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Friday, September 29, 2006
耳边尽是 外婆训语
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:16 PM --- Post#115954053401169146

Weeee! got quite some present tonite. My house there got lantern festival carnival! Haiz Tomato need mug cant come down. Anyway as usual we hit the 灯谜. Time to chill out despite failing all subjects.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I only guessed one correct:
- 猜周杰伦歌名

Scroll down for answer.

The answer is "听妈妈的话"

"耳边尽是 " - All around your ears, which means you have to listen, so its "听".
"外婆" - Mom's mother, 妈的妈,so "妈妈".
"训语" - means teachings and sayings, or simply 讲话, thus, "话".

So string them up you get "听妈妈的话",周杰伦 《依然范特西》其中主打歌。

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
"Be prepared to pack your bag ..."
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:55 PM --- Post#115937078473583238

Today...in Math class, teacher came in and said
"Well good, i can see lots of improvement in alot of people. BUT...there are some OBVIOUS ones. Some can get FIFTEEN or maybe 20 or 30 marks. Ok i tell you this..I cannot do anything now. You try wait a while. Then you yourself cant do a thing as well! Well then, be prepared to pack your bag and go somewhere else..."

She was looking at everyone else except me, which is 1000x more deadly than staring at me. I dunno how to react, just so feign a smile at her.

ACJC prelime paper was given....suddenly around me...i heard some...hauntings.
"that question one...the mod x.."
"5sin3x+sin2x isit got cos cos.."
"take ln on both side, then spilt the multiple into addition.."

Fuck it...I cant stand all these hauntings...esp when there are a lot of ppl around me discussing things what are so foreign. Its as rude as talking Chinese when there is a Malay in the group. I cant understand a shit they toking, why they do so fast? I began to stare at the ACJC prelim qn. I cant do the 1st...i cant do the second...yet the others are discussing about qn 3 and 4. I looked at Shaun. He was scribbling all his answers on like the 3rd page liao, while me only on the starting on first page. The hauntings continued....just like a curse...I hate the noise of homework discussion..esp when i dunno a shit they toking about....

Meanwhile...Math teacher walked around...she seemed to have this filter to filter me out of her sight and though. I feel sinful to look at her. Meanwhile the math questions still lok so deadly. Fatal. I tired to ignore all those noises that seemed to mock at me around me.. Bu i cant. All i did was to stared at the paper and hope all is gone.

Cant trust myself now...which is hallucination which is truth. Which feeling is real which is induced. I had been drowning myself in GunZ to escape reality these days. Im sleeping like 3am every nite. So tired. My fingers hurt too much from the exaggerating key presses and my back hurt becos i sat for too long. Virtual Reality is like estacy or alcohol, just that abusing it will not leave any physical clues for the others to know.

I slept though GP, trying my best to crack some jokes to keep me awake. GP teacher sounded more comfortable than math teacher.

I began to relac a bit during break. Chatting to SH and JJ. Then went to the Reading room and discuss some GunZ stuff with Tsun Lam.

Computing lesson wasnt as good as i tot. Computing teacher asked me "So how u did?"

I tot he was asking about how i did for compting. I dunno how to answer cos he was the one who marked m paper. Then he clearified "You other paper how?". I took out my 15 marks script and showed it to him. He luffed.

"Then liddat got what use? You score A in computing also no use mah?! Liddat you might as well go Poly!"

This isnt the 1st time a teacher told me to go Poly. Mr You's prediction came true alll the way back in Sec 3. He saw me as more "useful" in Poly, but well...indirectly meant im "useless" in JC...which is ....

Tomato finally SMSed me. She told me she dun feel like studying anymore for Promo. I know this feeling. I had it before. Suddenly she will start smsing me telling me how she feel and how she will fail. I suspect the cheeful fruit is really beginning to wake up and worry and pouring out all her anxiousness like what i usually does. Im sorry cos i really dunno how to comfort her. I just told her that its ok to get retained, at least you get a whole new chance. Either that or she mug hard to get wonder for her Promo. Dun enter J2 with half a bucket of water like me, she will die when A's come.

Tomato told me she got sick of mugging even before Prelim. She giving up Math from what i heard. Why? Whats wrong w my grandma/grandpa? Why all the offspring either excel (my mom and CC) or get screwed by math all the time?

But i think she wun do as bad. She is smart anyway, although "smartness" isnt really what is needed in JC. But she always does last minute wonders. I do last minute failures. (I tot i failed all the way?)

It seems that NYJC's prelim is dragging. And i guessed Tomato just touched my Math book i lent her since few weeks ago. I asked her out for Pizza next thurs when her paper finished. Cos I dint have time to celebrate her bd then cos of prelims. At least there is smthing pleasnat to look forward to.

I guess i will sleep early tonite. Byes!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Why Waste Papers???
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:28 PM --- Post#115927427370133916

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

I did another sinful thingy today. I wasted 12 pieces of paper to do a math paper...and yet got only 15 marks. I reserved one piece of paper for each question, considering that i will cancel whole thing or write fractions big so teacher can see clear. It dint worked out...after i wrote a few sentences....i found that i dunno how to do the rest....thus wasting the rest of the papers. Im sinful. You noe...i just killed 1000000 trees for the math paper, yet i got only 15 marks....

I should be hung to death.

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My Fan
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:45 PM --- Post#115927497072829473

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Image Uploaded by ImageShack Toolbar

Today is the last class civics lesson. We were told to write some short comments about each other, then fold into some fan. Collected from everyone in the class. Thanks guys! Click to see enlarged peekture!

