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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:20 AM --- Post#115566244012343037

"I had been very disappointed with your....
I had given your a lot of free space but your seems not concerned about your health at all...
I sleep at 2am or 3am everyday and wake up at 5.15 everyday! And i have the time to exercise!...
I could have been a commander in Army, with my rank i can tekan a lot of ppl, down here in school i cannot! Some students complain to Principal and play politics, good thing they know me well...
I cant join your for runs because i was really sick and down with paper work!...
see the way your perform, no discipline, its going to get down to your life! Its going to shape you! And dun tell me exercising will cost you a grade!...
I train dunno how many hours for my marathon....
For other JC, they are soo involved! They have so much CCA records that the school got to tell them not to take more than one cca where in AJC everyone is prompted to have at least oe CCA...
Work attatchments of 100 was taken out within half a day in other JCs...
Your AJCians have no fight over them, when your all have A's, it boils down to character...
Some people are born with silver spoon, you are given one million dollars and earn another. Second guy is given a thousand dollar and earned a million. The first guy is actually nothing great!...
Im in a civil service, i wonder my pay can be more than my wife's brother if i work in private sector...
I want your to come down on Thursday morning, 6.30am to run, I shall see if your come. Dun worry, i WILL NOT get angry with you for not turning up, its just you!.."

Great speech by some teacher which i shall not name this morning (this is roughly what he told me, cant remb everything exact). Wow...I kena scolded once because i was chatting away not running. Fine. I was scolded again for chatting and running at the same time. Fine.

NOW Im scolded for not saying a single word and trying my best to run. Yes i stared walking after 3 or 4 rounds, i dun have the stamina and im not training and last week no PE. But he insisted that i started walking BEFORE TWO ROUNDS. Hey....i failed Math but i really know how to count the number of rounds i ran de ok! I did try my best, even i ran out of stamina i tried to slow jog, and then he complained my jogging is slower than running.

RIGHT! Not running well can lead to SOOOOO many faults in life! Look at all the CEOs, managers...blah blah... im not saying all are unfit people, but there are a good mix of fit and unfit people. So does not running well really really really really make you such a no-hope, scumbag, confirm-die-liao, confirm-no-future person?

AND! His speech is getting more and more off point...he keeps talking about his past and spins around other JCs, his relatives...blah blah...Guess who are actually listening to him...well all i see is everyone coming to me and looking at my watch. WTF...i haven study for Complex test yet!!!

"I want your to come down on Thursday morning, 6.30am to run, I shall see if your come. Dun worry, i WILL NOT get angry with you for not turning up, its just you!" GOOD TRY! I was in NPCC and this is exactly one of the way they make you come for training. Its quit jian actually...This big guy with loud voice scary face telling you "Im wun be angry if you dun come! ANY OBJECTIONS?". Its obviously..well....simply tyranny and bullying! Becos he noes you DARE NOT OBJECT, not that you DO NOT WANT TO OBJECT. Logical ppl will know its in no good stand to object.

Well well well...politics....i had only heard political problems with students, parents and principals with this teacher. Not hearn much about other teachers...WHAT DOES IT SAY? SAY SAY SAY! You tell me nor!

The way he describe other JC as well...bunch of enthu...damn well organised life...everything plan nice nice. Everyone politically correct and strive for the BEST! Everyone grow up with big big muscles and heading companies and stuff and going overseas...Everyone snatching for CIPs and events to run...If thats REALLY the case. Im will love AJC for all my life....cos those kinda life is WORSE THAN MUGGERS. To me at least...well those kinda competitive, you-win-I-die, must be damn politically correct, must go make life damn hectic and feel the sense of fulfilment...this kinda life sucks! For me, i no want high paying job, no want condos, no want cars, no want overseas, certs, degress...blah blah bull shit. I want to lead a simple and solitude life, enjoy all my food before i die of heart attack and leave this disasterous world ASAP.

Sometimes...i wonder stories of commanders getting mad in Army is really true. Those kinda people who disciplined their self too much that their thinking had become too harsh and rigid. Everything got "too planned" and he starts using his military style of life on other people. Everything no joke and damn serious...then come out command everyone...no place for relaxation...whole life becomes just a procedure to complete...Seems that we have one of those in my JCs..


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