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Sunday, July 09, 2006
The Way I Like Movies
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:10 PM --- Post#115242887230826192

Strange enough, Re-Cycle got quite a lot of bad comments in SPUG. But why me and Yan both agreed it’s a Grade A movie? Seriously, I dunno why.

I guess why LOTR and Harry Potter is so famous is due to the complex and logical storyline as a lot of details in the story are explained. For me, I dun really fancy movie with just plain heavy storyline. Rather I look for feeling and effects.

Feelings wise, I must well be touched, or rather get my eyes red and swollen. No need for the classic “I love you and I will love your forever and ever” and the female lead dies. I appreciate the part in I Not Stupid Too where the boy steal money just to pay for one hour of his father’s time, as his dad will get paid $500 for a one hour talk he gave. Also, I get touched mostly by Asian movie, as I can relate the storyline with my life. Ang moh’s lifestyle is too different from ours.

Effects wise, the reason I always chose movies over novels as I always believe there are too much things words cannot describe. Even if it can, it will lack a lot of details. Yes of course I can imagine the scenes myself while I read, but its never as entertaining as watching the real thing on screen. In Re-Cycle, the idea of “Recycling dimension” is complex but the plot is simple. It sums up on Ting-Ying traveling through this world and running away from undead. For example in words, how much can u describe the ruined blocks of flat? How much can you say about the Book City? But when its on the big screen, you can see the details from the camera and feel the atmosphere from the sound effects. That’s precisely what I want! That’s always why I like games like Halo and Half Life 2. To add on, large scale scenes simply make me go WOW, especially if its computer rendered.

I wanna see something special in the movie. Or rather something guai lan! The more guai lan the better it is. Im sick of the typical scenes the guy went some place and heard some noise and saw some shadow and got some weird feeling and at first its always not the ghost but smthing else, then the place is dark dark, suddenly some face pop out and AHHHHHHH.

For horror I want to see more guai lan things like more of how the ghost interact with human rather than just scaring them. And yes I want to see the ghost! I want to see how heads get squashed, I want to see how the brain flows out, I wanna see the rotting face of the zombies! And I want to see them CLEAR and let me enjoy the sadism for a longer period of time! Just imagine a human acted version of Happy Tree Friends with fantastic make up and computer effects. That is PERFECT! That is the kind of effect I want! For that, Saw II seemed to gimme that effect and the sadism I need.

For Re-Cycle, the close up of undead, the way undead dropped and smashed along the sides of buildings and the feeling of their dislocated limbs isn’t too frightening, for their face dun look too gruesome, but the sense of satisfaction of seeing them in close up is there. Just like in Half Life 2, where they let me see the close up of the Gunship where normally I can only see them from far. Further more the large scale scenes in Re-Cycle is kickass as well. Zombies, zombies and more zombies! That’s the way aha aha, I like I way aha aha! Reminds me of a chapter in Halo where I can lead a bunch of soldiers to fight a big bunch of Covanents, not somewhere in the building but under the bright day light!

I like The Eye 10 as well. Both by Pang Bros. Both Re-Cycle and The Eye 10 unveils the plot in “stages”, just like RPG. The Eye 10 introduce the 10 ways of seeing ghost one by one while Re-Cycle goes through the world part by part, just like a theme park. It sort of gives me the whole idea of this “Recycled World”. And again there is a lot of interaction with the supernatural rather than just scaring and running. Example is the part where the Ting Ying walks past the large grave yard and distribute flowers to appease the undead or the part when she get harassed directly by a few zombies from the tree or when she goes through the Embryo Tunnel.

As a note, The Eye 10 is a merge between comedy and horror, and I was luffing all the way, despite some others saying the humor is lame. LOL, who dunno im a lame guy? Obviously as a lame guy I like lame things. But I cant understand the “lameness” of the ang moh, that’s why I stay away from English comedy, cos I cant understand whats so funny in the end. Rather I stick to Zhou Xing Che they all lor.

I dun mind rip off from other story, provided its not a large part. Re Cycle ripped off small parts from different movies. Like in World Of Wars, the Alien Tripods look so much like the Striders in Half Life, but I would consider it a good use of idea than merely “koping” the idea. Creativity is creating smthing new, if you kope an idea and modify it to be better or fit it and make it part of something else carefully and smartly, its still creation!

Those more popular movies as said earlier comes with much complex storyline, more of events and character rather than scene. Events as in cases of backstabbing, tri-love, accidents, success or failure, conspiracy, obstacles and a lot of other human complex happenings. Characters includes the noble character, the smart guy, the gays, the mad person…. Logic comes in place to make sure all characters are linked with events, make sure all events are explained clearly. The more logic, the more events, the more characters the “better” (better to the rest but not necessary to me) the show is.

To sum up, I would like the storyline to flow, but no need complex events and lots of characters, as long as I lots of visual and audio effects and surprises and make my eyes water, its good enough for me liao. I dun like movies where it keeps dragging and the characters have lots and lots of talking and you have to listen well to their heavy conversation or flash back to understand the story well.

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