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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Teacher Day / AJC yet again
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:17 PM --- Post#115701945186125720

Teacher Day
Let me blog about happy things 1st. Today is Teacher Day! Bought Mr Kho an octopus massager from action city (shared with Kiat) and drew him a card:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is made using spray marker. Its an automated sprayer that when u push in a given marker it will spray out the ink in dots (smthing like airbrush). Using templates and different colour combie to make the card. The back is some words with our names.

The concert i say is nicer than National Day's. The band i guess played quite well but the fucking lousy audio drowned everything. The dances....wahhh...hehhe the 1st dance the two cio bu wear so little. They powder their face thick thick whitw white so cannot tell really chio a not. But i overheard some ppl at the back mentioning about their mucles. Ya when they do some action needa flex their arms can see some steel bar muscles coming out...

Then the 4 ppl dancing for the pop song...i tot its 2 guys 2 gals...turn out of the the most handsome guy is actually zhar bo!!!

Ok lah, again they start fast end fast, no delay, wasnt too boring. Thats appreciated.

I hate it. Its ok you hate someone and you scream at him, yell at him, blog bad things about him, tease him.... But a lot of times ppl disappear from your life and all of a sudden and the next time you noe is he dao you. Sitting beside someone, you noe him, he noe you, but each pretend not to know each other. Like someone u never met before. You try talking and asking, yet you dun feel like and dun dare to. And that un easy feeling. It also occur when you meet someone you hardly tok to. U see him coming you dunno greet him or call him or not to. End up both parties pretend not to noe each other. You see him, he look away or walk other way, he see you you pretend toking on phone.That is call the feeling of "coldness".

var aPerson = someone who sat beside me;
aPerson != (RH || 08 || 02 || cxtreme);

aPerson pretend dunno me. i pretend dunno aPerson. In fact i have a lot to ask aPerson about. When i turn my head and saw aPerson looking in my direct, i siam. aPerson pretend never see me.

AJC yet again
Received some msg on my tagboard on aggreeing w me on AJC PE dept. Recently Kiat also posted this SPUG thread complaining about the $1800 clock. Haiz...the problem with AJC....is that everything is too well defined. Everything is standard procedure. Everything rigid. I used to think AJCians are buch of muggers w/o brains. Im wrong. Looking at all the blogs and knowing some of them personally. Actually AJCians are not that bad. Just that the muggers are emphasised and the other talents hidden.

How are muggers emphasised on? Teacher everyday tell us about scholarship. In almost all their quoted example, that student is a scholar. "I once have this student....she was lousy at first...then she made it...she is a scholar!". It sounds like every AJCians is a scholar and everyone MUST be one! They tell us how every tiny wrong bit we do will take away our chances of scholarship. Computer gaming are like taboo. JJ they all got 1st in the WGT prelim using AJC's name. Yet the school is does not want to announce, and that JJ and team gotta hide their victory else teacher come after them. School is to provide education. Education not just = mugging. Its about a lot of things, moral, social.... Any acad related winning no matter how small are often glorified. Sports also. But not other areas. Most of the enrichment programs are about mugging...what bio research...phy workshop....what about things like maybe painting arts, DJing, food making, short fieldtrip to learn more about other country...

Things are pretty standard over here. Most everything is predefined, ie less flexibility. Even how to handle bomb threats got a thick thick file there. Whats the use of this file? In case of emergency, gotta react quick, no time to see this file liao! Why must Kiat's homeroom aircon be switched off when no teacher? His room is poorly ventilated, while some other classrooms in Block 10 can use? Just cos Kiat's classroom is not really a class room but a function room so must go by the rule that since its not an official classroom, cannot on aircon when teacher not there? Why are the games played during PE so restricted? No floorball for guys? Guys and Gals can never mix?

And can the authories ever bother to tell us their reasons? Can they stop looking down on us and keep scolding us? Can they stop being one sided? U noe we dun take just one subject? GP teachers, do you noe its almost impossible to read newspaper everyday? Do you noe im not willing to give up speaking my chinese just for the sake of GP? Do you noe when you say "do not paraphase word by word in Summary" you can show us with EXPLICITLY with a real fresh summary qn, instead of just going round and round and i never get the point? Or that you give some simple example that i dunno how to relate to actual qn? Ok im stupid...but isnt this ur job to teach me?

For other subject, you noe your notes SUCKS! No organisation and stuff! So luan so eeee rrrr....

You see, its not ALL about AJCians that are no good, its more to the authorities. Of course...they will say "your 17, 18 years old...gina gina...your these ill breed kids dunno how fortunate you are! Everyone is trying to follow the American freedom thinking, stop all your whining and ranting and learn to be a good kid. If you unhappy you should go through the right channel of communication. Its just 2 years so suck thumbs! I cant imagine you these brats are supporting the country. I cant imagine your holding guns! Where are your discipline? You parents spoilt your! All spoilt bread w silver spoon! Wait till you grow up and go society, wait till you go NS. Then you noe whats real suffering! You should concentrate on STUDIES! "

Mom and Uncle fight again
Haiz...mom and uncle bickering again...end up me suffering hearing my mom nag vent her anger....haiz...

Mom's friend Da Mi and her husband Lao Shu also quarrel. husband n Wife fight over money, lao shu also made a scene in front of all the aunties...