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Monday, September 25, 2006
Fell Asleep neber call Darren, sorry!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:26 PM --- Post#115919441355903143

The morning started with the teacher saying "Im PISSED to invite the Principal to give out the prizes!"
I mean she wanna pee then go lah! No need give the pee to the P one neh!

It started drizzling. Lol. Actually i like walking in the rain, i remembered last time Sports day in VS in the National Stadium. The even was interrupted by a heavy down pour. Then all the skools all run in to hide or take out some umbrella. It left only us Victorians cheering and playing with water in the rain. The heavier the rain goes, the louder we cheer. Lol damn siao. All the other skools think we nuts. Lol While they cheering...i was peeping at the semi transparent tee shirt of the gal skool beside...

Phy tutorial. Ok i dint failed that badly in paper 2, but dead in paper 1 and 3. So i still failed.

GP - Kiat was complaing all about the GP teacher...while he is taking note of them, i was busily snoring away at the corner....
"Did you heard of an invention called a pen?"
No have. "Pen" no have, only got "Penis", you want?

I sleep walked till Phy lect and then sleep walked again to the canteen. I dun fucking understand why i so damn tired. I even forgotten about the 4B gathering thingy....i sleepp and woke up like 8 and ate dnr till 9. Just to discovered my 4B classmate called me. Oh Fuck, im suppose to inform them even if i not going. Sorry Sorry! Just too tired to remember anything now...sorry again.

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My Brother in the NEWS!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:43 PM --- Post#115919183083220401

I seriously Dun remember having a brother....but even if he is really my brother..well...he sure looks better than me! OR isit someone pirating my name?!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Smooth E Smooth E Smooth E !!!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:25 PM --- Post#115910816446673153

Quite a humorous yet touching advertisment about this Smooth E facial foam from Thailand! The ad brings about this mini love story about this rough gal changing to a chio bu to find her Mr Right. MUST WATCH!

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Gunz Online - 100 Kills (in EXPERT Channel) is nothing!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:42 PM --- Post#115908377430585506

Full Screenshot:

My fingers are breaking...took me about 2.5 hours to get 100 Kills in expert channel...wtf...Its much harder and longer than in Free Channel. Expert Channel means level 25 to 35 players only.

Map is dungeon. Using LX30 rifle, Raven 6x2 pistols, Military dagger. Me level 23 when playing and ended one up level, 24.

They even wanna kick me out of the game cos they want the game to continue!!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Full Screenshot:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Lol just look at the number of deaths i have!

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:30 AM --- Post#115894983424986001

Singing and Dancing!!

Really....after prelims we should all sing and dance, just like this AJCian in the video. Really....

Isnt he cute? Isnt he adorable? Isnt his singing rao liang shan ri? I mean....eh why my nose so nong?

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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Slaughtered 100 Pathetic Soul
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:16 PM --- Post#115884825533653374

"U after prelim siao lah?" - Wen Yan

Click for full view:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Feel so much better..talking a quick stroll on Town, arming with my LX30 Assault Rifle. Its not of the most powerful rifle, but no doubt one of the fastest. It holds 40 bullets in a bullet. It means one thing: SPRAY TIME!

Jumping from one roof to another, looking over my shoulder for any suspecting dagger stunners. Tumbling over the corners, looking at a gang of machine gunners, their guns aint as good as i expected, they cant event put one bullet in me. I took out my rifle and started piercing holes in them. LX30's rapid firing rate plus bull's eye accuracy took them down within moments. More of them swarmed from the back, i jumped backwards and with the other hand grabbed my launcher: Walcom L1.

One shot from my launcher towards the ground splashed tremendous damage on the surrounding gunmen. Some backed off in time while others got simply blown off.

I grew more and more furious, not becos of not getting enough kills fast, nor becos of the invincible hacker rambling around. But becos of my counter part in the real world. He told he all about something call "prelims". He injected his hatred on events in his skool into my soul. My blood boiled by converting his stress to my anger. Pressing my trigger even harder, i sprayed my bullets all everyone i see. Sword bearers are no threat to me, despite they fast speed,  they cant get near me, while im able to gun them down from far. 

I was spraying and spraying, bullets like water, but instead of losing my aim, accuracy instinctively got better and better. "Click Click", that was the last of my ammo. No more rockets either. No choice but to fight with my Military Sword. Im not fond of swords and their counter part - daggers. I just cant fight well with them, basic wall flying is alright, but my sword is never my primary weapon.

I dashed forward and slashed a couple Butterflying. They flew around me and pierced my skin from all sides. DAMN! I wished i cought fight but i was on the ground by then. After 10 seconds, i was given a whole new life continued battling...

I fought and fought ten, twenty, thirty. I had forgotten time... I only remembered to KILL KILL KILL. I can see my real life partner wanting to do the same in his world as well, just that its considered illegal over there. One down and another...Im not tired...

How am i going to win? I dunno...Suddenly the sky darken...I pointed my rifle at his head. BANG. Head shot. Thanks for being my number 100.

Thats the end of it. Im tired now. 100 souls taken by me. Time to retire for rest. I missed my Breaker 6 shotgun. Dun worry baby, you will take more blood next time.

