how to use computer? "'Non-geeks" here means they dunno how computer really works, not even the brief understanding.

Ok, say I pick 5 boys and 5 gals from my school. I can safely say that the 2/5 guys and all the 5 gals dunno what the hell is a graphic card. So I exprained to them “it’s a board with chips and extra processor to draw the 3D images in your game lah!”, then they will start to get puzzled on why there are so many kinds of gfx cards, what “PCI-Express” what “AGP” dunno lah!

Most of the time they take the jagged edges in 3D game for granted! To those unconcerned about their game graphic, jagged edges, squarish geometry, pixilated objects and plain coloured textured are normal. Well in fact they dun realized them until I tell them. Im no pro in hardware, but I do have some experiences with gfx cards. Lower end models cannot render “halos” or “gloss”, simply saying it’s the reflection on a shiny surface such as water or vehicle bodies. Spending $50 to upgrade to a slightly better card to run the game faster and render the texture nicer seemed to be like “WTF, only shiny surface mah, I cant really tell the diff lor, dun waste money lah, I dunno how to put the card in as well lor!”.

WEll..sad to say some had never seen a graphics card before. The word "card" in "PC card", "netword card", "TV tuner card" somehow reminds "non-geek" of our old skool $5 phone card.

Lets talk about something simpler, thumb drives. Im surprised when one of my classmate came to me and requested me to demonstrate to him how to use a thumb drive.

“Poke it in lah! The how?” I replied.
“Poke where?” He asked.
“USB port lah!” I replied again.
“Where is the USB port?” he asked once more.

By then I was like -_- liao. And he though I was purposely teasing him…but seriously, how do you really teach someone how to use a thumb drive? Just POKE IT IN!

iPod seemed to the latest “in” thing now. But personally, I feel that its no big deal. The price, audio quality, features, services and support turned me off totally. The form factor used to look cool but after so many generations and their appearance everywhere on the street, iPod no longer look as cool as it was.

So why “non-geeks” stick so close to the iPods? Simple, cos everyone has it! Cos Apple put in a lot of advertisement! Everyone say its cool means its cool!

“Huh? Sound quality? I always used 64kbps wma de! Save space mah! 54 and 192 where got difference? Ogg? Whats Ogg? I dun care I want ipod, so sleek and chio!”

Once a gal was looking at me tuning my equalizer. She came over and asked whats that. I told her its an EQ. “Whats 16, 250, 1K, 4K and 16K down there?”. So I told her those are frequency bands. Immediately, she though of changing the frequency of the sound (as in making a guy sound like a gal by increasing the frequency that sort), so I exprained to her im making certain frequency sound more prominent so that the music sounds nicer. Well as expected she was scratching her head having no idea what im talking about.

They neber understood why I need so much bass on my mp3 player. They neber understood why I will spend $44 buying a KSC75, since the iPod stock earbud sounds like heaven to them (frankly, you can throw away those stock earbuds most of the time). The “non-geeks” never consider battery life, durability, features and whatsoever when they get their mp3 player. They just wanna be in the herd.

And please, its not a “mp3 player”, my player can play more format than “mp3”. I uses ogg myself. And seriously, 64kbps wma or mp3 is totally unbearable to listen. Might as well dun listen to music liao if liddat.

“Why must I use Firefox??”. Of course then use IE? Do you know that the chances of getting virus when using Firefox or Opera is much smaller than when you use IE? So dun come kao pei to me when you tio virus.

“What anti-virus you using?” Im using AVG Free personally, and I rarely tio virus despite all my ahem ahem. A lot of people thinks that a good software must be a payware. Not necessary lor, SpyBot Search and Destroy is free and one of the best anti-spyware. MSN Plus can be chose to install without the sponsor program is free and the best MSN Messenger add on. Gaim is free and im using it intead of MSN Messenger. Thus a free software is neber confirm a lousy one.

And please, dun relate EVERYTHING to virus. A lot of times Windows somehow got corrupted, might even be the user’s own problem. And then Windows will start becoming slow and some bugs and error will surface. Users do not shut the comp safely or do disk defragmenting. And everytime “non-geeks” blame all those problems to be a virus attack.

“how you download stuff?” - this is a line I heard umpteen times liao. What it should means is “what P2P software do you use?” If I go on and talk about BitTorrent and how its better than kazza, how files are spreaded out and you are downloading while uploading…It will take 10 years and they wun understand.

