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Friday, July 07, 2006
Liu Lian Kia!!!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:36 PM --- Post#115227940279937459

Model Master - Ah Lam!
Today was a long long day, well there was Physics lecture, but no GP and Physics lecture, cos GP teacher go see doctor, then Physics teacher go Excel festival. So i only attended phy lect and civics throughout the day. Despite that i reached home quite late. Right after school, I was up on the 3rd level outside Choir room watching Gundam Master - Ah Lam do up his model. Before that he sms me saying he is playing toy...well see this pic:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

TOYS! Hahahaha. Darren buying it from him for $50, poor Lam gotta fix it up + sticker + paint + texture it. He working on it since like 11am liddat.

So qiao today is Lam's birthday! Heheheh! Happy birdday to you, happy birday to u!! So me and Yan went out eat out usual Ba Chor Mee and bought a slice of cake for him.

Liu Lian Kia (part 1) !!!
We see see, wah one liu lian one dollar! The durian skin was spiky and yellowish, its Red Prawn ba (@ first i tot its D24, but i dun think so now). We asked if got Bao Jiak, the uncle never reply me, only say "buy two lah" then open two liu lian, show us inside ong ong eh! Hosay lah! Pretty decent esp its only $1 for one. Its those small liu lian. Small nvm, ho jiak ho liao lah!

We went to get Ah Lam;s birthday cake then...

The Cake

Me: Aunty, i want this one (pointing at the choc cake)
Aunty: (see see then ignore us)
Yan: Aunty, cake!
Aunty: U want how many?
Me: One lor!
Aunty: You can take yourself one (came over to take the cake)
Me: Isit? Ooooo, i tot need to ask for it de.

At the cashier...

Me: Can gimme one candle???
Aunty: For this small slice we dun provide candle one
Me: Err...spoon?
Aunty: Er...we also dun provide soon..
Me:(silence for a moment)
Me: Ok nvm, i shall stuff it into his mouth

Liu Lian Kia (Part 2) !!!
We smuggled the liu lians past the secu of AJC then up to the same place on the 3rd floor. Lam was diligently colouring the Gundam parts.

WTF the Choir ppl are there!!! Shit man how we going to jiak liu lian with so many ppl around...later they complain then si liao nia! As i sat down and take one liu lian out...one gal said "eeee....why got durian smell?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So me and Yan brought it to the fire hydrant next to the wall opening beside so the liu lian smell can flow out. There windy also. We open the liu lian eat. Hmm the flesh is not as red as typical Red Prawn, and it taste a bit like D24 nia? Hybrid? Dunno but it dun seem to be pure Red Prawn, or maybe the fruit still small thats why the taste never got "full potential" yet. Its nice anyway, nicer than any of those 3 for $10 Thailand liu lian. Our liu lian no watery flesh, dry dry de, seed quite small, one liu lian inside got 5 to 8 fruits. Its not as nice as those damn on and hiong Red Prawn i ate, but for $1, its definitely worth the price.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

As I put my liu lian in my mouth, suddenly those ppl behind started to sing...."Hoooooooooooo.......". WTF, like some tone testing liddat, damn hell irritating...until i cant eat properly. Yan bursted into extreme laughter and Lam "migrated" from the bench to stay away from the noise pollution (eh no offence to Choir) and had his Choc Cake lunch.

The others were playing soccer down on the field. I shouted "Refree KAYOU!" then Yan threw the liu lian shell down over. The Goalie saw and attempted to catch the flying liu lian. Thankfully thats just part of my wild imagination.

The "Hooooooo" was there throughout our liu lian enjoyment. When we finished, we threw the shells into the bin (which stunk Shuan later on).

Operation traffic Light

Lam was waiting for Darren, who went back to his sec sch. So we kept him company for the whole afternoon. Meanwhile we ran to the micromouse room and checked out the peepz inside and went to Lib to lookup some mouse datasheet.

We also proposed to make a Hard Gay version of Gundam when Lam fixed it up...hehehhee backed with Ricky Martin's bg music! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Darren came back by 6pm and I and Yan went home....on out way home...we saw this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow...wanna hack the traffic light system?

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