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Prelim Round 7 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Physics Paper 3-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:51 PM --- Post#115884308672084612

"Explain one problem faced by the spy geostationary satellite"

A1: KEna hit by comet then explode lah - JJ
A2: Later no fuel fall back to Earth collide into MOE building - Me
A3: Wah lao eh, geo stationary means it seems not moving, always there, liddat everyone one where it is, then how to SPY?! - An Liang

Erectum: So isit "Erect" or isit "Rectum"? Seems to be for the topic physics of FLUID. YOu know...MOE says every skool need some hours of sexual education and AJC believe in holystic educating...ya intergret sex edu into phy. Teach less learn more. Wonderful.

I can tell you, today's paper is the easiest of all the prelim paper i had taken. Belive me, you are going to fail.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Happy Birthday to auH uoR
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:57 PM --- Post#115876786770951612

"LOL u got wish her happy bday anot. HAHA." - Tomato
"Erm. T.T wo mei hua shuo. *leng diao*" - Qiao Yun
"How the fuck you know ah?! Lol not bad. You are well informed." - Frank Poh

Looking at the ablve SMS replies, can u guess today is what day?!

Today is auH uoR's birthday! AWWW!

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Prelim Round 6 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Computing Paper 2-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:12 PM --- Post#115876516339530530

Me: WHy this Pink Dolphin drink $1.30 so exp one?
Aunty: U buy liao confirm get A for your paper today.

The Aunty bluff me. period.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Prelim Round 5 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Math Paper 2-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:18 PM --- Post#115864324208827102

My ass fuck pain, math paper screwed me.

Ok today never fall asleep. I can do about half of the paper. Well actually you know, i can pass if i get 100marks for paper 2! I can get a D grade if i studied last nite! I can get a C grade if i start pracising last Friday. I can get B if i spent my Spet holidays well do all TYS. I can get A if my Sec 3 A Math teacher isnt Mdm Teo!

But i still think i can get "A" and "C".
A math failed followed by C math failed. Damn cold -..-

In vain of Math, i collected all the blank unused foollscape and attatched to my answer sheet. I use permanent marker to delete the words in the formula list. (joking)

wo jiu shi math tai lan....math tai lan...

Bo Chen, you must keep your promise: Prepare me funeral.

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Monday, September 18, 2006
Im brainless
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:59 PM --- Post#115859154227610887

Im brainless becos... teacher say so
Im brainless becos... I do not mug, only when you mug, you had fulfilled your 2 years in AJC
Im brainless becos... I can spend my prelim time making poster, doing software development
Im brainless becos... I cant and dun like do sport. Being a guy, must excel physically and must love World Cup
Im brainless becos... I speak Chinese alot. AJC teacher say cannot tok Chinese in skool. Only Engrish.
Im brainless becos... I hate polidicks. Kiat say i dun study polidicks i dunno a thing.
Im brainless becos... I hate r*u h*a. I should be gentlemen enough to forgive her horrible deeds
Im brainless becos... Im a techno geek
Im brainless becos... I have a chicken as pet at home (Pok Pok), i shld have cat, dog, other birds, hamster...
Im brainless becos... I cant pass math, whereas others get away with relying on me all the time for tech support becos they have the "right to fail IT"
Im brainless becos... I do Dark Arts, art work must be brite and cheerful looking
Im brainless becos... i fail all my subjects, im stupid to waste 2 years in JC
Im brainless becos... My favourite drink is teh-o-bing, not Wen Yan's coffee
Im brainless becos... I waste so much money on mp3 players and earphones
Im brainless becos... I care to and want to improve and remake AJC, I shld just shut up. "Its just 2 years ma!"
Im brainless becos... My blog dun have dynamic width
Im brainless becos... I seldom go Orchard, i hang around Bugis
Im brainless becos... I live in the East of Singapore while my friends live in the Middle and the West
Im brainless becos... I took DnT (so called low class lousy subject) in sec 4
Im brainless becos... Im not charging fee for using my blog flash apps
Im brainless becos... Im too childish, the rest of the AJCians are the most mature
Im brainless becos... Im always depressed and too pessimistic
Im brainless becos... I pon lesson. AJC lectures and tutorials are always the best for me
Im brainless becos... I dint get Spaper, Scholarship, dunno what other acad achievements
Im brainless becos... I dint join the AJC work attatchment or researches
Im brainless becos... my friends say so
Im brainless becos... my parents say so
Im brainless becos... Pok Pok say so
Im brainless becos... I always giving up on myself academically
Im brainless becos... Im myself. I shld not be myself, i shld adapt to the AJC enviroment and be "one of them"
Im brainless becos... i skip Alpha list program
Im brainless becos... Im ugly
Im brainless becos... i always make ppl around me angry
Im brainless becos... I say thank you to the unker keeping my plates in the kopitiam
Im brainless becos... I dun mod my PC
Im brainless becos... I will buy NDS instead of PSP
Im brainless becos... Im using Win 2K, not XP
Im brainless becos... I dun skin my OS
Im brainless becos... Im last in my class in anything

Im brainless becos... I LOVE AJC

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Cant MUG!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:40 PM --- Post#115859045941328218

The AJC clock
AJC invested 1.8K on an LED clock
Someone: It might be LCD, not LED!

1.8K....its still a bit exp for a clock.
Someone: It might be high defination!

Ooooo...high definination LCD clock...
hmmm 16:9 res...
100000000:1 contrast ratio..
.hmmm 60"....
Built with 10 full range speakers.
Plus connection to Flash media to select pic to display.
What about playing DVD?


PS: I better see it before i leave school
NB: No, im not paying the $2 for it

Cant MUG!
WTF tml is Math and...i cant mug! holiday mood liao! Fuck!