So I tell “non-geeks”, use BitComet lor, safer and faster than kazza! (Kazza seemed to be the only P2P then know of)

When it comes to gaming, “normal people” are always restrained to WarCraft, The Sims, Championship Manager. Little do they know that there are far nicer and better games then those old skools they are playing. "Non-geeks" seldom keep track of the latest game, like HalfLife2 ("huh? I tot only got CS?") or maybe even FEAR.

Even worse, they dunno that their system cant play most of the games at a lot of times. So still, they get stuck on their World of Warcraft, DOTA and CS…

So now we can see…how the “normal people” or “non-geeks” or computer noobs deals with all those IT stuff.. so next time, dun expect them to do things that you yourself expect to be.

"Aiya, i dunno lah", "I computer idiot lah", "I noe you pro lah", "my computer beri lan one", "HUH?" seemed to be the most common responds i get from "non-geeks".

Imagine now those "sports geek" come over and tell me about simi Zidane simi Beckham, i tell them "huh? I dunno lah." and it seems that being a "sports-non geek" is quite unacceptable in AJC.

The next time someone call me to train up, i shall tell them to brush up on their creativity. So in all, who is the geek?

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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Deathday 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:42 AM --- Post#115298537592239054

Most Guai Lan Present
This must be the most unique deathday present i got:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

A cartoon underwear from Tomato! It looks a bit small for me but its made of quite tough material unlike other underwear. Its specially made to reduce visible STAIN, in ANY COLOUR. Cool huh! How considerate! Summore my name is imprinted on it!

Most Cool Present
Well Well Well...this isnt all, this is in fact cooler:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Isnt this the familiar result slip. I mean i have got such a nice result! The teachers complimented me by underlining them! Weeee!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Click the above to see full result slip!

Overclock my Stomach (Friday)
Met up with Tomato who decided to celebrate my deathday with me. Well from AMK to Bedok is a freaking hour plus trip, sit until my back pain like mad on the bus. We hit the Pizza Hut. Being a vegetarian, Tomato ordered the Veggie Pizza w/o onion, and since she cant drink the soup, i have got 2 serving.

Ordering half way, my mum called. She asked me to hurry home. I told her im having lunch (its like 5.30pm liao...). She said wanna go restaurant to eat Silly-lanka crab. WTF. CRAB! YES LAH! I like chilli one, hot hot hiong hiong.

I already had some digestive problem. I keep feeling like wanna lao sai that kinda tummy pain, but no lao sao come out. Bowels normal. So its just pain and pain and wun go away! Kai Yang suspected im growing womb and menstruating and ask me dun waste the blood. go donate to the AJC blood drive thingy.

The way Tomato ate pizza is like fuck. She will sprinkle, or rather pout one layer of chilli, then one thick layer of powder cheese, then one thick layer of chilli again. I stress tested my stomach by following her:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Later on in the nite, went to eat my chilli crab at East Coast Long Beach. WTF there so crowded, cannot sit outside enjoy sea breeze. Take damn long to take orders...cos business too good liao.

Went back home, stomach pain like mad...cannot tahan...someone gimme a pad please...

Family Day (Saturday)
Nothing much. But this is one of the better family day carnival i went. Free flow of candy floss and popcorns and ice cream and drinks. Also screening Ice Age 2 in the dark on big screen on the field. Oh ya its at labrador park there, beri windy.

I saw these:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Wah lao...koped our ideas de ah....some Gladiator.

Why Deathday
Why i insist on calling my birthday my deathday? And im -218 years old le. Ok let me exprain:

"200" means the 2 freaking years in AJC that feels like 200 years so long.
"18" is my actual age.
So we add together im 218 years old.

But im a ZOMBiE, zombies are all dead. Thats why there is a negative in front.
Lived -218 years old.
Dead 218 years old, since 1 yrs dead is -1 yrs alive.

So im -218 years old, celebrating 218th Deathday!

So sad
So sad not much remembered the day i died. Well 2006 deathday isnt fun after all. So sad.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Fart nonstop
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:15 AM --- Post#115266693818468153

Now just finish math lesson, Fuck man, teacher wants me stay back from
4.15 after PE till 8.30. Thats is liao. Anyway, im not feeling well, i
keep feeling guai guai in my lower part of my tummy, the intestines
there. I think my intestines tangled liao. Keep feeling like shitting
but bowel system seems ok. Keep farting as well. I think too much gas
inside, but then im not burping leh. I slept at 1am this morning, not
too late, considering i slept at 10 the previous night. N im so sleepy
today. Fuck. . . . Depression. . . . Chee bye le. . . Crap, 7 minutes
to GP n i had done shit. I haven even complete the 4 compre during the
holidays. . . . This entry is blogged on my phone.

