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Sunday, August 20, 2006
My Music Theory
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:35 PM --- Post#115605933309609621

You know me, you know my music. Basically music is my life. Like all other people i have preferences. I ONLY listen to mando music, especially rap pop, rap rock, RnB, hiphop (though technically hip hop is not a genre) and any other fast songs. I hate love songs. Not saying love songs are no good, but i just dun like lah. By love spngs i mean those with slow weaker beat and slow singing. Jazz and some fusion music is fine with me too.

You see me at home with my Koss KSC75 and iAudio G3, shaking me head to the beat by MC Hotdog, Jay Chou, FIR, Wilber Pan, Machi and some fast pops from Cyndi or SHE. Techno comes into my player at times too, especially the High Party series and Crazy Frog. For techno i have no language preferences lah. I will act like im some rapper on stage and pace round my room, moving my arms and lip syncing the lyrics. (You dun wanna hear me sing out loud...serious...). It feels just like estacy.

Here and then, people from forums and around me tell me so much about "audiophile". Things like Shure, UltimateEars, AKG, Grando got repeated over and over again. Just in case you dunno what those are, they are equivalents of "Gucci" as in handbags in earphones term.

My friend, Wen Yan has been telling me about how he built his speaker sets and how $20 is ample for home made amplifier, and how nice mando hokkien oldies are. He thinks that modern music are too damn noisy and refuse to torture himself by listening to them. Robert flooded my MSN window with all his MD stuff. I dunno how many times he told me Song threw a MD prototype in water to see how much air bubbles come out to optimize the size and weight. He refuses to give iPods a second look as he believed that junk is made up of just the brand name, without all the features, quality and battery he wants. Tsun Lam on the other hand critise all non-Apple players and hated bass as much as i hated bimbos.

See, everyone has their preferences! You think this is Math or Physic in JC? NOOOO! Music has no standard format. To me, equalisers are invented to create you own sound and make the way your music sound unique, rather than fighting all day long and debating who's setting sounds nicer...

For me, i push up my Mach3Bass, a sound enhancement that will make bass "boomier", especially making the vocal sounds very tight. Too much will easily cause ear fatigue. Because a earphone or music pieces do not normally have SOOO MUCH bass in it and that the earphone is near your ear make it sound like the bass is flooding into your ear and bursting out liddat, it sounds quite artificial.

So why am I making it sound "artifical"? Along with other enhancement that make the mids extra bright and such. Hahaha, it all boils down to why I like listening to music so much!

I like listen to music basically to relieve stress and relax and to kill boredom. Yes, I can listen to rock and sleep peacefully. No probs man! In this freaking Singapore education system, everyone is stressful. I blast music to have that few moment of isolation and imagination. The beat drives me blood, taking me to this party mood, like someone in a pub drunk and dancing and for getting everything. This is call "getting HIGH"!Just like sniffing glue or popping pills, but listening to music is of course much more harmless and legal. For that moment i escaped from reality and flew to some Music Paradise where there is no homework, no exams, no nothing but just music and fun! So of course i need my bass and "artificial sound" to get HIGH! Again thats my preference!

Eh....then why not buy a good hi-fi, or a good amp, good sets of speakers, some high end earphones so you can kick off all those artificial thingy? Simple. No Money. Music is my life, but my life is not just music. I wun spend ALL my dollars on music. Just entertainment wise, i can spend money on Mcdonal's, KFC's, Fried Oysters, buying birthday gifts, going to Comic Connections to get some cute handphone keychains, watch movie, buy new bags at times, play LAN outside with my friends, buy Pangya A-cash for my sis....They are equally entertaining! Buying the music CDs to listent to the music not cheap liao lor. Then you still come tell me about the hi-fi, the amp, the Bose speakers, or even the vinyl turntable.... Im only a freaking student...

But still, some quality has to be there to add value to the "getting HIGH" part. There are good and cheap stuffs around. A lot of Creative and Samsung players gives you more features and quality and cheaper price than iPod! Ripping music to 256kbps VBR Ogg might give you better sound, less space than the mp3 equivalent at ZERO cost. My Koss KSC75 clip ons cost me $44 and im sure it sounds better than a lot of clip ons above $50!

There is one mistake a lot of audiophiles make. They can afford to buy this buy that, got the best sound source and give the best speaker placements....at the end of the day they forgot one thing: enjoy music. Sometimes, I just cant be bothered to fine tune everything, not that i dun adjust my EQ, but i dun do it in a rush or be THAT particular about everything. I pop in my cans close my eyes and enjoy the music. Ya I can hear high harsh, ya bass not enuff, ya some distortions, ya got some noise...but nvm...relax first, later on then i will come back to it when i feel like. Anytime, im willing to give up being an "audiophile" (i dun think i am one in the 1st place) to be a "music lover".

I once tried telling all those new features of my G3 to a girl. She cant understand a shit what im saying. She merely smiled and told me "你自己喜欢不就好了吗?"
(translation: As long as you like it, isnt it good enuff liao? )

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