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Thursday, September 07, 2006
I Love AJC
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:02 AM --- Post#115756577844028411

So what am i doing all these days? Mugging? Oh yes of course! Im doing AJC proud!

AJC is the BEST JC in Singapore, the teachers are always HELPFUL, CARING, CONCERNED. OMG, just look at them! They keep up with TECHNOLOGY, and they always off ALTERNATIVE TEACHING METHODS! Although a lot of them are one generation ahead of us. They are YOUNG AT HEART! They NEVER LOOK DOWN ON US, they teach us MORAL VALUES and PRINCIPLES of life out of the SYLLABUS. Further more, they TEACH EFFECTIVELY, always finish the syllabus ON TIME. They are like... OUR FRIENDS! HOLISTIC EDUCATION!


Two FUFILLING YEARS! Thats it! The BEST in my whole life! I had never expereince smthing that GREAT! That GOOD! That FANTASTIC! I ENJOYED every single moment in AJC! Not a second is wasted. The SCHOOL take care of us SOOO WELL. EXCELLENT. They look after our WELFARE, they LISTEN TO US, they TAKE OUR OPINIONS. The Authorities are SPLENDID! They never ABUSE their power, they never take their post and salary and reputation at heart, but rather put all piorities on HOLISTIC EDUCATION and OUR INTEREST. They simply THE BEST.


Look at our uniform, one of the most STYlish (i mean STYLISH) of all JC. Shades of blue, PERFECT! Never go out of FASHION, always look GOOD. Look at our building, EVIDENCE showed we been through RAIN AND WEATHER! SOLID! STRONG! Everything is COMPACT! Spaces are MADE FULL USE OF, no extra are left untouched unused! We LOVE ANIMALS! We invite small critters in! AHHHHHHHH....the birds, the hamsters SO CUTE! The SCHOOL SONG! How MEANIGFUL, SOOTHING LYRICS, totally reminded us on who brought us up and fed us with knowledge - yes, AJC!


Mugging! BEST PASTIME! Everyone does it, its IN! Everyone LOVES it. We mug, we bring up the standard of AJC, we bring up the glory to the school. We beautify ourselves with the cert! We learn a lot in mugging! YES A LOT. We learnt to DISCIPLINE ourselves! We learn self-setufying techniques! Self Direct Learning. GOOD! We all MUST have the ability to source and reach out of info ourselves! We INDEPENDENT LEARNERS! STRONG! WILLPOWERED! D E T E R M I N E D! We go out to work, we tell people we from AJC! AJC provide us with such a condusive learning environment! Where else give us all that?


PE! YES, we toughen our bodies. HEALTHY learners are good learners. We KNOW IT, we put games aside! We TRAIN FIRST! GUYS COME ON. NS AHEAD. RUN RUN RUN ONE TWO THREE FOUR! We have got the TOP PE teacher who so PATIENTLY TALKS to us and train us. They UNDERSTAND US! THey Know WHAT WE WANT! OHHH SHIT, I LOVE THEM! MUCKS MUCKS. They have CALM TEMPER, they settle problems in AN ORDERLY MANNER. They RUN WITH US, they TRAIN WITH US. They DUN GIVE EXCUSES AND SLACK!

YEs....come one...AJC, my love, my best! Jia You Jia You. We need you, we love you. LET ME KISS YOU!!!

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