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FAQ Time!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 AM --- Post#115263996142514960

Q: Ok, my name is Mugger Sam, I shall now ask you some questions regarding your computing exam. Are you ready, ZOMBiE?
A: Sianz…faster…

Q: How much time you spent on computing?
A: Errr…11pm to 3am…4 hours.

Q: What about your holidays? Revision?
A: Nothing much…Half Life 2 and Gunz Online..thats all for revision…

Q: How much time did you sleep the day before?
A: I slept for 3 hours and went to school for the GP paper in the morning. Finally took the computing paper in the afternoon.

Q: How the hell you manage to hold on so long with sooo little sleep??
A: Well Estacy + Viagra + Steriod does the job! K kidding..just Chicken Essence + kopi + teh-o-bing

Q: So…how’s your memorizing?
A: Great! Im able to rap MC Hotdog’s Bu Xi now!

Q: I mean memorizing computing stuff?
A: Huh??? Got what to memorise?

Q: Secret Weapon?
A: Oh, INHALENT! Those inhalant with minty smell to aid in nose block. I was sniffing one while doing the paper. Makes me feel high da!

Q: How you manage to conquer your exam anxiety?
A: Simple, make yourself comforty! Took off my shoes and sat right in front of the air con. Spin pen do tricks and crack your knuckles and neck bones.

Q: Music?
A: Mainly mando rock, RnB and Hip Hop lah, blasting music surely aid in meditation.

Q: Ok…let me ask you about normal lessons then.
A: Kin lah! Me wanna sleep de!

Q: Did you do your homework?
A: No…there was almost no homework to do anyway..most were done in class.

A: Yes, im fortunate enough to have a good computing teacher which do not throw all the stuff to us and simply call us to “go revise lah”. He let us surf the net during class to look for answers to our questions. But at any time, we can ask and he will exprain all the details to us. Most of the time, he teaches the concept and we apply immediately to the tutorial questions, and he will make sure we know and understand each question.

Q: Ohhh…What about lecture then?
A: I was listening and blogging at the same time da! I mean after all I still pass my computing. Lecture is quite free and easy. Since the class is small, its even more efficient than tutorials of other subject. Ya..i was eating Western Food Auntie’s hot doggie also…

Q: Ok, now I shall ask you questions about other subjects.
A: WTF…this is SENSATIVE issue boi!

Q: How you fare for the rest of the mid year exams?

Q: Ooooook, I can guess its Alpha list+ APTS again…Do you like your subject teachers?
A: Honestly for my class, I get rather good teachers…compared to other *ahem* in *ahem* *ahem* *ahem*.

Q: Bad cough…Then why is your result liddat?
A: For Math, I just cannot digest the concept…its so abstract to me lor. Also, once I master a chapter and I move on to the next, I forget the previous. There are sooo many topics that the topic taught two weeks ago seemed so strange, though I ONCE understood the thingy completely. And I just cannot apply to the questions in exam. These all goes to Physics as well. During tutorial, I can do and understand. In exam once the question comes out differently, I suddenly cannot recall how does what I learnt apply here. Extreme anxiety sets in and….thats it. For GP, I dunno what Summary and AQ is asking for! I followed my teacher liao still liddat…haiz..

Q: How much confidence do you have in you?
A: Negative 100?

Q: Why???
A: I had never passed before.. Its demoralizing de ok?

Q: Since you came to JC, why u so slack? Ur aim is to go Uni isn’t it?
A: University? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I dint want to go Uni!!! Neither do I want to come JC! My parents forced me. They strongly restrict me to go to Poly. They tell me to try my best and my luck to get into Uni. Well…if I still cant get into Uni then…fate?

Q: Fate?
A: OK…its NOT FATE, NOT my PARENTS, NOT the SCHOOL, NOT the TEACHERS, NOT the SOCIETY…. Its ALL my bad ok? ME! IM STUPID! Everyone has the right to stupidity, im using exercising my right. Cannot ah?! Im lazy! Im useless! I have no talents or whatsoever..happy?

Q: Whats your career preference?
A: Taxi Driver.

Q: Serious lah!
A: Whats wrong with Taxi Driver! They got the most flexible work time. No boss and you face the nasty customer for only maybe 30 minutes before they get off. You get to meet a lot of ppl everyday! Whats wrong with liking to be a taxi driver?

A: fine…ok I also wanna be a graphic designer. Design poster and some ornaments like pencil holder, stool….Being a graphic designer means you have got to lean photographic stills as well. I dun mind being a DJ (scratch record that kind, not Dong Fang Billy) or audio technician.

Q: Programming neh? What about a software developer?
A: Nah…I dun really like programming. After hours of programming, I seemed trapped in this cold computer world. Its too addictive as well.

