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Monday, August 21, 2006
Someone changed her bag
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:33 PM --- Post#115616002945605687

Go Hell right after A's
Feeling down today. I heard from my friends that fat ppl are sent to NS in December, some even as early as 5 days after their A's. My last paper Computing is quite late....maybe today i take my Computing paper, tomorrow i will be sent to Hell liao. That scary?

Wei Kiat prolly dunno what NS is like. He dun seem anxious at all. I had been through NPCC in Secondary School, I knew it and its gonna be 1000x worse in NS. Even fit people can fit the kinda life there irritating. Yes its "irritating". Training alone is still ok, just like training in AJC PE is still ok, but its the kinda life there that is irritating. Its a place where ranks say it all. They can twist and turn words and just simply make you do watever they want.

I remb last time in NP camp. My barrack isnt late to report back. But for the fun of it, they adjusted the clock hand IN FRONT OF US to like 10 minutes later and say "Look at the clock, your are late!". You can guess what happened later on.

Somehow after my complains (yeah, i complain a lot a lot), the teacher-in-charge decided to remove corporal punishments, dunno what caused the sudden change in his freaking mind. So guessed what....then the NCOs (Non-Commission Officers, ie student officers) stilled pumped us! This time they did in the the name of "cool-down exercise" and removed the "sir" when reporting ("one sir, two sir...") and said to be "training". Nice job!

They can be late, we cannot. They can chitchat and slack around look at us training, we cannot. They want us to greet the, yet they couldn't care less to even nod their head upon our greetings. Think about the totalitarian world your GP teacher told your. Oh ya, i forgot to mention NPCC was the slackiest uniform group pf all... You wun want me tell you about NCC and the rest...

You noe me, you noe my freedom. I always though everyone is equal, thats also why i had gals cos they are "more equal" than guys, lots of things are no longer "guy-only" stuff, yet they get lee ways. Thats not the point in this entry anyway. Even between teacher and student there is expected mutual respect, teacher cannot yell in my face and make the whole class do 200 push ups when one guy never do hw and then he himself slack there. Neither should I go banging on the principal's door to launch a complain to break his rice bowl when my teacher mark one question of my tutorial wrongly.

Im not saying that kinda corporal punishment life isnt good. It dun work for me. The more you force me to do something, the more i resist. Walk by my side and talk to me nicely and you get the best from me. Simple. Ask someone. What she did to me and now her name was spreaded across the school of anything stupid rumour i can think of. Childish of me? Ya, but what about her in the first place?

Fail A's then how?
Me also starting to get scared....what if i REALLY fail prelims? What if i REALLY fail A's? I started asking for alternative routes now and then.

I have one bad habit, while others bluff their friends they dun study and go mug at home, me, on the other hand....bluff ppl i mug a lot when i never. Why am i doing this? I dunno.

Im going through Physics topic by topic. Each topic trying out all the TYS questions, if i cant answer, i will study the solution book. Seemed like the last resort. Sure it sounds nice, Im mugging! But what about Math? I dunno WHERE TO START. Because im blur of ALL MY TOPICS, right starting from maybe the 1st chapter in JC1. Wait wait...no no no...must say from the 1st topic of Sec 3 A Math. Giving up Math?

Computing? U think i that lucky everytime? Im not a genius...(like what Kung Fu Master said). It is just that the rest cant be bothered to mug for mid year, while i studied a bit and the qns are easy. Yes i studied....i realised. I got look through and memorise some definations (hehehe...HDD!). I wun call that "study" as LOOKING THROUGH and MEMORISING steps dun work in other subjects at all. I dun actually MEMORISE word for word, i remember the concept and outline and on the exam i filled them with my own words. Sometimes i remember certain concepts by animations in my mind, like say Bubble sort, i can see numbers arranging themselves in my mind.

Im neither visual, kinetic or tactile learner. Im more of an animated and practical learner. I need see things MOVE, not just SEE but SEE THINGS MOVE. I need try out things, not just on PEN AND PAPER, but the REAL THING. Like trying out some routines in C++, the REAL thing, not the algo on the paper.

Oh ya...i tot i was in the afternoon study program....but i went to the Reading Room and my name wasnt on the name list. Queer.... Not much ppl from my class also. Maybe they are spreaded out to other places in the college? (ie only some ppl for Reading room, another fixed grp in classrooms etc).

Say Say Say....time for dinner...wish me luck!

Someone changed her bag
I tot i saw someone the first thing in the morning. She seemed to had changed her bag....

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