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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Zhar Bo FIGHT!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:25 PM --- Post#115582832904744281

Zhar Bo FIGHT!
The following is merely a RUMOR, do not take it seriously. The names of the schools had been change to protect their privacy.

It seems that the incident of the gang of girl fighting and stripping the victim off her top happened in MaiMai Secondary School.

I just received news from my mum's friend's daughter who was in MaiMai Sec that such an incident happened again!

A group of girls from MaiMai and a group from CheeChee sec arranged to meet somewhere outside the school compound of MaiMai secondary to cham siong some matters. Each group was to send a representative to fight it out 1V1. The rule is simple: No hitting of face!

Each gang came over with four to five ah lians, muahahha wanna fight it out lor! Since the battle field is outside MaiMai sec, there were tons of supporters and observers...READY....FIGHT!

The wacking began and boosh and boom and paa!!! Rules were always meant to be broken, both faces were bashed despite the agreement. The Mai Mai female warriors were losing...Oh No!

On seeing that, the rest of the 3 or 4 members rushed and give the Chee Chee rep a good gangbang and wack her upside down. The rest of the Chee Chee ah lians saw that and took to their heels instead, running off.

The Chee Chee victim was again stripped while in the fight, but this time clever liao! Got wear singlet! Everyone took out their phone and snapped pics and videos away.

The Chee Chee poor victim ended in the hospital. Some student were afraid of being caught with the videos and pics and deleted them off upon receiving them.

The Complain King Runs Alone...

I peeped into the school field while i was on my dad's car. Black. I went into the school compound, surprised to find out how deserted it was....totally no one....its 6.20am...not 5.20am...why no one....

Shadows loomed over me everywhere as i made my way past the canteen. The canteen looked so wrong...so dim so empty...the path towards the PE dept was quiet and dark. I walked up to the PE dept via the basketball court. No one.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I decided to camp beside the PE dept to see if anyone was to turn up for the extra TAF running. At 6.30am, i heard and click and a slam. Followed by a dim light from the PE dept office. Must be some teacher...

I continued to camp there. 10 minutes passed....no one...or are they already running? I decided to take a look. I went up....and the PE dept door flew open! He was in blue vest and came looking at me. "Very Good, do your runs, dun wait for the rest."

The rest? There wasnt anyone! Fine Fine Fine....i put my bag on the benches and changed. I started running at around 6.45am.

Well, the weather was nice and cooling. The track was almost invisible. I was covered in darkness. No irritating noise from the classes, no blazing sun, no gossiping friends, no other teachers yelling from the outside the office. Nothing, just me alone. He went down the track too, but we were running on our own.

Ten rounds? 4.8km? No way man. I told myself six rounds plus one round warm up and thats it. Well perhaps its the milo i drank for breakfast, or perhaps its the environment that is suitable (remb i like dark cooling places with no body around), i actually managed to run six round (2.4km) without stopping. Strange that i dun feel thirsty at al. Base on my fitness level, i wasnt able to that before. Thats why i fail fitness test lah...duh...

So i stopped after round six and walk one round the track for cool down. The sky was grewing brighter now. The moon was gone. And so no one else came...where were the rest of the TAF people? Time was about 7 then.

He stopped for some reason (tie shoelace?) near me. I informed him im going off, expecting some kinda lecture again on how poorly i performed and ask me run 1000 more rounds. Instead he praised me..."good job, if u think this is good for you, keep it up."

Ok i dun really take this as compliment. My main purpose of coming is to save trouble of him passing all kinds of remarks on me again, if i had known no one came i wun not go at all. I also wanted to try out if really running in the morning keeps you awake and more refresh. No it dint....i still fell asleep during my math lecture dutifully. Also after complaining so much, i tot i should at least go through to have the right to complain about it.

I feel so stupid for coming. Well but thinking that its still quite an enjoyment being alone in the track in the dark. I was (overly) thinking and straying my mind while running, and no one to bother me, the tranquil was appreciated, more than the fact the exercise helped in my health.

I guess the biggest achievement is that he will not mark me and spare my ears for the few last PE lessons to come.

Morning Story
The following is a MADE UP story "inspired" by SOMEONE in the morning.

"Bzzz bzzz...no sign of Nasus...bzzz"
"Bzzz..Roger that...search the compound, she must be somewhere near...bzzz"

A big head Zhang Fei like head popped out of the window of a hotel room and she saw police car streaming across the streets with sirens piecing her ears. Terrorist like Nasus was a no-no in the eyes of the locals. She bombed and attacked lots and lots of flights mid air along with her two other accomplices, one of which is Yat P.V.

"Shit man. I goona make my run", Nasus murmured to herself.

BANG! The door flew open of her hotel room.
"Hands up and do not move!!!"
"Your police rats are faster than i though! Damn it!"

Tons of lasers were pointing on her temper, forehead and chest by a huge squat of police in a sea of blue. They slowly moved towards here keeping all the guns on her.

"Tell me WHY! WHY you brought this PEN on the flight?! No other things except than passport and wallet ALLOWED!"

"The pen can VIBRATE you IDIOT! And the freaking plane's toilet is freaking small for my use, your freakers!!! Im gonna use a baseball bat next time!!!"

On that she ran towards the window , ducking down and streams of bullets flew past her. She made a huge jump and jumped out of the hotel.


Nasus slid down the sewage pipe to the ground floor, meeting more police below. She took her weapon - the newspaper and start stuffing the papers into their ears and mouth non stop till the police die of disgust.

She made her way to the beach not far from the hotel and STRIPPED......into her sexy swim suit. She leaped into the water and powered all her muscles to swim as fast as possible. Now you see helicopters, amphibian vehicles, the navy speed boat, aircraft carrier and warship all rushing out to the sea to catch up with her.

Nasus swam with an amazing speed that the police and navy cannot catch up with her. On top, the KNN news channel reporter was on the helicopter with a cameraman shooting everything from top down.

"Terrorist Nasus was trying to outfast the Navy and Police, her speed is so fast and the range between she and the fleet is too small to launch any missiles without setting friendly units on flame. They have no choice but to give chase. This is KNN reporting"

Well well...how long can someone swimming at that speed last? Not long....she began to slow down....the fleet surrounded her not long after.

"No No...this is not true!"

All the missiles and bullets fired at the same time.....she leaped high into the air to avoid the direct hit. The mass explosion flew her even higher and away.

"Nasus is blasting off again!...." WOOSH...she landed 10 km away in the Bermuda Triangle....

The next moment...she appeared in some school's toilet....

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