Q: What is most important to you?
A: Love? Not toking about BGR lah, Love in terms of family, friendship, between you and your pets….

Q: Why Love then?
A: Cos I lack them no? Cos I no friends, no family support, nothing…Happy? Love art as well. Studying and mugging is something that dun produce love…it spoils relationships at times…

Q: See you results now…what you going to do?
A: STOP MENTIONING ABOUT MY RESULTS YOU FUCKER! Well…im gonna drag on and hope for miracle. Im too tired to bother about all these…JC made me too tired…

Q: I tot you were always good in your results in Secondary School.
A: Sad to say, I was a mugger then. No Life, nothing. Not that I have a lot of life now, but that’s not the point. The point is last time I have a lot of support…and being a real innocent gina that noes nuts then, there is like everyday is happy go lucky. Never think much. Its until I enter A*C then I saw all dark side of an education institution. This work me up, I started to think a lot a lot then. The clearer I noe of the present situation, the more painful I am upon realizing the damned truth. Actually fighting, say bad words and gambling and stealing is NOT a bad trait anymore when compared to a muggerland with tons of bimbos, posers and well too politically right authorities… Now that I understood everything…I started to wonder if so much studying will actually bring me somewhere…so what if I end up in Uni…so what if I become some manager…is that what I want? Do I need to torture myself to go thru the Singapore education system? Do I really need to get all A’s and make it big with billions of income?

Q: You dun like money?
A: Not really, my parents dun give me much money, Im not after branded stuff or what. Its not possible for me to get married. My parents got my All-Rounded bright future sister to take care of. With me myself alone…do I need that much money? For that ten thousand a month I need to torture myself here? Never worth it for me man!

Q: Any wish?
A: Can I have two wishes? First I wish I was bad in studies since day 1. So I can go Poly or ITE and no need go thru all these now. Second, I wish I was never born.

Q: Are you tired?
A: Itd 1.40 am liao what you think?

Q: K, I shall end here. Have a good nite rest!
A: Tml will be another bad day….

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Sunday, July 09, 2006
The Way I Like Movies
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:10 PM --- Post#115242887230826192

Strange enough, Re-Cycle got quite a lot of bad comments in SPUG. But why me and Yan both agreed it’s a Grade A movie? Seriously, I dunno why.

I guess why LOTR and Harry Potter is so famous is due to the complex and logical storyline as a lot of details in the story are explained. For me, I dun really fancy movie with just plain heavy storyline. Rather I look for feeling and effects.

Feelings wise, I must well be touched, or rather get my eyes red and swollen. No need for the classic “I love you and I will love your forever and ever” and the female lead dies. I appreciate the part in I Not Stupid Too where the boy steal money just to pay for one hour of his father’s time, as his dad will get paid $500 for a one hour talk he gave. Also, I get touched mostly by Asian movie, as I can relate the storyline with my life. Ang moh’s lifestyle is too different from ours.

Effects wise, the reason I always chose movies over novels as I always believe there are too much things words cannot describe. Even if it can, it will lack a lot of details. Yes of course I can imagine the scenes myself while I read, but its never as entertaining as watching the real thing on screen. In Re-Cycle, the idea of “Recycling dimension” is complex but the plot is simple. It sums up on Ting-Ying traveling through this world and running away from undead. For example in words, how much can u describe the ruined blocks of flat? How much can you say about the Book City? But when its on the big screen, you can see the details from the camera and feel the atmosphere from the sound effects. That’s precisely what I want! That’s always why I like games like Halo and Half Life 2. To add on, large scale scenes simply make me go WOW, especially if its computer rendered.

I wanna see something special in the movie. Or rather something guai lan! The more guai lan the better it is. Im sick of the typical scenes the guy went some place and heard some noise and saw some shadow and got some weird feeling and at first its always not the ghost but smthing else, then the place is dark dark, suddenly some face pop out and AHHHHHHH.

For horror I want to see more guai lan things like more of how the ghost interact with human rather than just scaring them. And yes I want to see the ghost! I want to see how heads get squashed, I want to see how the brain flows out, I wanna see the rotting face of the zombies! And I want to see them CLEAR and let me enjoy the sadism for a longer period of time! Just imagine a human acted version of Happy Tree Friends with fantastic make up and computer effects. That is PERFECT! That is the kind of effect I want! For that, Saw II seemed to gimme that effect and the sadism I need.