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Best of SuperBand
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 PM --- Post#115855840683953915

Broken toothbrush
This morning i finally decided to brush my teeth, but my electronic toothbrush broke. WTF lah...I went out to the toiletries cupboard and search for a manual toothbrush, but cannot find leh. I remb i had one a few years back, so i rush bacl to my toilet and look for it. Ah its there! Just that it looks abit mouldy with the bristles "open flower". Can see some insect crrawling inside also. Well i tot its a bit too early to kill myself now so i decided to ask me mum where she kept all the new toothbrushes.

Mom came up and searched, but cannot find also. So i used this excuse to wanna go out to buy new ones. She dint hear me but cont to search for toothbrushes. Finally she gave up.

She said "no need lah buy lah, next week then buy, anyway u brush teeth only once a week mah."
Wow, i love my mum!

Kopitiam Talk
Then in the afternoon me went down with mom for lunch. Me always sit among all the aunties and listen to them gossip. Its actually kinda amusing listening to them talk. How they tekan their husband, how they force their children to mug, how the showed off their jeweries. Im the only guy there if not couting the P1 and P2 children. So i will always sit back and listen to them gossip. "That ah lian ah, wah lao see me never smile..", "ah hua took my pot never return!", "last time i cook the chilli prawns nice anot?", "my husband siao liao! he dun gimme money! sobs sobs", "i tell u that ah soh there DUN believe what she said!"...All these sort. Listening to all the gossipings definitely more entertaining that Taiwan variety shows.

I always like to see things from the individuals. I dun really care about "What the is the professional norm" but rather "what ppl around me feel" and what "i can effectively control". Thats also why im never interested in politics. Unless u ah pa is some minister, whatever you say, whatever your view is, whatever you complain never seems to work. Mostly just rantings. Just like econs paper, you tok tok tok, all just pen and paper. GP also, tok tok tok, also pen and paper. So instead of trying to dominate and change the world, I wourld rather simply do my part to help out those beside me. If gahmen no want to build lift on every floor on the flat, why not we just help those ah mah ah pek carry their stuff up the stairs. If those cleaners in the kopitiam complain of low pay and no one wanna hire them cos they no education cert, why not just help them by pilling your plates before they collect and smile and greet them to make their day better?

So my mom and another aunty was helping this friend whom do not know how to use computer to do online chalet booking. She was grateful. My mum asked why she wanna book chalet? She said its for her boy's birthday party.

Mom: eh i tot ur boy's exam round the corner?
Friend: aiya P1 dun care lah
Aunty: lol P1 and P2 exam should be easy, study the day before can liao lah

Me: Actually, not only P1 lor, J1 and J2 also liddat one!

Best of SuperBand
Yes i bought the CD! Definitely worth every cents of the $17.95. Lots of Rock and fast songs. I like! Though im a bit disappointed with Qinobe's shuang jie gun. A bit like not enough instruments used. But Samuel's rapping is totally ROCKS! More practising can compare to MC Hotdog liao! MLB and LUCIFY's song also not bad. Im particularly impressed with AMBER, esp their music arrrangement, its also to my style of music. Very party, lots of sampling used with raps and effects and heavy beat. The J3's Qi Li Xiang almost melted me!!! But it sounds a bit too "organ" and "artificial". They distorted their voices to make them sound dreamy, i tot maybe their original voices will be nicer. Juz-B acapella also not bad. Im impressed totally cos they are MALAYS, not chinese. Good job!

Of all, just dun listen to track 10.

Not Wasting my blog on complains
I decided to cut down on entries regarding complains. Well i tot why must i dirty my blog with all those AJC rants? AJC worth the attention on my blog? Im sick of it liao. Is there really no way to improve on the skool? Sometimes i tot, we rant so much, maybe the authorities REALLY dunno. Thye might not read our blogs. Even they say the suggestion box no one go look, but i think no one go put anything inside also, even got also maybe a few ppl only. I really dunno how to improve my skool. I dun like going out letting ppl luff at me from such a JC.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Mail Shield 1.0
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:13 PM --- Post#115850598472804058

Scared that your email get stolen by bots and sent to some advertising company? Fear not, Mail Shield is here! A simple SWF on your blog will solve the problem!

-protect email, reverse your email and replace '@' to get out of bot's attention
-animated, scrolling text to display your email in a fixed area
-small, merely 160x50px
-click to mailto
-no external file required unless its skinned
-basic skinning of changing the bg pic, text position, colour and scroll speed.

To use:
Download Mail Shield. Then host it anywhere you like. Use the following embed tags to embed the SWF anywhere you want:

For Mail Shield, the settings are edited in the EMBED tag thus no external file needed to store the setting. Note that each setting is separated by an ampersand '&'. Start off by EMBED SRC=" then key in your SWF (this Mail Shield) URL then followed by a question mark '?'. DO NOT close the quotes here for SRC, close after the last settings. Then followed by all the settings separated by '&'. Each setting is as follow: [setting name][equal sign][setting string][next setting name][equal sign]....such as the one below:

myEmail - your email BACKWARDS and replace '@' with '[^]' (no quotes). myEmail@server.com becomes moc.revres[^]liameym
mySkin - URL to background image skin file, in jpeg, gif or swf. MUST be 160x50. The currect skin will disappear if a skin URL is set.
myTextX - the X position of the email text display
myTextY - the Y position of the email text display
myTextC - the colour of the email text display in hexa (eg 000000 or FFFFFF, no '#' needed)
myTextDelay - the delay of the scrolling of the email text display in milliseconds. The smaller the value, the faster it scrolls.

