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Thursday, August 31, 2006
Teacher Day / AJC yet again
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:17 PM --- Post#115701945186125720

Teacher Day
Let me blog about happy things 1st. Today is Teacher Day! Bought Mr Kho an octopus massager from action city (shared with Kiat) and drew him a card:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is made using spray marker. Its an automated sprayer that when u push in a given marker it will spray out the ink in dots (smthing like airbrush). Using templates and different colour combie to make the card. The back is some words with our names.

The concert i say is nicer than National Day's. The band i guess played quite well but the fucking lousy audio drowned everything. The dances....wahhh...hehhe the 1st dance the two cio bu wear so little. They powder their face thick thick whitw white so cannot tell really chio a not. But i overheard some ppl at the back mentioning about their mucles. Ya when they do some action needa flex their arms can see some steel bar muscles coming out...

Then the 4 ppl dancing for the pop song...i tot its 2 guys 2 gals...turn out of the the most handsome guy is actually zhar bo!!!

Ok lah, again they start fast end fast, no delay, wasnt too boring. Thats appreciated.

I hate it. Its ok you hate someone and you scream at him, yell at him, blog bad things about him, tease him.... But a lot of times ppl disappear from your life and all of a sudden and the next time you noe is he dao you. Sitting beside someone, you noe him, he noe you, but each pretend not to know each other. Like someone u never met before. You try talking and asking, yet you dun feel like and dun dare to. And that un easy feeling. It also occur when you meet someone you hardly tok to. U see him coming you dunno greet him or call him or not to. End up both parties pretend not to noe each other. You see him, he look away or walk other way, he see you you pretend toking on phone.That is call the feeling of "coldness".

var aPerson = someone who sat beside me;
aPerson != (RH || 08 || 02 || cxtreme);

aPerson pretend dunno me. i pretend dunno aPerson. In fact i have a lot to ask aPerson about. When i turn my head and saw aPerson looking in my direct, i siam. aPerson pretend never see me.

AJC yet again
Received some msg on my tagboard on aggreeing w me on AJC PE dept. Recently Kiat also posted this SPUG thread complaining about the $1800 clock. Haiz...the problem with AJC....is that everything is too well defined. Everything is standard procedure. Everything rigid. I used to think AJCians are buch of muggers w/o brains. Im wrong. Looking at all the blogs and knowing some of them personally. Actually AJCians are not that bad. Just that the muggers are emphasised and the other talents hidden.

How are muggers emphasised on? Teacher everyday tell us about scholarship. In almost all their quoted example, that student is a scholar. "I once have this student....she was lousy at first...then she made it...she is a scholar!". It sounds like every AJCians is a scholar and everyone MUST be one! They tell us how every tiny wrong bit we do will take away our chances of scholarship. Computer gaming are like taboo. JJ they all got 1st in the WGT prelim using AJC's name. Yet the school is does not want to announce, and that JJ and team gotta hide their victory else teacher come after them. School is to provide education. Education not just = mugging. Its about a lot of things, moral, social.... Any acad related winning no matter how small are often glorified. Sports also. But not other areas. Most of the enrichment programs are about mugging...what bio research...phy workshop....what about things like maybe painting arts, DJing, food making, short fieldtrip to learn more about other country...

Things are pretty standard over here. Most everything is predefined, ie less flexibility. Even how to handle bomb threats got a thick thick file there. Whats the use of this file? In case of emergency, gotta react quick, no time to see this file liao! Why must Kiat's homeroom aircon be switched off when no teacher? His room is poorly ventilated, while some other classrooms in Block 10 can use? Just cos Kiat's classroom is not really a class room but a function room so must go by the rule that since its not an official classroom, cannot on aircon when teacher not there? Why are the games played during PE so restricted? No floorball for guys? Guys and Gals can never mix?

And can the authories ever bother to tell us their reasons? Can they stop looking down on us and keep scolding us? Can they stop being one sided? U noe we dun take just one subject? GP teachers, do you noe its almost impossible to read newspaper everyday? Do you noe im not willing to give up speaking my chinese just for the sake of GP? Do you noe when you say "do not paraphase word by word in Summary" you can show us with EXPLICITLY with a real fresh summary qn, instead of just going round and round and i never get the point? Or that you give some simple example that i dunno how to relate to actual qn? Ok im stupid...but isnt this ur job to teach me?

For other subject, you noe your notes SUCKS! No organisation and stuff! So luan so eeee rrrr....

You see, its not ALL about AJCians that are no good, its more to the authorities. Of course...they will say "your 17, 18 years old...gina gina...your these ill breed kids dunno how fortunate you are! Everyone is trying to follow the American freedom thinking, stop all your whining and ranting and learn to be a good kid. If you unhappy you should go through the right channel of communication. Its just 2 years so suck thumbs! I cant imagine you these brats are supporting the country. I cant imagine your holding guns! Where are your discipline? You parents spoilt your! All spoilt bread w silver spoon! Wait till you grow up and go society, wait till you go NS. Then you noe whats real suffering! You should concentrate on STUDIES! "

Mom and Uncle fight again
Haiz...mom and uncle bickering again...end up me suffering hearing my mom nag vent her anger....haiz...

Mom's friend Da Mi and her husband Lao Shu also quarrel. husband n Wife fight over money, lao shu also made a scene in front of all the aunties...


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