For Re-Cycle, the close up of undead, the way undead dropped and smashed along the sides of buildings and the feeling of their dislocated limbs isn’t too frightening, for their face dun look too gruesome, but the sense of satisfaction of seeing them in close up is there. Just like in Half Life 2, where they let me see the close up of the Gunship where normally I can only see them from far. Further more the large scale scenes in Re-Cycle is kickass as well. Zombies, zombies and more zombies! That’s the way aha aha, I like I way aha aha! Reminds me of a chapter in Halo where I can lead a bunch of soldiers to fight a big bunch of Covanents, not somewhere in the building but under the bright day light!

I like The Eye 10 as well. Both by Pang Bros. Both Re-Cycle and The Eye 10 unveils the plot in “stages”, just like RPG. The Eye 10 introduce the 10 ways of seeing ghost one by one while Re-Cycle goes through the world part by part, just like a theme park. It sort of gives me the whole idea of this “Recycled World”. And again there is a lot of interaction with the supernatural rather than just scaring and running. Example is the part where the Ting Ying walks past the large grave yard and distribute flowers to appease the undead or the part when she get harassed directly by a few zombies from the tree or when she goes through the Embryo Tunnel.

As a note, The Eye 10 is a merge between comedy and horror, and I was luffing all the way, despite some others saying the humor is lame. LOL, who dunno im a lame guy? Obviously as a lame guy I like lame things. But I cant understand the “lameness” of the ang moh, that’s why I stay away from English comedy, cos I cant understand whats so funny in the end. Rather I stick to Zhou Xing Che they all lor.

I dun mind rip off from other story, provided its not a large part. Re Cycle ripped off small parts from different movies. Like in World Of Wars, the Alien Tripods look so much like the Striders in Half Life, but I would consider it a good use of idea than merely “koping” the idea. Creativity is creating smthing new, if you kope an idea and modify it to be better or fit it and make it part of something else carefully and smartly, its still creation!

Those more popular movies as said earlier comes with much complex storyline, more of events and character rather than scene. Events as in cases of backstabbing, tri-love, accidents, success or failure, conspiracy, obstacles and a lot of other human complex happenings. Characters includes the noble character, the smart guy, the gays, the mad person…. Logic comes in place to make sure all characters are linked with events, make sure all events are explained clearly. The more logic, the more events, the more characters the “better” (better to the rest but not necessary to me) the show is.

To sum up, I would like the storyline to flow, but no need complex events and lots of characters, as long as I lots of visual and audio effects and surprises and make my eyes water, its good enough for me liao. I dun like movies where it keeps dragging and the characters have lots and lots of talking and you have to listen well to their heavy conversation or flash back to understand the story well.

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Friday, July 07, 2006
Liu Lian Kia!!!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:36 PM --- Post#115227940279937459

Model Master - Ah Lam!
Today was a long long day, well there was Physics lecture, but no GP and Physics lecture, cos GP teacher go see doctor, then Physics teacher go Excel festival. So i only attended phy lect and civics throughout the day. Despite that i reached home quite late. Right after school, I was up on the 3rd level outside Choir room watching Gundam Master - Ah Lam do up his model. Before that he sms me saying he is playing toy...well see this pic:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TOYS! Hahahaha. Darren buying it from him for $50, poor Lam gotta fix it up + sticker + paint + texture it. He working on it since like 11am liddat.

So qiao today is Lam's birthday! Heheheh! Happy birdday to you, happy birday to u!! So me and Yan went out eat out usual Ba Chor Mee and bought a slice of cake for him.

Liu Lian Kia (part 1) !!!
We see see, wah one liu lian one dollar! The durian skin was spiky and yellowish, its Red Prawn ba (@ first i tot its D24, but i dun think so now). We asked if got Bao Jiak, the uncle never reply me, only say "buy two lah" then open two liu lian, show us inside ong ong eh! Hosay lah! Pretty decent esp its only $1 for one. Its those small liu lian. Small nvm, ho jiak ho liao lah!

We went to get Ah Lam;s birthday cake then...

The Cake

Me: Aunty, i want this one (pointing at the choc cake)
Aunty: (see see then ignore us)
Yan: Aunty, cake!
Aunty: U want how many?
Me: One lor!
Aunty: You can take yourself one (came over to take the cake)
Me: Isit? Ooooo, i tot need to ask for it de.

At the cashier...

Me: Can gimme one candle???
Aunty: For this small slice we dun provide candle one
Me: Err...spoon?
Aunty: Er...we also dun provide soon..
Me:(silence for a moment)
Me: Ok nvm, i shall stuff it into his mouth

Liu Lian Kia (Part 2) !!!
We smuggled the liu lians past the secu of AJC then up to the same place on the 3rd floor. Lam was diligently colouring the Gundam parts.