Remeber you can out 'NA' (no quotes) for each setting to set to default value.

Download the ZIP file (Last Updated 18/9/06)

-Skin and text shows together when loaded
-added option to mailto or copy to clipboard

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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Maths 太烂
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:46 PM --- Post#115821669334190326

Maths 太烂
改写于 心太软-任贤齐
MC Ba Gua (aka ZOMBiE CyGiG)
Download orginal song (from external link)
For all those in Singapore who hate maths and failed maths, we did it GRACEFULLY.
Hell Yeah! Delicated to Tomato and Kiat.
Just want people to know, just like another other aspect of life, not everyone is
suited for maths, yet its almost compulsory in school.

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
加减乘除 algebra 那么难

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
问题总是简单 解答太难
Maths 不好就别再勉强

TYS 做完了吗?
老实说 fail math 会很 lao kui (丢脸)
Tutorial 根本没有结尾

数学的残忍 折磨我心身
我绝对不会只想做个 mugger

喔,heck care 吧
就这样忘了吧 该放就放
乖乖地 mug math 也不会及格
不是没 cert 就没有未来

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
加减乘除 algebra 那么难

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
问题总是简单 解答太难
Maths 不好就别再勉强

TYS 做完了吗?
老实说 fail math 会很 lao kui (丢脸)
Tutorial 根本没有结尾

数学的残忍 折磨我心身
我绝对不会只想做个 mugger

喔,heck care 吧
就这样忘了吧 该放就放
乖乖地 mug math 也不会及格
不是没 cert 就没有未来

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
加减乘除 algebra 那么难

我总是 Maths 太烂 Maths 太烂
问题总是简单 解答太难

Maths 不好就别再勉强
Maths 不好就别再勉强
Maths 不好就别再勉强
Maths 不好就别再勉强

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Prelim Round 4 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Physics Paper 1n2-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:02 PM --- Post#115864214525256040

Ok... MCQ fuck hard. All my memoriesed formuale forgotten. Fuck

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Last wish in AJC fulfilled
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:44 PM --- Post#115814427345765371

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

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Prelim Round 3 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Math Paper 1-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:22 PM --- Post#115812857556504131

I started mugging at 1 am and summarised 2 years of work into 2 hours! Freaking tired! Was smsing someone whole nite to cure boredom and the dread of math...Haiz...not going to pass...not going to mug hard either.

Then this morning's paper....i fell asleep while doing the questions...i stared at the questions...then slowly....my eyes closed....slowly...my saliva dripped on the foolscape...slowly....my head went down to the desk...It happened on and off throughout the paper....sleeping and wake up. I cant do most of the questions...as usual...haiz...expected so no surprise. Gonna get <20 marks liao.

So i told myself to nap for 5 minutes, so that i feel more refreshed. So i put my head on the table and within a minute went to dream land liao.


Poke poke....poke poke....wtf is poking me? Eh....why my bed so hard? today is math or physics paper? I slowly opened my eyes....and saw a dark fugure above me! WAHHHH!!! GHOST AH! No lah not ghost....its one of the invigilator...and the dumped me a string for tying the answer sheets together. WTF? WHAT TIME LIAO?! I cant remb what time i slept but its about 30 minutes i guess... OMFG! OMFG! I sat up, just to see a pool of saliva on my table and picked up my soggy foolscapes (jking)...

I anydo just o wate the paper....i tied all unsed paper to my answers, cos i lazy pass the used paper up. Also next time do correction no need use own paper. Then went off w KT to TPY to eat KFC Student Meal.

Fake one lor, the Zinger Student Meal look so cheap, actually it comes w mash potato (cheaper) rather than cheese fries. Upon "upgrading" to cheese fries, the cost is $5.15, which is only 80 cents off a regular $5.95 meal.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Prelim Round 2 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS Khumputing Paper 1-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 PM --- Post#115812794775858087

I mugged until 2am last nite. Kiat got food poisoning. Go lao sai until butt stuck to the toilet bowl liao. I tell him not to eat Deer Meat for lunch he dun listen.

Anyway, as expected, all those i mugged all cannot be used. The questions all very open, the only one that require hardcore memorising is the Qsort algo, which i left out. 6 marks gone liddat.
Soooo much to write, write until my hands no strength liao, very tired....haiz...

Bought the Math Step by Step book for $21.95, but its for H2 one, still can use lah...its faster to revise that gg thru lect notes. After prelim i lending Mato, she asked me "U sure good anot?". I say "Good lah! U see iside so concised!". She replied "U say one ah! U pass ur math for me to see! No pass math means book no good! Hahahahah!"

Today is Elly's bd. Well...So good, see ppl bd got friends and family celebrated. I skipped lots of birthday celebrations and most of the time its just going to restaurant to eat a dinner thats all.

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Monday, September 11, 2006
Courts Superstore: "Students STAY OFF THE XBOX!"
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:30 PM --- Post#115812732695551506

After the paper me and Kiat went to Courts (the AMK Central one), then try out the X-Box 360, play the racing game call Burn Out or smthing. Wah super fun, super fast. Then Kiat play 10 minutes, gimme the controller. I haven press the button, the one Courts guy come to me. "Eh, school uniform cannot play!". Kiat looked at him and said "But this is not arcade mah! Then the small small NDS Lite can play anot?"

