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Monday, September 18, 2006
Best of SuperBand
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:46 PM --- Post#115855840683953915

Broken toothbrush
This morning i finally decided to brush my teeth, but my electronic toothbrush broke. WTF lah...I went out to the toiletries cupboard and search for a manual toothbrush, but cannot find leh. I remb i had one a few years back, so i rush bacl to my toilet and look for it. Ah its there! Just that it looks abit mouldy with the bristles "open flower". Can see some insect crrawling inside also. Well i tot its a bit too early to kill myself now so i decided to ask me mum where she kept all the new toothbrushes.

Mom came up and searched, but cannot find also. So i used this excuse to wanna go out to buy new ones. She dint hear me but cont to search for toothbrushes. Finally she gave up.

She said "no need lah buy lah, next week then buy, anyway u brush teeth only once a week mah."
Wow, i love my mum!

Kopitiam Talk
Then in the afternoon me went down with mom for lunch. Me always sit among all the aunties and listen to them gossip. Its actually kinda amusing listening to them talk. How they tekan their husband, how they force their children to mug, how the showed off their jeweries. Im the only guy there if not couting the P1 and P2 children. So i will always sit back and listen to them gossip. "That ah lian ah, wah lao see me never smile..", "ah hua took my pot never return!", "last time i cook the chilli prawns nice anot?", "my husband siao liao! he dun gimme money! sobs sobs", "i tell u that ah soh there DUN believe what she said!"...All these sort. Listening to all the gossipings definitely more entertaining that Taiwan variety shows.

I always like to see things from the individuals. I dun really care about "What the is the professional norm" but rather "what ppl around me feel" and what "i can effectively control". Thats also why im never interested in politics. Unless u ah pa is some minister, whatever you say, whatever your view is, whatever you complain never seems to work. Mostly just rantings. Just like econs paper, you tok tok tok, all just pen and paper. GP also, tok tok tok, also pen and paper. So instead of trying to dominate and change the world, I wourld rather simply do my part to help out those beside me. If gahmen no want to build lift on every floor on the flat, why not we just help those ah mah ah pek carry their stuff up the stairs. If those cleaners in the kopitiam complain of low pay and no one wanna hire them cos they no education cert, why not just help them by pilling your plates before they collect and smile and greet them to make their day better?

So my mom and another aunty was helping this friend whom do not know how to use computer to do online chalet booking. She was grateful. My mum asked why she wanna book chalet? She said its for her boy's birthday party.

Mom: eh i tot ur boy's exam round the corner?
Friend: aiya P1 dun care lah
Aunty: lol P1 and P2 exam should be easy, study the day before can liao lah

Me: Actually, not only P1 lor, J1 and J2 also liddat one!

Best of SuperBand
Yes i bought the CD! Definitely worth every cents of the $17.95. Lots of Rock and fast songs. I like! Though im a bit disappointed with Qinobe's shuang jie gun. A bit like not enough instruments used. But Samuel's rapping is totally ROCKS! More practising can compare to MC Hotdog liao! MLB and LUCIFY's song also not bad. Im particularly impressed with AMBER, esp their music arrrangement, its also to my style of music. Very party, lots of sampling used with raps and effects and heavy beat. The J3's Qi Li Xiang almost melted me!!! But it sounds a bit too "organ" and "artificial". They distorted their voices to make them sound dreamy, i tot maybe their original voices will be nicer. Juz-B acapella also not bad. Im impressed totally cos they are MALAYS, not chinese. Good job!

Of all, just dun listen to track 10.

Not Wasting my blog on complains
I decided to cut down on entries regarding complains. Well i tot why must i dirty my blog with all those AJC rants? AJC worth the attention on my blog? Im sick of it liao. Is there really no way to improve on the skool? Sometimes i tot, we rant so much, maybe the authorities REALLY dunno. Thye might not read our blogs. Even they say the suggestion box no one go look, but i think no one go put anything inside also, even got also maybe a few ppl only. I really dunno how to improve my skool. I dun like going out letting ppl luff at me from such a JC.

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