WTF the Choir ppl are there!!! Shit man how we going to jiak liu lian with so many ppl around...later they complain then si liao nia! As i sat down and take one liu lian out...one gal said "eeee....why got durian smell?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So me and Yan brought it to the fire hydrant next to the wall opening beside so the liu lian smell can flow out. There windy also. We open the liu lian eat. Hmm the flesh is not as red as typical Red Prawn, and it taste a bit like D24 nia? Hybrid? Dunno but it dun seem to be pure Red Prawn, or maybe the fruit still small thats why the taste never got "full potential" yet. Its nice anyway, nicer than any of those 3 for $10 Thailand liu lian. Our liu lian no watery flesh, dry dry de, seed quite small, one liu lian inside got 5 to 8 fruits. Its not as nice as those damn on and hiong Red Prawn i ate, but for $1, its definitely worth the price.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As I put my liu lian in my mouth, suddenly those ppl behind started to sing...."Hoooooooooooo.......". WTF, like some tone testing liddat, damn hell irritating...until i cant eat properly. Yan bursted into extreme laughter and Lam "migrated" from the bench to stay away from the noise pollution (eh no offence to Choir) and had his Choc Cake lunch.

The others were playing soccer down on the field. I shouted "Refree KAYOU!" then Yan threw the liu lian shell down over. The Goalie saw and attempted to catch the flying liu lian. Thankfully thats just part of my wild imagination.

The "Hooooooo" was there throughout our liu lian enjoyment. When we finished, we threw the shells into the bin (which stunk Shuan later on).

Operation traffic Light

Lam was waiting for Darren, who went back to his sec sch. So we kept him company for the whole afternoon. Meanwhile we ran to the micromouse room and checked out the peepz inside and went to Lib to lookup some mouse datasheet.

We also proposed to make a Hard Gay version of Gundam when Lam fixed it up...hehehhee backed with Ricky Martin's bg music! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Darren came back by 6pm and I and Yan went home....on out way home...we saw this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow...wanna hack the traffic light system?

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Thursday, July 06, 2006
鬼域 Re-Cycle
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:59 PM --- Post#115219435666265133

So it began
Today is the 1st showing day for Re-Cycle in Singapore and so qiao its polling day for AJC. So me and Yan (from VR-Zone) head down to Princess in Bedok to catch it. Yan was late for 2 hours 30 mins!!! I asked him out @ 11 and when I called his house @ 11.30, he was still snoring in his bed nia. Anyway, he managed to arrive at 1.30 sharp just right to watch the movie. Well as usual there wasn’t more than 15 ppl in Princess Theater 3 (largest), so we could choose our own seats and make ourselves comfortable.

I wun go into the detailed plot as most of the story comes alive only with the visual and audio effect and by telling too much it will spoil your enjoyment. Basically this author Ting-Ying (Lee Sinjie) was writing on a new story, Re-Cycle. The 1st chapter touched on a long haired and awkwardly tall woman sitting on the living room. But she cannot continue writing as she did not have enough inspiration and therefore trashed the script. As she continued, weird things like appearance of unknown long hair, screaming in the receiver, shadow in the shower room unfolded. Coincidentally all these tallied with the plot in her script, so she decided to confirm it by typing about the lift stopping at the 7th floor in the flat. She deleted away that line and took the lift outside her house down. Sure enough, the lift stopped at 7th floor. As she reached ground floor, things had changed. The outside was no longer the usual area outside her house. Rather it’s two blocks of ruined flats. The long haired women she “trashed” appeared and she escaped. She then met with a little gal and with the aid of her great grandpa she tried to escape from this damned placed.

The idea behind recycling
From what I understand in the movie, the place Ting Ying went to wasn’t hell as most commonly occurred to be in most horror movies. This is a dimension which abandoned stuffs get to. It is in fact a “more advanced” underworld, in which not only dead humans go to, but rather everything that is abandoned, from objects to even ideas. This explained the appearance of the long haired woman which was the unwanted part of Ting Ying’s plot.

The story came from the idea of a computer’s Recycle Bin, where it’s a center of all unwanted stuff. So once in a while, large storm clouds would appear and “absorb” everything it came in touch and had it recycled.

Besides clearing the recycle bin, you can also restore data on a computer. Thus the Transit is a place where Ting Ying would have to go to get herself back to her world.

Fantasy and Creativity

I see a lot of creativity and fantasy put in this horror film. The plot goes like an RPG where Ting Ying travels through places of obstacles to reach the Transit. The next place would always be a surprise as you cant imagine how the producers will portray the area as visually.