The man dint bother to answer, just keep shaking his head say "school uniform cannot play". WHY CANNOT PLAY? The machine is meant for ppl to test and try it out. And there isnt any before hand notice or any management label say wear school uni cannot play. I mean there is no one on the X-Box and its impossible for us to stay here for the whole day to play the one and only demo version game mah! This is no arcade lor!

Summore i had seen so many student play, he waited till Kiat finish playign then approach me. Fair anot? Game starting liao, after exam paper wanna relax a while then all kena spoilt by the man. Or maybe the Courts policy is liddat. If liddat then management make it clear lah, out poster or watever say "Students STAY OFF THE XBOX, its gonna RUIN YOUR FUTURE!". Or maybe even worse, its AJC that threaten them not to let AJCians play? Possible anot? Hmmm...maybe neh!

Where got liddat one? I not going to Courts anymore liao!

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Prelim Round 1 FIGHT! -ZOMBiE VS GP-
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:00 PM --- Post#115812682411618089

var Aunty = one of the GP examiner

"No Bluetooth technology allowed in this room"
Aunty....the NDS hor use the WiFi de neh! Still blue tooth! mobile gadget's BT range normally only like 10m or so lor, wanna cheat also need sit close close lor. Eh Aunty.... u noe what BT is for what one anot?

"No one is suppose to leave the HOLE!"
Wah lao eh! WHAT HOLE sia? Where got ppl sex can go in the cannot come out one?! Its "HALL" or pronounced similar as "WHORE". GP paper so lagi serious liao...even tok also must tok like the natrive engrish speakers....those angmoh-rican liddar.

(Aunty stand below the close and see the time) "Ok pens down!"
No need liddat one...i noe your want the thousand dollar digital clock badly! No need hint us by squinting eyes like the clock too small cannot see liddat.

"Release stress, crumbled any used paper"
Cumble you can anot?

KNNCCB....i prepared do technology or Arts, then no such questions!!! All the question all like general general one! Wah lao, then by the time i do paper 2 no steam liao....starting to lag le. Passage 2 sibei hard, i see liao faster anyhow do, dun waste time jump to AQ. Then i see the zhar bo beside me (glace only, never copy lah, GP what to copy?) I see her doing AQ, next moment doing Passage 2...then do summary...then jump to Vocab. Wah, si bei hiong sia!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Sorted My thinking about AJCians
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:48 PM --- Post#115789612356567931

Prelims. Good Job, Good Game, Good Day.

Its going to be the same AGAIN. Before that feel heart jumping out, go in thinking i can get A. Then cry when scripts are returned. Failed. Its the same fucking cycle over and over again. Then i will be called upon to VP's office and tok cock with her and all the bullshit. Same thing, I wun be able to finish my AQ tml. I wun be able to EVEN WRITE, cos i my hands are too used to typing these weeks. Math...same thing...go in sleep and bargine with my mum if i can pon Math paper the nite b4.

Im quite sure i wun be able to Ace or even pass my Khumpting paper this time round. I have a feeling HDD will do DAMN WELL.

This is prelim. No longer any other ah mao ah gao test. Mr Fazil once told me "not to get too used to failing." Guessed what. Im addicted to failing.

Sorted My thinking about AJCians
Im nuts. Everyone thinks so. Im mad. I came to JC to waste time. I finally cleared my mind. Those in AJC are not just plain mugging. They do have their dreams, aspiration as well.

Their dreams are some accountant, enginner, bio researcher, lawyer and there is nothing wrong with that. All these occupations requires smthing - mugging and mugging and a nice cert. They know it, they want it, thats why they are mugging for it. After all m ranting i finally realise all these. AJCians are NOT wrong to mug, and im not scarstic this time round. They do not mug for no reason: Their wanted jobs and status are all related to mugging. No Uni are going to accept someone who failed everything to be a doctor or lawyer.

I mean if this is what they want. Well they SHOULD go for it.

Now reverse the thinking. They think im nuts cos i spent sooo much time doing crazy photoshop (which most are really ugly) and mad softwares (which most are really crap) and reading up on all the geeky techno techno thingy and get soo particular about mp3 payers. I noe i wanna work in one of these fields next time, which requires creativity and bold experiment and experience. Thats why im doing it. As compared to me thinking mugging is shit, they are merely trying to acheive what they want.

Sensibly (in Singapore), you come JC to go Uni, the fastest path to Uni. Then you master the acedemic subject and excel in all these related fields. Likewise, you interested in IT and Design and other more practial-bases stuff, you should go poly. AJCians came to do what they ought to nothing wrong. Though i do admit a lot are OVER-mugging, not touching on that today...

Im FORCED to come to JC by parents. Typical Singaporean parents sure push their child to JC if they can. I already told them im not gonna make it and lots of noise. They tell me try... Well i tried... I cant make it! I failed all my exams! And they nothing much to say also. Its like the warranty told them "Only for use in Poly and other institution. Attempting to JC will void warranty." Warranty void and the product (me) spoilt. Too bad for me.

In all, its AJCians not wrong to mug, though some OVER-mug. It seems more like i entered the wrong skool.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006
zB Player 2.0 Candy Bar
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:08 PM --- Post#115780009001348127

Yes lah! Music and Videos and album art all in your blog and Friendster! Introducing the zB Player 2.0 Candy Bar. Written in Flash ActionScript, this player required Flash Player 8 to work properly.