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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:37 PM --- Post#115701344867754712

THis is a testing entry using w.bloggar 3.03. w.bloggar is a free blog client supporting many blog engines. Support template enditing as well

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Back from curfew
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:49 AM --- Post#115699616818689755

Im back from a three days No-Computer Curfew. Wanna test the effect of not touching computer on my studies.

Lets see, over the past three days. What i did: Came home, play GBA, Nap till 7pm, see TV till 10pm, SMSing ppl, listen music, and sleep at 1am.

Did i study? No. Here is it:
- I DO NOT want to mugg/study
- Im RELUCTANT to mugg/study
- I feel GUILTY to mugg/study
- its damn STRESS to mugg/STUDY


No matter you CRASH, FUCK, BLOW, EXPLODE, TAKE WAY, MELT or watever my computer, the fact i dun want to study means I NO WANT TO STUDY. I WILL FIND OTHER WAYS TO SLACK! PERIOD.

Shall blog later. Slacking now...

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:46 AM --- Post#115689516123847147

I brought my tie for 2 years no fail. Today i brought also, but i no
want wear. Haha, i never try before 4get wear tie, today last wed must
try see see! Also the sch flag was risen to the highest point before
we sing finish sch song. Also realised that till now i still dunno how
to sing sch song da! This entry is posted from my phone.

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The Last Call
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:32 AM --- Post#115687050571297214

Im trying yo nlog from my phone, but long blog are just near impossible...So i decided to take out my Craptop despite banning myself from computers till Thursday. I wanna try see if really not touching the computer will help me focus and concentrate on my studies. So far...well...i can find more ways of slacking even w/o computer. No games, no suft net, no IM, no photoshop, no Flash... Shall see.

Tml will the the last day of formal school in AJC for these 2 years. Thursday is Teacher Day celebration, Friday is teacher day hol. Next week is Sept hols and then followed by prelim. I doubt i will come back to school after prelim except to take back my prelim paper or smthing. So i guess tml is the last day le.

Finally... all the crapping will end. But then...looking at A's, NS, Uni/fail A's and not going anywhere, i still prefer the 2 years of crapping in AJC. My life is getting more and more crap.

Im losing myself. For all these while, no matter what disaster happen to me. Me is still Zombie, and me is still CyGiG. The sucker, slacker, lamer, complainer who hated and being cynical about everything. The one whol never believe in the norm and what to be guai lan and always do things the different, or rather the WRONG, way. There is no way for me to defeat this fucking education system. Even JJ thinks Uni cert is important. No choice, you EITHER mugg and pass your exams, go uni and come out do a job (most likely smthing i wun like cos my score wun give me the choice) and earn some money to eat three meals, OR you fail your exam, mother father get overly upset, teacher give up on you, school think u useless, society say "No cert No go" and you become road sweeper and eat rubbish and grass everyday. Shortcuts? Alternatives? Authorities always say no such thing. Must mugg and mugg and no shortcuts no alternatives, although i believe there IS other way round to do things the more funa nd meaningful way, im not the lucky and smart one to discover this route. Thus...i have to mugg...i have to ban myself from computer. I hate this. This is no zombie....this is not underground...this is not darkness...

These 2 years felt soooo long. Cos just too many things happened all along. Most are more than depressing. "ZOMBiE" describes my character as above, being slack, lame, guai lan...etc. "ZOMBiE" never comes out in me until i discovered this wonderful place call AJC. How ugly ppl are and how being clear in your understanding and what you see make this world look so bad. "CyGiG" is the technical inclined part of me developed in VS.

My Nick changes to reflect myself. Maybe next time my nick will change again.

Tml will be the last day of lesson. Should be happy. After that i will wipe my memory off AJC, as if no such thing happen. Of course the memory of that chao chee bye will still be remembered FOREVER. I want her come say sorry to me personally before i forgive her.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
"Handling BombThreats"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:31 PM --- Post#115657749328994237

Laksa got hum one! Eating mini pot laksa w Kiat @ Banquet AMK center there. He mai hum so i eat and slurp his hump! (sounds wrong...). My hump, my hump my hump my hump!

Wah.... Ppl come and check see if teacher got cheat during SPA isit?

Imagine one day school got bomb, then P will take out this file. Read through everything and mugg on this file. Scarly the bomb right in her office.

Nice one! Sort of "We dun tolerate rotten vege". Not bad, just hope ppl dun abuse it. Actually when i peep into it...its just another rubbish bin w lots of tissue and paper.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Look at the orange bag, not the ass. I got one of those as well (right pic). Freaking $7 only. Believe me, the sewing quality is good, the canvas is also beri thick one. But no brand lah. Look abit like the monk's carry bag also.


Bought this Clon's album for only $1 @ Gramophone Parkway! Techno in korean, $1 can buy lah, comes with MV VCD also nia!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Mee Siam WHERE GOT hum???
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:44 PM --- Post#115632264676520588

Mee Siam got hum??? Lol, listen to Mr Brown's pod cast. Freaking funny!!!

I had trimmed the podcast so it starts playing with the song, and the same thing in AMR format for phones which dun support MP3. Check see if your phone support AMR. I hope Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi dun mind! Thanks!

Song only >> Download
AMR version >> Download
Orginal podcast by MB and MM >> Download
Orginal speech (from mrbrown.com) >> Download

Right click then "Save as..." or "Save Link As"

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Let's Dance Techno!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:24 PM --- Post#115623867580375425

Let's Dance Techno!
I had been damn mad lately, must be due to some power surge in my brain, caused by magnetic fields, electric and sometimes gavitation fields plus all the quantum zooming in and out while process the statistics of the number of complex numbers and angles rendered in 3D.