Throughout the movie, there were a lot of places that looked so familiar, as if they were ported over from some other sources.

The ruined flats resembles those seen in City 17 (Half Life), the part where Ting Ying entered the flat and looked into the units with undead look like a part in House of the Dead. The hundreds of staircases linking two blocks of flats reminded me of Hogwart’s moving stairs (Harry Potter).

When they arrive at the Bridge of the Dead, the idea that living human would have to hold their breath to remain invisible to the walking corpse seemed to come from Spirited Away. The rocky bridge and orange sky looked like those in Jedi Academy.

The other side of the ruined flat with the Ferris wheel and pirate ship and the part where corpses were hung on the tree immediately made me think of The Park (咒乐园).

And yes, the rubbish bin used by Ting Ying was exactly the one in the Mac icon.

Great Effects
This must be the horror show that had the most 3D effects. From the Toy land to the Embryo Tunnel to the Transit, computer animation enhanced the fantasy part of the movie. They had a good mix of real scenes with animation to make audiences keep guessing which is which.

For example in the ruined flats, the 1st scene in the alley between the two blocks was real. I guessed its either a really ran down flat or larger scale props in the studio. While the scene further out of the area are animated. The scene of the other side of the flat with the ferries wheel and pirate ship was real as well. But in between the scene of Ting Ying climbing down one of the hundreds broken stairs was actually animated.

The animation in the Embryo Tunnel of the fetuses was excellent. They looked just like those on medical documentary just that this time they could open their eyes and scream around. Really make ppl think before they abort their child.

In a few scenes, the idea of corpse dropping from the sky is good, especially when viewed close and near, bashing into the surrounding objects and slamming flat on the ground.

Large scale scenes
This movie has a lot of 大场面, or large scale scenes. The ruined flats are a good example. The camera showed the entire row of flat repeatedly and later on zoomed out to show the ruined city behind. The Toy Land featured a scene of two ppl sitting on a train and behind is a large infinite “sea” of junk toys.

Often there are scenes of masses of undead walking as well as the eccentric sky with the Recycling Storm Clouds. The use of large scale scenes injects the “feel of action” into this horror film. Thus these made Re-Cycle not only horror but partly action as well.

Detailed rotten faces
I had seen a lot of horror showing only seconds of most horrifying ghoul in the movie. But in Re-Cycle, the camera was paused longer for audience to get a more detailed view of all the various undead, zombies, corpses… The lighting was bright enough to see almost everything you ought to throughout the film, thus not missing on any features on creatures or buildings.

There was a part where the undead hanging on trees surrounded her, there you could see the fantastic make up of the undead while they twist their neck and walked in an awkward way as if their joints were dislocated.

We Cried!
Yes, I and Yan cried! The storyline towards the end was so damn touching, way too touching for a horror. The 1st touching part comes where they actually offered fresh flowers to the mass of undead as they walk by, and instead of attacking, the undead seemed to be very grateful and they held out their decomposing hands to receive the flowers. The 2nd touching part is where the little gal told Yin Ting who she actually was (im not telling u….). It really managed to invoke strong emotion in me in how things that were abandoned tried to know the reason why they were abandoned.

For those who enjoyed the previous film by Pang Brothers, which is The Eye 10, you will enjoy Re-Cycle as well. But if you really want hardcore horror or think that the storyline is way too absurd, out of context, lame and dun give a damn in animations…well…then save your money.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:49 PM --- Post#115208578249236041

Posting this while I shit on my CrapTop, well u see its much more inspiring and time saving this way….arggg….shit coming out…….ahhhhh…..

Kena Scolded
Kena scolded by my PE teacher yesterday..
“You can run one, but u refuse to do it, and this is not the 1st time im seeing this. If you want to talk, talk and run with the rest of the TAF ppl, your friend (Kiat) isn’t in TAF, he might had passed his Physical Test and need not bother…but you need to work a lot more……”

Haiz…why neh...Cos I HATE running…so ppl say “eh ZOMBiE, better brush up on your training, lets go play basketball want anot?” and I tell them “eh <insert name here>, better brush up on your creativity and sense of a unique self, dun mug le, lets go play with Photoshop”

Then another guy will say
“dun worry! You try hard enuff u sure will pass your physical fitness test one!”

So I replied
“Dun worry, Photoshop and Flash are damn easy, let me teach you a trick or two and you can rock the world with your rich media blog liao!”.

He then said
“Huh? I suck in IT lah, cannot do lah, I noe u pro lah. My computer is the basic one, can use can liao lah.”

I replied
“Ya lor, I suck in sports, cannot do lah, I noe u pro lah. My legs is the basic function, can walk can liao lah!”

