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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:02 PM --- Post#115573332905172151

Frank: eh zombie, i can tell your most recent post is gonna get u into deep sh.... trouble. anw, army will be tough if u dun train. by tough i mean hell

To Frank: Hey, i was talking about "some teacher" in school. Is there a Mr Some? Who is Mr Some? Does Mr Some even exist? No such person right?

To all those uninvited visitors, (opps this is the WWW, no such thingy as the uninvited, I mean people who had not read the Terms and Conditions on the side bar there) There is no "some teacher" or Mr Some...

"some teacher", "some school", "some student" are all smthing like variables, they can be ANYONE under the sun!

- SmarterChild -: Adjective
1. Being an unspecified number or quantity: Some people came into the room. Would you like some sugar? 2. Being a portion or an unspecified number or quantity of a whole or group: He likes some modern scupture but not all. 3. Being a considerable number or quantity: She has been directing films for some years now. 4. Unknown or unspecified by name: Some man called. 5. Logic Being part and perhaps all of a class. 6. Informal Remarkable: She is some skier.

Well well well, I guess there is some mis-communication somewhere. I was taught by a nice teacher before, he/she was caring, fun, fit and all those nice thingy u can name. He/She ran with us everytime, he/she noes that we are in TAF meaning we are unfit, thus a ten or twenty rounds dun really help since we cant do it or we force ourself to finish the rounds too fast to pay games that defeats the purpose or losing weight. He/She taught us brisk walking as an alternative method. He/She was with us all the time mentally and physically and chatted and joked with us everytime when we exercising. I lost weight in the end. I love this teacher.

Now, LETS SAY, we have another analogical teacher for sake of comparison. Someone who seldom join us, someone who put up that black face every time as if he is bursting in flames. Fine, he has got paperwork and stuff, no time, understood. He has a fiery temper, he speaks in a manner whereby i feel very demoralised, he ask questions in a sort of totalitarian way where you are forced into answering politically correct and that all other points brought up will be shot down, he keeps comparing us and his younger times and criticise how bad bad we are, he has to give a lot of lecturing that almost no one is paying attention to. He keep telling us not putting in enough effort to exercise will ruin our lifes.

But does he knows that times had changed? And everyone is different, not everyone view life the way he is. Does he actually understands us? Is this call generation gap? Does he knows that upon realising its his period of lesson all the enthu and exciting becomes some form of dread...those kinda feeling that makes u dun feel like attending the lesson at all...not to say even doing best in it.

Fine. Army will be hell to me. Fine I die in army. BUT, i wanna have peace at least NOW before i DIE!

Ok ok...im the nonsensical ones...im this very rebellious youngster who noes nothing...fine fine...im those spoilt "kids-nowadays" born with silver spoon and comfort everywhere...fine fine...okok im toking rubbish. DUN BELIEVE me....shhhsssss...close this window/tab and never come back again...go go go...

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