Well after PE i was changing in the toilet beside the canteen. When i was finishing, i heard sher hern talking to Elvin about some one million dollar car, i hear kaiyang and jun zhe voice as well. I knew it....its their class...

So i flung open the door (yes by then i finish changing liao...DUH!), saw Ani, ran past him into the other side of the toilet and saw all those familiar faces. I dropped my bagged and yelled "Lets dance techno!", then began running around the toilet making the "um-chi um-chi" bass drum-cymbals B box from my mouth. Then i start shouting "one-two-three-four! two-two-three-four!" and did those dance move during PE just now. I only remembered one was swing arms in some guai lan way, one is jump and cross the legs and another was the leg coming up touch the hand and go one round.

Everyone bursted into laughter, as i pretend to club. The toilet is the dance floor, the rest are other clubbers and the dance moves are definitely AJ taught.

Robert: "wah lau u can go monday 8pm that show". I wacked him w my soggy shirts.

Me: "In AJC, this is how we club!!!" And i began to count and do all those aerobic style "dance moves" again.

Seriously, the PE dancing was quite ridiculous. When i 1st heard the music only, i tot "wow nice choice. TECHNO!" And yet the dance move turned out to so aerobic, look like ripped off ACES day liddat. Last year's folk dance and all are still ok. But this....the music and dance just dun match lah! Cant then dance the REAL thing? Just bounce in the beat and shake your boobies, wave your arms and get HIGH! Mix the guys and gals (they ALWAYS separate the two gender as in the gals will seduce the guys liddat LOL) and get hot! A full hall of blue and yellow enjoying themselves to the techno beat. Isnt it more meaningful and fun???

But luckily me was running 8 rounds (ran 6 continuously + walked 1 + 1 round warm up) for TAF, I joined them for the last 10 minutes to see them doing the whole dance together...Heng heng....

Some audio problem:
-too soft
-not enuff bass
-cannot hear vocals
-not enuff bass
-not enuff bass
-not clear enuff
-not enuff bass

Durty Tok

Bo Chen: (reading a chinese story book)

Me: eh Bo Chen, you reading sex fantasy story books ah?

Bo Chen: This kinda things, i where got need? I do real thing!

Me: You know literotica.com?

Bo Chen: That site ah! I make one! I am the web master!

Me: Isit!

Bo Chen: Of course! WHats your user id, tell me, i give u upgrade to premium membership!

Me: Hahha that site no need log in one!

Bo Chen: Actually got premium membership one, just that your dunno, then u can download faster and upload a lot!

Me: There got the live web cam thingy rite? U pay credit card then see mei mei strip through web cam while chatting w her

Bo Chen: That one ah...haiz...recently the police catch until quite strict...those police...catch liao our mei mei use themselves only! Summore hor, you noe the other website stole our videos!

Me: Which???

Bo Chen: That one lor....that webby lor!

Me: Orhh, that one they steal your videos then they change all the face to guys then set up gay webby one isit!

Bo Chen: AH NA, CORRECT lah! That one lor!

Me: eh your got Jap anot? I dun want Ang Moh de leh!

Bo Chen: We hor, go INTERNATIONAL one! Like the dunno who's speech, say Singapore must go international and using the technological way! He tokking about me lor!

Me: Then u more pro than Kian Tiong's bro lah! He hoon Geylang one.

Be Chen: Of course, we is INTERNATIONAL! That one Geylang only!

Me: Serious ah? Then got African one?

Bo Chen: GOTT!

Me: I tot those natives neber wear clothes one?

Bo Chen: U see ah, human liddat one. The more you cover, the more people want to see. So the more you naked, the more ppl want to see covered up! Liddat then SHIOK mah!

Me: got ANIMALS one???

Bo Chen: That one ah. Hard lor, its easy to transport human, but for cows and horses... expensive leh!

Me: I want want calfs, the small cows...i like young cows one!

Bo Chen: Small cow, medium cow, big cow all cow the same cost lah! But we still do!

Me: Why, i tot u say expensive?

Be Chen: Ya, but u see, children like to see young cow. Then you like to fuck the cow. After fucking you eat the cow become steak. Also can go on cooking tv program and teach lao ah man how to cook. See! It caters to ALL age gruop. Wu hua leh!

Me: Then how much you earn?

Bo Chen: Not much, few millions only lah...Becos our company is spreaded over the world, so one area got recession, the other area got economic bloom. So balance balance lah! Actually recession also not much effect, becos, according to Ma-Sa-Low hi-ra-key of needs, sex is one of the basic needs nor!


I hereby take my hats off ppl from the debate society. They can really tok more cock than me!

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Monday, August 21, 2006
Someone changed her bag
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:33 PM --- Post#115616002945605687

Go Hell right after A's
Feeling down today. I heard from my friends that fat ppl are sent to NS in December, some even as early as 5 days after their A's. My last paper Computing is quite late....maybe today i take my Computing paper, tomorrow i will be sent to Hell liao. That scary?

Wei Kiat prolly dunno what NS is like. He dun seem anxious at all. I had been through NPCC in Secondary School, I knew it and its gonna be 1000x worse in NS. Even fit people can fit the kinda life there irritating. Yes its "irritating". Training alone is still ok, just like training in AJC PE is still ok, but its the kinda life there that is irritating. Its a place where ranks say it all. They can twist and turn words and just simply make you do watever they want.

