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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Let's Dance Techno!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:24 PM --- Post#115623867580375425

Let's Dance Techno!
I had been damn mad lately, must be due to some power surge in my brain, caused by magnetic fields, electric and sometimes gavitation fields plus all the quantum zooming in and out while process the statistics of the number of complex numbers and angles rendered in 3D.

Well after PE i was changing in the toilet beside the canteen. When i was finishing, i heard sher hern talking to Elvin about some one million dollar car, i hear kaiyang and jun zhe voice as well. I knew it....its their class...

So i flung open the door (yes by then i finish changing liao...DUH!), saw Ani, ran past him into the other side of the toilet and saw all those familiar faces. I dropped my bagged and yelled "Lets dance techno!", then began running around the toilet making the "um-chi um-chi" bass drum-cymbals B box from my mouth. Then i start shouting "one-two-three-four! two-two-three-four!" and did those dance move during PE just now. I only remembered one was swing arms in some guai lan way, one is jump and cross the legs and another was the leg coming up touch the hand and go one round.

Everyone bursted into laughter, as i pretend to club. The toilet is the dance floor, the rest are other clubbers and the dance moves are definitely AJ taught.

Robert: "wah lau u can go monday 8pm that show". I wacked him w my soggy shirts.

Me: "In AJC, this is how we club!!!" And i began to count and do all those aerobic style "dance moves" again.

Seriously, the PE dancing was quite ridiculous. When i 1st heard the music only, i tot "wow nice choice. TECHNO!" And yet the dance move turned out to so aerobic, look like ripped off ACES day liddat. Last year's folk dance and all are still ok. But this....the music and dance just dun match lah! Cant then dance the REAL thing? Just bounce in the beat and shake your boobies, wave your arms and get HIGH! Mix the guys and gals (they ALWAYS separate the two gender as in the gals will seduce the guys liddat LOL) and get hot! A full hall of blue and yellow enjoying themselves to the techno beat. Isnt it more meaningful and fun???

But luckily me was running 8 rounds (ran 6 continuously + walked 1 + 1 round warm up) for TAF, I joined them for the last 10 minutes to see them doing the whole dance together...Heng heng....

Some audio problem:
-too soft
-not enuff bass
-cannot hear vocals
-not enuff bass
-not enuff bass
-not clear enuff
-not enuff bass

Durty Tok

Bo Chen: (reading a chinese story book)

Me: eh Bo Chen, you reading sex fantasy story books ah?

Bo Chen: This kinda things, i where got need? I do real thing!

Me: You know literotica.com?

Bo Chen: That site ah! I make one! I am the web master!

Me: Isit!

Bo Chen: Of course! WHats your user id, tell me, i give u upgrade to premium membership!

Me: Hahha that site no need log in one!

Bo Chen: Actually got premium membership one, just that your dunno, then u can download faster and upload a lot!

Me: There got the live web cam thingy rite? U pay credit card then see mei mei strip through web cam while chatting w her

Bo Chen: That one ah...haiz...recently the police catch until quite strict...those police...catch liao our mei mei use themselves only! Summore hor, you noe the other website stole our videos!

Me: Which???

Bo Chen: That one lor....that webby lor!

Me: Orhh, that one they steal your videos then they change all the face to guys then set up gay webby one isit!

Bo Chen: AH NA, CORRECT lah! That one lor!

Me: eh your got Jap anot? I dun want Ang Moh de leh!

Bo Chen: We hor, go INTERNATIONAL one! Like the dunno who's speech, say Singapore must go international and using the technological way! He tokking about me lor!

Me: Then u more pro than Kian Tiong's bro lah! He hoon Geylang one.

Be Chen: Of course, we is INTERNATIONAL! That one Geylang only!

Me: Serious ah? Then got African one?

Bo Chen: GOTT!

Me: I tot those natives neber wear clothes one?

Bo Chen: U see ah, human liddat one. The more you cover, the more people want to see. So the more you naked, the more ppl want to see covered up! Liddat then SHIOK mah!

Me: got ANIMALS one???

Bo Chen: That one ah. Hard lor, its easy to transport human, but for cows and horses... expensive leh!

Me: I want want calfs, the small cows...i like young cows one!

Bo Chen: Small cow, medium cow, big cow all cow the same cost lah! But we still do!

Me: Why, i tot u say expensive?

Be Chen: Ya, but u see, children like to see young cow. Then you like to fuck the cow. After fucking you eat the cow become steak. Also can go on cooking tv program and teach lao ah man how to cook. See! It caters to ALL age gruop. Wu hua leh!

Me: Then how much you earn?

Bo Chen: Not much, few millions only lah...Becos our company is spreaded over the world, so one area got recession, the other area got economic bloom. So balance balance lah! Actually recession also not much effect, becos, according to Ma-Sa-Low hi-ra-key of needs, sex is one of the basic needs nor!


I hereby take my hats off ppl from the debate society. They can really tok more cock than me!

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