-Controls (play, pause, stop, next track, previous track, mute/unmute, loading indication on the seek slider)
-Plays FLV and mp3
-Able to display picture when playing mp3 in place of video (album art lah)
-Text file playlist (alter a text file to change the playlist including the URL to the media and the album art and the song name to be displayed)
-customisable default screen (the sceen to show at first and when no album art is displayed)
-Stream-on-click (it does not stream the media and play auto until user click play,which i find can be quite annoying and lag the loading of the rest of the page.)
-Selectable playlist (click on the screen to show a scrollable playlist within the video area size)
-media download (can download mp3 and flv ONLY IF they are hosted on the same of lower level domain as the player SWF file due to Flash's security, its might be possible to load other domain with a security XML file, still under testing. Note that media can be streamed and played over any unrestricted domain)

How to use
Simply host this player in a webhost like Awardspace, FreeWebs, or any web hosting on free-webhosts (I do have any affliates with these sites) together with LIST.txt (configuration file). Remeber to host your LIST.txt in the same directory as the the SWF file (ie http://myhost.com/zB Player CB.swf and http://myhost.com/LIST.txt).

After you hosted the two files (the SWF and the TXT file), embed them on your blog or Friendster using the following code:
<embed src="YOUR SWF URL HERE" height="180" width="160" wmode="transparent" />

You can configure your play list through LIST.txt. Instructions are given inside. Any problem just email me or post comments on my blog.

The size isnt fixed! zB player CB is designed to be put on sidebars. The minium width of your blog's side bar is 160. If you wish it bigger, simple alter the values of the height and width within the embed tag. Remember to follow propotion (ie 160x180 240x270 320x360). The buttons are drawn in vector so meaning no quality loss when resizing the player. Remeber as you resize the player, the buttons will grow big as well.

You can see it here:
- My friendster: http://www.friendster.com/11239315 (160*180 orginal size)
- My Blog: http://cygig.blogspot.com (240*270 stretched)
- Kiat's blog: http://weikiatblog.blogspot.com/ (160*180 orginal size)
- Mato's friendster: http://www.friendster.com/5044807 (320*360 stretched)

zB Player is totally free for personal use! Just download and use it. But i will not be responsible for for anything, any damage or infringement of copyrights. For companies and organisation, im still considering, just email me rubbish52 [at] hotmail [dot com] and ask.

Download the ZIP file (Last Updated 9/9/06)

rubbish52 [at] hotmail [dot com]

You prolly wun wanna read all these. Ok actually im no pro programmer or smthing, i just always wanted to have music on my blog. in year 2005 March, after JC1 1st three months, i started to blog. Recording all my lousy and despressed life story. I started making my own blog skins. Then i wanted to stream music over. I used to wma embed but well...it looks sucky and can have onyl one song a time. Nearing the end of 2005 (cant remb well), i started learning Action Script after my C++ lessons in school. I started creating the very first player, which need to embed the song into another SWF. Later on, i read on tutorials on how to use the Sound object to play music. And i used photoshop to make the skin and simple buttons. Things went quite smoothly. I released the first 0.1 version of zB Player together with my Glass Core metal blog skin. It has a fixed 3 songs. It took me months to develop it as im total noob then.

Then later on, i used array to give it more songs and did random playing of songs and changed from auto play to press-then-play so that users wun be irritated by the music if they dun like it. The 0.5 version of zB Player is much stable with less bugs and was released in about March of 2006 with my new blog skin Glass Core METAL. The player was given a new look on the same glassy theme. Buttons were properly done as well.

Then i was thinking of using XML to dynamically load my playlist but failed. There is a delay before the loading of playlist and the initialising of arrays and playing the 1st song. Thus there was a lot of conflicts and songs never get played. I tried lumping the whole code into a function which will only execute when the playlist is loaded. Cos the player was quite complex by then. Things dint work well, lumping all the codes, events, handlers togeter simply wun do it. Then i gave up on it. Since then and went to work in the BlogLock and zB Clock.

Until September 2, when Kiat told me he wanna re-skin his blog, then i was thinking of re doing zB Player. This time i used the Media Object which supports video as well. Its easier to control also. Suddenly some common sense knocked into my head that only the array need to be their URLs when the playlist load in. Meanwhile while loading the playlist the control buttons are disabled to prevent the user from messing up with the trackers and counters or accessing smthing not defined yet. I used a text file instead of XML from the previous experience with zB Clock.

All these were rushed in a day.The player was still in the long horizontal form then, and i merely put the small video area for testing. And i showed Kiat the player. He requested for a side bar version 160 pixel in width on Sunday (next day). So i ripped off all the codes and plucked them into a new look. And i tot it looks great! So i abandoned the orginal long horizontal player and work on this side bar version. I remb rectangular phones with no sliding or flipping or turning or watever are call Candy Bars, and thus i named it "zB Player 2.0 Candy Bar" I tot its good enough to jump from 0.9 to 2.0 with all the new features. The second nite was spent with skinning it and the rest of the week (its september holidays) was spent debugging and asking ppl to try!

Its call "zB Player" cos "zB" is the initial for my nick, ZOMBiE. As Tomato mentioned, it means "Zhi Bi" 自闭.

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Friday, September 08, 2006
Math VS Photoshop
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:11 PM --- Post#115769586636638825

Lets do a comparison between graphic design and Math.

Concentration Level
Math: Full concentration to be able to solve the required problem within a given time
GFX Design: Never concentrate, the more you concentrate to think of an idea, the more mental block you suffer. Always relax, look around, walk around, listen to music, close your eyes meditate, talk to people then idea will come.