I remb last time in NP camp. My barrack isnt late to report back. But for the fun of it, they adjusted the clock hand IN FRONT OF US to like 10 minutes later and say "Look at the clock, your are late!". You can guess what happened later on.

Somehow after my complains (yeah, i complain a lot a lot), the teacher-in-charge decided to remove corporal punishments, dunno what caused the sudden change in his freaking mind. So guessed what....then the NCOs (Non-Commission Officers, ie student officers) stilled pumped us! This time they did in the the name of "cool-down exercise" and removed the "sir" when reporting ("one sir, two sir...") and said to be "training". Nice job!

They can be late, we cannot. They can chitchat and slack around look at us training, we cannot. They want us to greet the, yet they couldn't care less to even nod their head upon our greetings. Think about the totalitarian world your GP teacher told your. Oh ya, i forgot to mention NPCC was the slackiest uniform group pf all... You wun want me tell you about NCC and the rest...

You noe me, you noe my freedom. I always though everyone is equal, thats also why i had gals cos they are "more equal" than guys, lots of things are no longer "guy-only" stuff, yet they get lee ways. Thats not the point in this entry anyway. Even between teacher and student there is expected mutual respect, teacher cannot yell in my face and make the whole class do 200 push ups when one guy never do hw and then he himself slack there. Neither should I go banging on the principal's door to launch a complain to break his rice bowl when my teacher mark one question of my tutorial wrongly.

Im not saying that kinda corporal punishment life isnt good. It dun work for me. The more you force me to do something, the more i resist. Walk by my side and talk to me nicely and you get the best from me. Simple. Ask someone. What she did to me and now her name was spreaded across the school of anything stupid rumour i can think of. Childish of me? Ya, but what about her in the first place?

Fail A's then how?
Me also starting to get scared....what if i REALLY fail prelims? What if i REALLY fail A's? I started asking for alternative routes now and then.

I have one bad habit, while others bluff their friends they dun study and go mug at home, me, on the other hand....bluff ppl i mug a lot when i never. Why am i doing this? I dunno.

Im going through Physics topic by topic. Each topic trying out all the TYS questions, if i cant answer, i will study the solution book. Seemed like the last resort. Sure it sounds nice, Im mugging! But what about Math? I dunno WHERE TO START. Because im blur of ALL MY TOPICS, right starting from maybe the 1st chapter in JC1. Wait wait...no no no...must say from the 1st topic of Sec 3 A Math. Giving up Math?

Computing? U think i that lucky everytime? Im not a genius...(like what Kung Fu Master said). It is just that the rest cant be bothered to mug for mid year, while i studied a bit and the qns are easy. Yes i studied....i realised. I got look through and memorise some definations (hehehe...HDD!). I wun call that "study" as LOOKING THROUGH and MEMORISING steps dun work in other subjects at all. I dun actually MEMORISE word for word, i remember the concept and outline and on the exam i filled them with my own words. Sometimes i remember certain concepts by animations in my mind, like say Bubble sort, i can see numbers arranging themselves in my mind.

Im neither visual, kinetic or tactile learner. Im more of an animated and practical learner. I need see things MOVE, not just SEE but SEE THINGS MOVE. I need try out things, not just on PEN AND PAPER, but the REAL THING. Like trying out some routines in C++, the REAL thing, not the algo on the paper.

Oh ya...i tot i was in the afternoon study program....but i went to the Reading Room and my name wasnt on the name list. Queer.... Not much ppl from my class also. Maybe they are spreaded out to other places in the college? (ie only some ppl for Reading room, another fixed grp in classrooms etc).

Say Say Say....time for dinner...wish me luck!

Someone changed her bag
I tot i saw someone the first thing in the morning. She seemed to had changed her bag....

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Sunday, August 20, 2006
My Music Theory
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:35 PM --- Post#115605933309609621

You know me, you know my music. Basically music is my life. Like all other people i have preferences. I ONLY listen to mando music, especially rap pop, rap rock, RnB, hiphop (though technically hip hop is not a genre) and any other fast songs. I hate love songs. Not saying love songs are no good, but i just dun like lah. By love spngs i mean those with slow weaker beat and slow singing. Jazz and some fusion music is fine with me too.

You see me at home with my Koss KSC75 and iAudio G3, shaking me head to the beat by MC Hotdog, Jay Chou, FIR, Wilber Pan, Machi and some fast pops from Cyndi or SHE. Techno comes into my player at times too, especially the High Party series and Crazy Frog. For techno i have no language preferences lah. I will act like im some rapper on stage and pace round my room, moving my arms and lip syncing the lyrics. (You dun wanna hear me sing out loud...serious...). It feels just like estacy.

Here and then, people from forums and around me tell me so much about "audiophile". Things like Shure, UltimateEars, AKG, Grando got repeated over and over again. Just in case you dunno what those are, they are equivalents of "Gucci" as in handbags in earphones term.

My friend, Wen Yan has been telling me about how he built his speaker sets and how $20 is ample for home made amplifier, and how nice mando hokkien oldies are. He thinks that modern music are too damn noisy and refuse to torture himself by listening to them. Robert flooded my MSN window with all his MD stuff. I dunno how many times he told me Song threw a MD prototype in water to see how much air bubbles come out to optimize the size and weight. He refuses to give iPods a second look as he believed that junk is made up of just the brand name, without all the features, quality and battery he wants. Tsun Lam on the other hand critise all non-Apple players and hated bass as much as i hated bimbos.

