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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
FAQ Time!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 AM --- Post#115263996142514960

Q: Ok, my name is Mugger Sam, I shall now ask you some questions regarding your computing exam. Are you ready, ZOMBiE?
A: Sianz…faster…

Q: How much time you spent on computing?
A: Errr…11pm to 3am…4 hours.

Q: What about your holidays? Revision?
A: Nothing much…Half Life 2 and Gunz Online..thats all for revision…

Q: How much time did you sleep the day before?
A: I slept for 3 hours and went to school for the GP paper in the morning. Finally took the computing paper in the afternoon.

Q: How the hell you manage to hold on so long with sooo little sleep??
A: Well Estacy + Viagra + Steriod does the job! K kidding..just Chicken Essence + kopi + teh-o-bing

Q: So…how’s your memorizing?
A: Great! Im able to rap MC Hotdog’s Bu Xi now!

Q: I mean memorizing computing stuff?
A: Huh??? Got what to memorise?

Q: Secret Weapon?
A: Oh, INHALENT! Those inhalant with minty smell to aid in nose block. I was sniffing one while doing the paper. Makes me feel high da!

Q: How you manage to conquer your exam anxiety?
A: Simple, make yourself comforty! Took off my shoes and sat right in front of the air con. Spin pen do tricks and crack your knuckles and neck bones.

Q: Music?
A: Mainly mando rock, RnB and Hip Hop lah, blasting music surely aid in meditation.

Q: Ok…let me ask you about normal lessons then.
A: Kin lah! Me wanna sleep de!

Q: Did you do your homework?
A: No…there was almost no homework to do anyway..most were done in class.

A: Yes, im fortunate enough to have a good computing teacher which do not throw all the stuff to us and simply call us to “go revise lah”. He let us surf the net during class to look for answers to our questions. But at any time, we can ask and he will exprain all the details to us. Most of the time, he teaches the concept and we apply immediately to the tutorial questions, and he will make sure we know and understand each question.

Q: Ohhh…What about lecture then?
A: I was listening and blogging at the same time da! I mean after all I still pass my computing. Lecture is quite free and easy. Since the class is small, its even more efficient than tutorials of other subject. Ya..i was eating Western Food Auntie’s hot doggie also…

Q: Ok, now I shall ask you questions about other subjects.
A: WTF…this is SENSATIVE issue boi!

Q: How you fare for the rest of the mid year exams?

Q: Ooooook, I can guess its Alpha list+ APTS again…Do you like your subject teachers?
A: Honestly for my class, I get rather good teachers…compared to other *ahem* in *ahem* *ahem* *ahem*.

Q: Bad cough…Then why is your result liddat?
A: For Math, I just cannot digest the concept…its so abstract to me lor. Also, once I master a chapter and I move on to the next, I forget the previous. There are sooo many topics that the topic taught two weeks ago seemed so strange, though I ONCE understood the thingy completely. And I just cannot apply to the questions in exam. These all goes to Physics as well. During tutorial, I can do and understand. In exam once the question comes out differently, I suddenly cannot recall how does what I learnt apply here. Extreme anxiety sets in and….thats it. For GP, I dunno what Summary and AQ is asking for! I followed my teacher liao still liddat…haiz..

Q: How much confidence do you have in you?
A: Negative 100?

Q: Why???
A: I had never passed before.. Its demoralizing de ok?

Q: Since you came to JC, why u so slack? Ur aim is to go Uni isn’t it?
A: University? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. I dint want to go Uni!!! Neither do I want to come JC! My parents forced me. They strongly restrict me to go to Poly. They tell me to try my best and my luck to get into Uni. Well…if I still cant get into Uni then…fate?

Q: Fate?
A: OK…its NOT FATE, NOT my PARENTS, NOT the SCHOOL, NOT the TEACHERS, NOT the SOCIETY…. Its ALL my bad ok? ME! IM STUPID! Everyone has the right to stupidity, im using exercising my right. Cannot ah?! Im lazy! Im useless! I have no talents or whatsoever..happy?

Q: Whats your career preference?
A: Taxi Driver.

Q: Serious lah!
A: Whats wrong with Taxi Driver! They got the most flexible work time. No boss and you face the nasty customer for only maybe 30 minutes before they get off. You get to meet a lot of ppl everyday! Whats wrong with liking to be a taxi driver?

A: fine…ok I also wanna be a graphic designer. Design poster and some ornaments like pencil holder, stool….Being a graphic designer means you have got to lean photographic stills as well. I dun mind being a DJ (scratch record that kind, not Dong Fang Billy) or audio technician.

Q: Programming neh? What about a software developer?
A: Nah…I dun really like programming. After hours of programming, I seemed trapped in this cold computer world. Its too addictive as well.

Q: What is most important to you?
A: Love? Not toking about BGR lah, Love in terms of family, friendship, between you and your pets….

Q: Why Love then?
A: Cos I lack them no? Cos I no friends, no family support, nothing…Happy? Love art as well. Studying and mugging is something that dun produce love…it spoils relationships at times…

Q: See you results now…what you going to do?
A: STOP MENTIONING ABOUT MY RESULTS YOU FUCKER! Well…im gonna drag on and hope for miracle. Im too tired to bother about all these…JC made me too tired…

Q: I tot you were always good in your results in Secondary School.
A: Sad to say, I was a mugger then. No Life, nothing. Not that I have a lot of life now, but that’s not the point. The point is last time I have a lot of support…and being a real innocent gina that noes nuts then, there is like everyday is happy go lucky. Never think much. Its until I enter A*C then I saw all dark side of an education institution. This work me up, I started to think a lot a lot then. The clearer I noe of the present situation, the more painful I am upon realizing the damned truth. Actually fighting, say bad words and gambling and stealing is NOT a bad trait anymore when compared to a muggerland with tons of bimbos, posers and well too politically right authorities… Now that I understood everything…I started to wonder if so much studying will actually bring me somewhere…so what if I end up in Uni…so what if I become some manager…is that what I want? Do I need to torture myself to go thru the Singapore education system? Do I really need to get all A’s and make it big with billions of income?

Q: You dun like money?
A: Not really, my parents dun give me much money, Im not after branded stuff or what. Its not possible for me to get married. My parents got my All-Rounded bright future sister to take care of. With me myself alone…do I need that much money? For that ten thousand a month I need to torture myself here? Never worth it for me man!

Q: Any wish?
A: Can I have two wishes? First I wish I was bad in studies since day 1. So I can go Poly or ITE and no need go thru all these now. Second, I wish I was never born.

Q: Are you tired?
A: Itd 1.40 am liao what you think?

Q: K, I shall end here. Have a good nite rest!
A: Tml will be another bad day….

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