Hahaha! Get it? Its not the matter of if I can pass Fitness Test anot, the point is I dun really give a damn! Even one day I can run 2.4 within 1 minute I oso wun feel the sense of achievement! Its like giving a Pentium D 3.2Ghz to Beckham, will he care? Or giving Bill Gates the chance to enter Olympics, will he care?

“Wah lau u sissy lah u cant even run. Hahahahhaa!”

Lets see, as the time goes, gals do sports as well, correct? Last time “SPORTS” seemed to be a term reserved for guys, but now gals do it as well, which makes it no longer a “guy thingy”. “TECHNOLOGY” is a term reserved for guys as well, but till now, few tech-pos are zhar bo! Which makes this field a somehow “manlier” thingy. So now who is the faggot?

Actually no one is that faggot. The idea is everyone has their own pros and cons. Just becos December like fashion stuffs makes him a gay? No rite…

IEM Test success
Today got some lan cheow toks lah…
“We arranged the toks based on your feedback!” said the teacher in charge.

Eh.. since when I fed back? We were merely asked to fill up a form and forced to choose a talk we want. Actually for me…no hope liao…still tok what tok nia…haiz….

So me and Kiat decided to go Audi to see how boring it is. Well actually we were enjoying the comfort of the aircon and testing out audio equipment. Wow with volume 13 or 14, 95% of the lecturer’s voice was drowned. Yes lah! Hahahha. Summore my IEM is quite invisible from the front as well.

Finally a KSC75 VS Porta Pro test! There is SOME difference which I cant really describe, but it dun make one worst than the other. I dun think my bass is weaker than his, but his cost twice the price! His cans definitely sounded $45 costlier. But having the head support, of course it will be much more comforty than clipping the KSC75 on your ears.

The career survey said im more suited for artistic jobs. Well I guess its pretty accurate, since I wanna be a digital GFX designer, sound engineer, behind the scene AV editor, free lance photog or some IT related jobs (no heavy programming please…).

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Qinobe Bye Bye
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:35 AM --- Post#115195681157469902

School Reopens
Its like 3.30am in the morning and guess what, im still blogging! Tml (or rather today since its far after 12am) will be the official school day, for me at least. Normal lessons will resume, freaking PE will start, horrible Khumputing Coursework III will commence....ARGGGGG...all the stress will be back!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......And summore i needa face all those bimbos and posers in AJC again...haiz...and i learnt one term frm all the GP compre...this term call "bigots"

*bigot (noun)
One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

Actually i myself is one...but it make those who dislike me a bigger bunch of bigots! Muahahahha...no offence, no offence! Dun think too much...im NOT really refering to STUDENTS. Hahahha....im dream typing...yawn...

Oh ya...still got GP 4 compre untouched and one compo....ooooo.....HECK lah...exam over liao dun expect me do hols hw!

When i packing my bag just now...really dunno what to pack in lor...i like "sure tml got lessons anot?". All my notes and file got messed up when i revising also...so a lot of things gone..and i lazy look for them.

Qinobe Bye Bye
Poor Tomato tml still got her econs paper...poor gal...awwwww...and stupid her dun reply my sms and call UNTIL...when QINOBE got kicked out of the revival round. She came sms and suan me liao lor...win le lor...Haiz...if Mi Lu Bing wasnt kicked out, QINOBE would had won the revival round...heng Summer Breeze also died...if i shall bomb their houses...

More inspiration on CrapTop
Well im now typing on my CrapTop. I shall tok more about this CrapTop later. Basically, this is a very low end laptop i bought for $50 and spent another $100 upgrading it. Well, it still can do blogging and IM and watch some videos on youYube u see. Its much better to blog on my bed with all the lights off than to get stuck on my desktop lor. More inspiration also lor.

Big Slack = 85KG
Tml got PE. Weight surely go up like hell...hmmm...85KG? Possible...i had been eating a lot of Big Slax burgers lately. In case u wondering what Big Slack is, its a burger inevented my lim peh, trying to mimic Ramly's Burger. Its simply normal fish/chicken meat slice with eggs and lots of chilli sauce in between the powdery muffin burgers. Shall post pics and recepie next time.

NQMM Tiao Se Pan
Bought NQMM's Tiao Se Pan CD also. Me had been spending quite some time with my parents lately, the period just before exam and the period just after exam. Accompany Mum, sis and mum's bunch of friends with their children. Well but most of the time im walking on my own or taking my sis around looking at NDS and Lite and PSP. Well i guess my parents shld be glad that at this age, im still willing to go shopping n do groceries with them lor...yawn...

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