See, everyone has their preferences! You think this is Math or Physic in JC? NOOOO! Music has no standard format. To me, equalisers are invented to create you own sound and make the way your music sound unique, rather than fighting all day long and debating who's setting sounds nicer...

For me, i push up my Mach3Bass, a sound enhancement that will make bass "boomier", especially making the vocal sounds very tight. Too much will easily cause ear fatigue. Because a earphone or music pieces do not normally have SOOO MUCH bass in it and that the earphone is near your ear make it sound like the bass is flooding into your ear and bursting out liddat, it sounds quite artificial.

So why am I making it sound "artifical"? Along with other enhancement that make the mids extra bright and such. Hahaha, it all boils down to why I like listening to music so much!

I like listen to music basically to relieve stress and relax and to kill boredom. Yes, I can listen to rock and sleep peacefully. No probs man! In this freaking Singapore education system, everyone is stressful. I blast music to have that few moment of isolation and imagination. The beat drives me blood, taking me to this party mood, like someone in a pub drunk and dancing and for getting everything. This is call "getting HIGH"!Just like sniffing glue or popping pills, but listening to music is of course much more harmless and legal. For that moment i escaped from reality and flew to some Music Paradise where there is no homework, no exams, no nothing but just music and fun! So of course i need my bass and "artificial sound" to get HIGH! Again thats my preference!

Eh....then why not buy a good hi-fi, or a good amp, good sets of speakers, some high end earphones so you can kick off all those artificial thingy? Simple. No Money. Music is my life, but my life is not just music. I wun spend ALL my dollars on music. Just entertainment wise, i can spend money on Mcdonal's, KFC's, Fried Oysters, buying birthday gifts, going to Comic Connections to get some cute handphone keychains, watch movie, buy new bags at times, play LAN outside with my friends, buy Pangya A-cash for my sis....They are equally entertaining! Buying the music CDs to listent to the music not cheap liao lor. Then you still come tell me about the hi-fi, the amp, the Bose speakers, or even the vinyl turntable.... Im only a freaking student...

But still, some quality has to be there to add value to the "getting HIGH" part. There are good and cheap stuffs around. A lot of Creative and Samsung players gives you more features and quality and cheaper price than iPod! Ripping music to 256kbps VBR Ogg might give you better sound, less space than the mp3 equivalent at ZERO cost. My Koss KSC75 clip ons cost me $44 and im sure it sounds better than a lot of clip ons above $50!

There is one mistake a lot of audiophiles make. They can afford to buy this buy that, got the best sound source and give the best speaker placements....at the end of the day they forgot one thing: enjoy music. Sometimes, I just cant be bothered to fine tune everything, not that i dun adjust my EQ, but i dun do it in a rush or be THAT particular about everything. I pop in my cans close my eyes and enjoy the music. Ya I can hear high harsh, ya bass not enuff, ya some distortions, ya got some noise...but nvm...relax first, later on then i will come back to it when i feel like. Anytime, im willing to give up being an "audiophile" (i dun think i am one in the 1st place) to be a "music lover".

I once tried telling all those new features of my G3 to a girl. She cant understand a shit what im saying. She merely smiled and told me "你自己喜欢不就好了吗?"
(translation: As long as you like it, isnt it good enuff liao? )

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Zhar Bo FIGHT!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:25 PM --- Post#115582832904744281

Zhar Bo FIGHT!
The following is merely a RUMOR, do not take it seriously. The names of the schools had been change to protect their privacy.

It seems that the incident of the gang of girl fighting and stripping the victim off her top happened in MaiMai Secondary School.

I just received news from my mum's friend's daughter who was in MaiMai Sec that such an incident happened again!

A group of girls from MaiMai and a group from CheeChee sec arranged to meet somewhere outside the school compound of MaiMai secondary to cham siong some matters. Each group was to send a representative to fight it out 1V1. The rule is simple: No hitting of face!

Each gang came over with four to five ah lians, muahahha wanna fight it out lor! Since the battle field is outside MaiMai sec, there were tons of supporters and observers...READY....FIGHT!

The wacking began and boosh and boom and paa!!! Rules were always meant to be broken, both faces were bashed despite the agreement. The Mai Mai female warriors were losing...Oh No!

On seeing that, the rest of the 3 or 4 members rushed and give the Chee Chee rep a good gangbang and wack her upside down. The rest of the Chee Chee ah lians saw that and took to their heels instead, running off.

The Chee Chee victim was again stripped while in the fight, but this time clever liao! Got wear singlet! Everyone took out their phone and snapped pics and videos away.

The Chee Chee poor victim ended in the hospital. Some student were afraid of being caught with the videos and pics and deleted them off upon receiving them.

The Complain King Runs Alone...

I peeped into the school field while i was on my dad's car. Black. I went into the school compound, surprised to find out how deserted it was....totally no one....its 6.20am...not 5.20am...why no one....

Shadows loomed over me everywhere as i made my way past the canteen. The canteen looked so wrong...so dim so empty...the path towards the PE dept was quiet and dark. I walked up to the PE dept via the basketball court. No one.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I decided to camp beside the PE dept to see if anyone was to turn up for the extra TAF running. At 6.30am, i heard and click and a slam. Followed by a dim light from the PE dept office. Must be some teacher...

