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Wednesday, September 27, 2006
"Be prepared to pack your bag ..."
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:55 PM --- Post#115937078473583238

Today...in Math class, teacher came in and said
"Well good, i can see lots of improvement in alot of people. BUT...there are some OBVIOUS ones. Some can get FIFTEEN or maybe 20 or 30 marks. Ok i tell you this..I cannot do anything now. You try wait a while. Then you yourself cant do a thing as well! Well then, be prepared to pack your bag and go somewhere else..."

She was looking at everyone else except me, which is 1000x more deadly than staring at me. I dunno how to react, just so feign a smile at her.

ACJC prelime paper was given....suddenly around me...i heard some...hauntings.
"that question one...the mod x.."
"5sin3x+sin2x isit got cos cos.."
"take ln on both side, then spilt the multiple into addition.."

Fuck it...I cant stand all these hauntings...esp when there are a lot of ppl around me discussing things what are so foreign. Its as rude as talking Chinese when there is a Malay in the group. I cant understand a shit they toking, why they do so fast? I began to stare at the ACJC prelim qn. I cant do the 1st...i cant do the second...yet the others are discussing about qn 3 and 4. I looked at Shaun. He was scribbling all his answers on like the 3rd page liao, while me only on the starting on first page. The hauntings continued....just like a curse...I hate the noise of homework discussion..esp when i dunno a shit they toking about....

Meanwhile...Math teacher walked around...she seemed to have this filter to filter me out of her sight and though. I feel sinful to look at her. Meanwhile the math questions still lok so deadly. Fatal. I tired to ignore all those noises that seemed to mock at me around me.. Bu i cant. All i did was to stared at the paper and hope all is gone.

Cant trust myself now...which is hallucination which is truth. Which feeling is real which is induced. I had been drowning myself in GunZ to escape reality these days. Im sleeping like 3am every nite. So tired. My fingers hurt too much from the exaggerating key presses and my back hurt becos i sat for too long. Virtual Reality is like estacy or alcohol, just that abusing it will not leave any physical clues for the others to know.

I slept though GP, trying my best to crack some jokes to keep me awake. GP teacher sounded more comfortable than math teacher.

I began to relac a bit during break. Chatting to SH and JJ. Then went to the Reading room and discuss some GunZ stuff with Tsun Lam.

Computing lesson wasnt as good as i tot. Computing teacher asked me "So how u did?"

I tot he was asking about how i did for compting. I dunno how to answer cos he was the one who marked m paper. Then he clearified "You other paper how?". I took out my 15 marks script and showed it to him. He luffed.

"Then liddat got what use? You score A in computing also no use mah?! Liddat you might as well go Poly!"

This isnt the 1st time a teacher told me to go Poly. Mr You's prediction came true alll the way back in Sec 3. He saw me as more "useful" in Poly, but well...indirectly meant im "useless" in JC...which is ....

Tomato finally SMSed me. She told me she dun feel like studying anymore for Promo. I know this feeling. I had it before. Suddenly she will start smsing me telling me how she feel and how she will fail. I suspect the cheeful fruit is really beginning to wake up and worry and pouring out all her anxiousness like what i usually does. Im sorry cos i really dunno how to comfort her. I just told her that its ok to get retained, at least you get a whole new chance. Either that or she mug hard to get wonder for her Promo. Dun enter J2 with half a bucket of water like me, she will die when A's come.

Tomato told me she got sick of mugging even before Prelim. She giving up Math from what i heard. Why? Whats wrong w my grandma/grandpa? Why all the offspring either excel (my mom and CC) or get screwed by math all the time?

But i think she wun do as bad. She is smart anyway, although "smartness" isnt really what is needed in JC. But she always does last minute wonders. I do last minute failures. (I tot i failed all the way?)

It seems that NYJC's prelim is dragging. And i guessed Tomato just touched my Math book i lent her since few weeks ago. I asked her out for Pizza next thurs when her paper finished. Cos I dint have time to celebrate her bd then cos of prelims. At least there is smthing pleasnat to look forward to.

I guess i will sleep early tonite. Byes!

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