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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:49 PM --- Post#115208578249236041

Posting this while I shit on my CrapTop, well u see its much more inspiring and time saving this way….arggg….shit coming out…….ahhhhh…..

Kena Scolded
Kena scolded by my PE teacher yesterday..
“You can run one, but u refuse to do it, and this is not the 1st time im seeing this. If you want to talk, talk and run with the rest of the TAF ppl, your friend (Kiat) isn’t in TAF, he might had passed his Physical Test and need not bother…but you need to work a lot more……”

Haiz…why neh...Cos I HATE running…so ppl say “eh ZOMBiE, better brush up on your training, lets go play basketball want anot?” and I tell them “eh <insert name here>, better brush up on your creativity and sense of a unique self, dun mug le, lets go play with Photoshop”

Then another guy will say
“dun worry! You try hard enuff u sure will pass your physical fitness test one!”

So I replied
“Dun worry, Photoshop and Flash are damn easy, let me teach you a trick or two and you can rock the world with your rich media blog liao!”.

He then said
“Huh? I suck in IT lah, cannot do lah, I noe u pro lah. My computer is the basic one, can use can liao lah.”

I replied
“Ya lor, I suck in sports, cannot do lah, I noe u pro lah. My legs is the basic function, can walk can liao lah!”

Hahaha! Get it? Its not the matter of if I can pass Fitness Test anot, the point is I dun really give a damn! Even one day I can run 2.4 within 1 minute I oso wun feel the sense of achievement! Its like giving a Pentium D 3.2Ghz to Beckham, will he care? Or giving Bill Gates the chance to enter Olympics, will he care?

“Wah lau u sissy lah u cant even run. Hahahahhaa!”

Lets see, as the time goes, gals do sports as well, correct? Last time “SPORTS” seemed to be a term reserved for guys, but now gals do it as well, which makes it no longer a “guy thingy”. “TECHNOLOGY” is a term reserved for guys as well, but till now, few tech-pos are zhar bo! Which makes this field a somehow “manlier” thingy. So now who is the faggot?

Actually no one is that faggot. The idea is everyone has their own pros and cons. Just becos December like fashion stuffs makes him a gay? No rite…

IEM Test success
Today got some lan cheow toks lah…
“We arranged the toks based on your feedback!” said the teacher in charge.

Eh.. since when I fed back? We were merely asked to fill up a form and forced to choose a talk we want. Actually for me…no hope liao…still tok what tok nia…haiz….

So me and Kiat decided to go Audi to see how boring it is. Well actually we were enjoying the comfort of the aircon and testing out audio equipment. Wow with volume 13 or 14, 95% of the lecturer’s voice was drowned. Yes lah! Hahahha. Summore my IEM is quite invisible from the front as well.

Finally a KSC75 VS Porta Pro test! There is SOME difference which I cant really describe, but it dun make one worst than the other. I dun think my bass is weaker than his, but his cost twice the price! His cans definitely sounded $45 costlier. But having the head support, of course it will be much more comforty than clipping the KSC75 on your ears.

The career survey said im more suited for artistic jobs. Well I guess its pretty accurate, since I wanna be a digital GFX designer, sound engineer, behind the scene AV editor, free lance photog or some IT related jobs (no heavy programming please…).

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