I continued to camp there. 10 minutes passed....no one...or are they already running? I decided to take a look. I went up....and the PE dept door flew open! He was in blue vest and came looking at me. "Very Good, do your runs, dun wait for the rest."

The rest? There wasnt anyone! Fine Fine Fine....i put my bag on the benches and changed. I started running at around 6.45am.

Well, the weather was nice and cooling. The track was almost invisible. I was covered in darkness. No irritating noise from the classes, no blazing sun, no gossiping friends, no other teachers yelling from the outside the office. Nothing, just me alone. He went down the track too, but we were running on our own.

Ten rounds? 4.8km? No way man. I told myself six rounds plus one round warm up and thats it. Well perhaps its the milo i drank for breakfast, or perhaps its the environment that is suitable (remb i like dark cooling places with no body around), i actually managed to run six round (2.4km) without stopping. Strange that i dun feel thirsty at al. Base on my fitness level, i wasnt able to that before. Thats why i fail fitness test lah...duh...

So i stopped after round six and walk one round the track for cool down. The sky was grewing brighter now. The moon was gone. And so no one else came...where were the rest of the TAF people? Time was about 7 then.

He stopped for some reason (tie shoelace?) near me. I informed him im going off, expecting some kinda lecture again on how poorly i performed and ask me run 1000 more rounds. Instead he praised me..."good job, if u think this is good for you, keep it up."

Ok i dun really take this as compliment. My main purpose of coming is to save trouble of him passing all kinds of remarks on me again, if i had known no one came i wun not go at all. I also wanted to try out if really running in the morning keeps you awake and more refresh. No it dint....i still fell asleep during my math lecture dutifully. Also after complaining so much, i tot i should at least go through to have the right to complain about it.

I feel so stupid for coming. Well but thinking that its still quite an enjoyment being alone in the track in the dark. I was (overly) thinking and straying my mind while running, and no one to bother me, the tranquil was appreciated, more than the fact the exercise helped in my health.

I guess the biggest achievement is that he will not mark me and spare my ears for the few last PE lessons to come.

Morning Story
The following is a MADE UP story "inspired" by SOMEONE in the morning.

"Bzzz bzzz...no sign of Nasus...bzzz"
"Bzzz..Roger that...search the compound, she must be somewhere near...bzzz"

A big head Zhang Fei like head popped out of the window of a hotel room and she saw police car streaming across the streets with sirens piecing her ears. Terrorist like Nasus was a no-no in the eyes of the locals. She bombed and attacked lots and lots of flights mid air along with her two other accomplices, one of which is Yat P.V.

"Shit man. I goona make my run", Nasus murmured to herself.

BANG! The door flew open of her hotel room.
"Hands up and do not move!!!"
"Your police rats are faster than i though! Damn it!"

Tons of lasers were pointing on her temper, forehead and chest by a huge squat of police in a sea of blue. They slowly moved towards here keeping all the guns on her.

"Tell me WHY! WHY you brought this PEN on the flight?! No other things except than passport and wallet ALLOWED!"

"The pen can VIBRATE you IDIOT! And the freaking plane's toilet is freaking small for my use, your freakers!!! Im gonna use a baseball bat next time!!!"

On that she ran towards the window , ducking down and streams of bullets flew past her. She made a huge jump and jumped out of the hotel.


Nasus slid down the sewage pipe to the ground floor, meeting more police below. She took her weapon - the newspaper and start stuffing the papers into their ears and mouth non stop till the police die of disgust.

She made her way to the beach not far from the hotel and STRIPPED......into her sexy swim suit. She leaped into the water and powered all her muscles to swim as fast as possible. Now you see helicopters, amphibian vehicles, the navy speed boat, aircraft carrier and warship all rushing out to the sea to catch up with her.

Nasus swam with an amazing speed that the police and navy cannot catch up with her. On top, the KNN news channel reporter was on the helicopter with a cameraman shooting everything from top down.

"Terrorist Nasus was trying to outfast the Navy and Police, her speed is so fast and the range between she and the fleet is too small to launch any missiles without setting friendly units on flame. They have no choice but to give chase. This is KNN reporting"

Well well...how long can someone swimming at that speed last? Not long....she began to slow down....the fleet surrounded her not long after.

"No No...this is not true!"

All the missiles and bullets fired at the same time.....she leaped high into the air to avoid the direct hit. The mass explosion flew her even higher and away.

"Nasus is blasting off again!...." WOOSH...she landed 10 km away in the Bermuda Triangle....

The next moment...she appeared in some school's toilet....

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:02 PM --- Post#115573332905172151

Frank: eh zombie, i can tell your most recent post is gonna get u into deep sh.... trouble. anw, army will be tough if u dun train. by tough i mean hell

To Frank: Hey, i was talking about "some teacher" in school. Is there a Mr Some? Who is Mr Some? Does Mr Some even exist? No such person right?

To all those uninvited visitors, (opps this is the WWW, no such thingy as the uninvited, I mean people who had not read the Terms and Conditions on the side bar there) There is no "some teacher" or Mr Some...

"some teacher", "some school", "some student" are all smthing like variables, they can be ANYONE under the sun!

