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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Qinobe Bye Bye
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:35 AM --- Post#115195681157469902

School Reopens
Its like 3.30am in the morning and guess what, im still blogging! Tml (or rather today since its far after 12am) will be the official school day, for me at least. Normal lessons will resume, freaking PE will start, horrible Khumputing Coursework III will commence....ARGGGGG...all the stress will be back!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO......And summore i needa face all those bimbos and posers in AJC again...haiz...and i learnt one term frm all the GP compre...this term call "bigots"

*bigot (noun)
One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

Actually i myself is one...but it make those who dislike me a bigger bunch of bigots! Muahahahha...no offence, no offence! Dun think too much...im NOT really refering to STUDENTS. Hahahha....im dream typing...yawn...

Oh ya...still got GP 4 compre untouched and one compo....ooooo.....HECK lah...exam over liao dun expect me do hols hw!

When i packing my bag just now...really dunno what to pack in lor...i like "sure tml got lessons anot?". All my notes and file got messed up when i revising also...so a lot of things gone..and i lazy look for them.

Qinobe Bye Bye
Poor Tomato tml still got her econs paper...poor gal...awwwww...and stupid her dun reply my sms and call UNTIL...when QINOBE got kicked out of the revival round. She came sms and suan me liao lor...win le lor...Haiz...if Mi Lu Bing wasnt kicked out, QINOBE would had won the revival round...heng Summer Breeze also died...if i shall bomb their houses...

More inspiration on CrapTop
Well im now typing on my CrapTop. I shall tok more about this CrapTop later. Basically, this is a very low end laptop i bought for $50 and spent another $100 upgrading it. Well, it still can do blogging and IM and watch some videos on youYube u see. Its much better to blog on my bed with all the lights off than to get stuck on my desktop lor. More inspiration also lor.

Big Slack = 85KG
Tml got PE. Weight surely go up like hell...hmmm...85KG? Possible...i had been eating a lot of Big Slax burgers lately. In case u wondering what Big Slack is, its a burger inevented my lim peh, trying to mimic Ramly's Burger. Its simply normal fish/chicken meat slice with eggs and lots of chilli sauce in between the powdery muffin burgers. Shall post pics and recepie next time.

NQMM Tiao Se Pan
Bought NQMM's Tiao Se Pan CD also. Me had been spending quite some time with my parents lately, the period just before exam and the period just after exam. Accompany Mum, sis and mum's bunch of friends with their children. Well but most of the time im walking on my own or taking my sis around looking at NDS and Lite and PSP. Well i guess my parents shld be glad that at this age, im still willing to go shopping n do groceries with them lor...yawn...

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