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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
My Testimonial
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:48 PM --- Post#115323772234398273

Skoll wants me to fill in this school buzz thingy about my character traits and achievements. So I think and thing…and I got some idea!

  1. Manage to drive a girl off computing during 1st three months in JC1 by merely touching her hair and got a trip to Principal’s office.

  2. Managed to delete iGuard from school computers and bypass Window’s restriction on users using Linux

  3. Never before membership of APTS and Alpha List at the same time

  4. 100% downtime (sleeping) during Math lessons

  5. Propagated LieroX and Dragostea Din Tei as once the most “in” network game and music

  6. developed BlogLock so that I can say all I like w/o the authorities after me

  7. Bravely stood up against the dogma sexuality talk

  8. #1 ahem distributor, never fail to deliver entertainment to others in time

Character traits:
  1. Guai lan. I always do what others dun do and dun do what others do. Always seek to oppose the norm and create new culture.

  2. Blacklisted. I just get blacklisted in all areas and everywhere.

  3. Defiant. The more you force me to do, the more I dun do leh!

  4. Un-gentleman. Make way for gals? Dream on. Bimbos should all die

  5. Hardworking. Push myself to create artworks and programs the best of my abilities.

  6. Look down on myself. No one beats me in thinking im the lousiest of all.

  7. Childish. Wanna see who lamer? I just love to the childish!

  8. DirectX. Yes, I say all that I feel.

  9. Vulgar. Vulgarity is my life, it’s the highest form of literature to express feelings

  10. Innocent. Of couse im innocent…

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