- SmarterChild -: Adjective
1. Being an unspecified number or quantity: Some people came into the room. Would you like some sugar? 2. Being a portion or an unspecified number or quantity of a whole or group: He likes some modern scupture but not all. 3. Being a considerable number or quantity: She has been directing films for some years now. 4. Unknown or unspecified by name: Some man called. 5. Logic Being part and perhaps all of a class. 6. Informal Remarkable: She is some skier.

Well well well, I guess there is some mis-communication somewhere. I was taught by a nice teacher before, he/she was caring, fun, fit and all those nice thingy u can name. He/She ran with us everytime, he/she noes that we are in TAF meaning we are unfit, thus a ten or twenty rounds dun really help since we cant do it or we force ourself to finish the rounds too fast to pay games that defeats the purpose or losing weight. He/She taught us brisk walking as an alternative method. He/She was with us all the time mentally and physically and chatted and joked with us everytime when we exercising. I lost weight in the end. I love this teacher.

Now, LETS SAY, we have another analogical teacher for sake of comparison. Someone who seldom join us, someone who put up that black face every time as if he is bursting in flames. Fine, he has got paperwork and stuff, no time, understood. He has a fiery temper, he speaks in a manner whereby i feel very demoralised, he ask questions in a sort of totalitarian way where you are forced into answering politically correct and that all other points brought up will be shot down, he keeps comparing us and his younger times and criticise how bad bad we are, he has to give a lot of lecturing that almost no one is paying attention to. He keep telling us not putting in enough effort to exercise will ruin our lifes.

But does he knows that times had changed? And everyone is different, not everyone view life the way he is. Does he actually understands us? Is this call generation gap? Does he knows that upon realising its his period of lesson all the enthu and exciting becomes some form of dread...those kinda feeling that makes u dun feel like attending the lesson at all...not to say even doing best in it.

Fine. Army will be hell to me. Fine I die in army. BUT, i wanna have peace at least NOW before i DIE!

Ok ok...im the nonsensical ones...im this very rebellious youngster who noes nothing...fine fine...im those spoilt "kids-nowadays" born with silver spoon and comfort everywhere...fine fine...okok im toking rubbish. DUN BELIEVE me....shhhsssss...close this window/tab and never come back again...go go go...

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[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:20 AM --- Post#115566244012343037

"I had been very disappointed with your....
I had given your a lot of free space but your seems not concerned about your health at all...
I sleep at 2am or 3am everyday and wake up at 5.15 everyday! And i have the time to exercise!...
I could have been a commander in Army, with my rank i can tekan a lot of ppl, down here in school i cannot! Some students complain to Principal and play politics, good thing they know me well...
I cant join your for runs because i was really sick and down with paper work!...
see the way your perform, no discipline, its going to get down to your life! Its going to shape you! And dun tell me exercising will cost you a grade!...
I train dunno how many hours for my marathon....
For other JC, they are soo involved! They have so much CCA records that the school got to tell them not to take more than one cca where in AJC everyone is prompted to have at least oe CCA...
Work attatchments of 100 was taken out within half a day in other JCs...
Your AJCians have no fight over them, when your all have A's, it boils down to character...
Some people are born with silver spoon, you are given one million dollars and earn another. Second guy is given a thousand dollar and earned a million. The first guy is actually nothing great!...
Im in a civil service, i wonder my pay can be more than my wife's brother if i work in private sector...
I want your to come down on Thursday morning, 6.30am to run, I shall see if your come. Dun worry, i WILL NOT get angry with you for not turning up, its just you!.."

Great speech by some teacher which i shall not name this morning (this is roughly what he told me, cant remb everything exact). Wow...I kena scolded once because i was chatting away not running. Fine. I was scolded again for chatting and running at the same time. Fine.

NOW Im scolded for not saying a single word and trying my best to run. Yes i stared walking after 3 or 4 rounds, i dun have the stamina and im not training and last week no PE. But he insisted that i started walking BEFORE TWO ROUNDS. Hey....i failed Math but i really know how to count the number of rounds i ran de ok! I did try my best, even i ran out of stamina i tried to slow jog, and then he complained my jogging is slower than running.

RIGHT! Not running well can lead to SOOOOO many faults in life! Look at all the CEOs, managers...blah blah... im not saying all are unfit people, but there are a good mix of fit and unfit people. So does not running well really really really really make you such a no-hope, scumbag, confirm-die-liao, confirm-no-future person?

AND! His speech is getting more and more off point...he keeps talking about his past and spins around other JCs, his relatives...blah blah...Guess who are actually listening to him...well all i see is everyone coming to me and looking at my watch. WTF...i haven study for Complex test yet!!!

"I want your to come down on Thursday morning, 6.30am to run, I shall see if your come. Dun worry, i WILL NOT get angry with you for not turning up, its just you!" GOOD TRY! I was in NPCC and this is exactly one of the way they make you come for training. Its quit jian actually...This big guy with loud voice scary face telling you "Im wun be angry if you dun come! ANY OBJECTIONS?". Its obviously..well....simply tyranny and bullying! Becos he noes you DARE NOT OBJECT, not that you DO NOT WANT TO OBJECT. Logical ppl will know its in no good stand to object.

Well well well...politics....i had only heard political problems with students, parents and principals with this teacher. Not hearn much about other teachers...WHAT DOES IT SAY? SAY SAY SAY! You tell me nor!