Attention Span
Math: Becos of the exam structure, you need the full 2 to 3 hours of attention to be able to complete and score well.
GFX Design: Minimal, when you get stuck or run out of ideas, stop, take a break no point forcing ideas out as mention above regarding Concentration Level. Take as much time as possible to refine it.

Time Span
Math: 2 or 3 hours depending on your exam paper
GFX Design: Usually given weeks or months to complete one design. Ample time.

Method to Excel
Math: Understand and do 100000000000 questions
GFX Desgin: Look and observe things, question yourself, ask people, think without the box, learn to merge ideas.

Fun Factor
Math: What do you think....-_-"
GFX Design: What do you think? :)

Satisfaction Level
Math: You just need to get an 'A'...Everyone is getting the correct answer, there is no "sense of satisfaction", only "sense of I-met-the-requirement"
GFX Design: Your design, you dun like it, redo another one! Else seeing someone else making it a wallpaper is good enuff feeling.

Creativity Boundary
Math: There are several ways to solve a problem. Do the fastest method you know. The final answer has to be correct.
GFX Design: There are infinite ways to do a design. Do the most comforty method you wish. There is no definite answer. Its smthing new everytime.

Math: Elementary math is good enough for daily life, for real usage you need specialisation in areas like enginnering further on in life
GFX Design: Smthing you can see, something others can appreciate once its done. Instant usage on designing websites, blogs, posters. Freelance work to do once you think you are good enough.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Im Mad
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:10 PM --- Post#115762740241483599

I am spending my holidays making the new zB Player 2.0, other wise playing gameboy or sleeping...I just cannot concentrate to mug....whenever i TRIED to study, my heart wonder away and even with my comp off, mp3 player kept away, gameboy given to my sis...i will walk round and round my room and pace up and down....i just DO NOT WANT to study....

My friends say im mad, cos im failing my exams over some stupid zB Player...ya...becos they say im mad....therefore im mad....

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I Love AJC
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:02 AM --- Post#115756577844028411

So what am i doing all these days? Mugging? Oh yes of course! Im doing AJC proud!

AJC is the BEST JC in Singapore, the teachers are always HELPFUL, CARING, CONCERNED. OMG, just look at them! They keep up with TECHNOLOGY, and they always off ALTERNATIVE TEACHING METHODS! Although a lot of them are one generation ahead of us. They are YOUNG AT HEART! They NEVER LOOK DOWN ON US, they teach us MORAL VALUES and PRINCIPLES of life out of the SYLLABUS. Further more, they TEACH EFFECTIVELY, always finish the syllabus ON TIME. They are like... OUR FRIENDS! HOLISTIC EDUCATION!


Two FUFILLING YEARS! Thats it! The BEST in my whole life! I had never expereince smthing that GREAT! That GOOD! That FANTASTIC! I ENJOYED every single moment in AJC! Not a second is wasted. The SCHOOL take care of us SOOO WELL. EXCELLENT. They look after our WELFARE, they LISTEN TO US, they TAKE OUR OPINIONS. The Authorities are SPLENDID! They never ABUSE their power, they never take their post and salary and reputation at heart, but rather put all piorities on HOLISTIC EDUCATION and OUR INTEREST. They simply THE BEST.


Look at our uniform, one of the most STYlish (i mean STYLISH) of all JC. Shades of blue, PERFECT! Never go out of FASHION, always look GOOD. Look at our building, EVIDENCE showed we been through RAIN AND WEATHER! SOLID! STRONG! Everything is COMPACT! Spaces are MADE FULL USE OF, no extra are left untouched unused! We LOVE ANIMALS! We invite small critters in! AHHHHHHHH....the birds, the hamsters SO CUTE! The SCHOOL SONG! How MEANIGFUL, SOOTHING LYRICS, totally reminded us on who brought us up and fed us with knowledge - yes, AJC!


Mugging! BEST PASTIME! Everyone does it, its IN! Everyone LOVES it. We mug, we bring up the standard of AJC, we bring up the glory to the school. We beautify ourselves with the cert! We learn a lot in mugging! YES A LOT. We learnt to DISCIPLINE ourselves! We learn self-setufying techniques! Self Direct Learning. GOOD! We all MUST have the ability to source and reach out of info ourselves! We INDEPENDENT LEARNERS! STRONG! WILLPOWERED! D E T E R M I N E D! We go out to work, we tell people we from AJC! AJC provide us with such a condusive learning environment! Where else give us all that?


PE! YES, we toughen our bodies. HEALTHY learners are good learners. We KNOW IT, we put games aside! We TRAIN FIRST! GUYS COME ON. NS AHEAD. RUN RUN RUN ONE TWO THREE FOUR! We have got the TOP PE teacher who so PATIENTLY TALKS to us and train us. They UNDERSTAND US! THey Know WHAT WE WANT! OHHH SHIT, I LOVE THEM! MUCKS MUCKS. They have CALM TEMPER, they settle problems in AN ORDERLY MANNER. They RUN WITH US, they TRAIN WITH US. They DUN GIVE EXCUSES AND SLACK!

YEs....come one...AJC, my love, my best! Jia You Jia You. We need you, we love you. LET ME KISS YOU!!!

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Friday, September 01, 2006
Noisy Celebration
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:22 AM --- Post#115704134138792577

This is taken from my Teachers' Day card. Using ink sprayer to spray on stencil on a cardboard then scan. Creating the "noisy" effect like those in high ISO or nite badly taken photos. Its actually quite tiring for eyes to see so many bits of different colour, but they merge to form a harmonic picture. It comes with a PINK version summore!!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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