The way he describe other JC as well...bunch of enthu...damn well organised life...everything plan nice nice. Everyone politically correct and strive for the BEST! Everyone grow up with big big muscles and heading companies and stuff and going overseas...Everyone snatching for CIPs and events to run...If thats REALLY the case. Im will love AJC for all my life....cos those kinda life is WORSE THAN MUGGERS. To me at least...well those kinda competitive, you-win-I-die, must be damn politically correct, must go make life damn hectic and feel the sense of fulfilment...this kinda life sucks! For me, i no want high paying job, no want condos, no want cars, no want overseas, certs, degress...blah blah bull shit. I want to lead a simple and solitude life, enjoy all my food before i die of heart attack and leave this disasterous world ASAP.

Sometimes...i wonder stories of commanders getting mad in Army is really true. Those kinda people who disciplined their self too much that their thinking had become too harsh and rigid. Everything got "too planned" and he starts using his military style of life on other people. Everything no joke and damn serious...then come out command everyone...no place for relaxation...whole life becomes just a procedure to complete...Seems that we have one of those in my JCs..


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Monday, August 14, 2006
Time to relac....
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:16 PM --- Post#115556137810115164

Ahhh....finally done with ALL my GP june hols....time to relac....time to do my poster....ahhhhhh.

Prelim? One more month nia...relac relac!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Got back my huge Poster!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:39 PM --- Post#115513957025929641

National Day
Oh ya....i saw SOMEONE not singing national day anthem...CAUGHT on TV!!! I cannot say who sia...

AJC's National day celebration was ok lah...except for the fact there is too much video and the audio of the band sucks. I think they shld be able to lift the spirit of the school if not for the audio faults. Luckily the class mascot thingy was hilarious! LOL..."we put AJC's tee at the back of our mascot to show we are always behind singapore!", "we use newspaper to decorate the hair...well to show KNOWLEDGE!". LOL HAHAHA...freaking lame but i like it.

Look at shaun!! LOL
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I was throwing that shit (that fake rubber shit) at people. As expected, most ppl dun dare to catch once they saw what it was....a few dun dare to touch even they knew its fake! LOL!

They dint drag the concert, it started early and end about ten then we are free to go. The flying ballons at the end also quite fun!!! Hahaha i was stepping them down to scare the shit out of some bimbos beside.

WTF....when me and Yan exit Orchard MRT...there was this teenage girl ask if we wanna donate.
"Your from AJC one rite....", she asked.
"No no no, me not from AJC..", i answered while swaying my palm and walked away.
"I am your senior! Hey you from VS one rite!" She replied.

I was like WTF? I turn back to have a good look at her. No...i dun rmb seeing her anyway! I wasnt wearing any school based Tee as well...neither in Red/White combination clothings...HOW SHE NOE!

Yan say must be i drunk then anyhow fuck some mei mei that i cant rmb....stupid..

Then must be some ghost le lor...

Tokyo Drift
Watched Tokyo Drift @ Cineleisure. Ok lah...feel like watching Initial D one more time. Cos the story line about the same. Some teenage guy who like racing, and want to win some boss call DK then uses a lousy car exterior with some mod engine and parts and mange to win.

For those who wanna see lots of Mei Mei Japan one...this is a MUST!

Got back my huge Poster!
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Got my Eskimo Poster. They dun need it liao cos event over...so i brought home for suvenior lor! Measuring some 1.7 by 1.3 m.

Super Card
Sis wanna buy Super Card...the programmable cart for NDS/GBA. Since it comes in the form of a GBA cart. Its usable in both GBA and NDS since NDS has the GBA slot as well. It can load NDS games from the NDS's GBA slot, using Super Key.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Tomato's BD present
I shall give her these:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Portable TV
This lasted me through the 3 hours of Super Band finals!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Sunday, August 06, 2006
Dun have liddat one leh!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:51 PM --- Post#115488021119487602

Mi Lu Bing won Superband...HENG ah! not that Soul! Soul can dance...thats all! We talking about music here, not dance! Though I support Qinobe, i think J3, Lucify and MLB all stand equal chances. Soul...neh!

Fuck lor, MC Hotdog's rap was specially edited to "fit Singapore". The removed all the vulgarites lor..IIRC "我不相信你有处女膜!" becomes "我不相信你有不能播!". The 把奶罩丢上来 part was gone!!! Lousy lah...no freedom of speech...now no freedom of song!!!

Dun have liddat one leh!
Dun have liddat one leh! Why am i still mugging all my holiday hw (5 compres) now? Wah lao....teacher in AJC really take hols hw so seriously da! Until i no time revise my Feaces topics and blog lor...fuck it...

Im learning Adobe Illustrator now, seeing this new approach in poster design to draw things myself rather than manupliate using filters and blending options. Also, vector art are re-sizable without loss of quality. When saved as an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) and imported to Photoshop, Photoshop will let u select a size u want (u can select any size since as said vector art is scalable) and render to bitmap and immediate u can use brushes to touch up or do blending options that cant easily be done in Illustrator.

Illustrator files (.ai) are much smaller. There is no need to worry about the size of the poster, so i can work on say 800x600, which takes a lot less CPU and RAM than doing on an A1 canvas with 300DPI (which is 9000+ x 6000+ and its 69megapixels!!!) in Photoshop. I can enlarge and render to bitmap later on to any size.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:42 AM --- Post#115454450868473993

Siao gao, i got to do my coursework and FOUR compre which i neber do during the hols. FOUR!!!! FREAKING FOUR.

After much consideration (its 2.44am now). I decided to sleep. Nites!

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