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Monday, September 18, 2006
Im brainless
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:59 PM --- Post#115859154227610887

Im brainless becos... teacher say so
Im brainless becos... I do not mug, only when you mug, you had fulfilled your 2 years in AJC
Im brainless becos... I can spend my prelim time making poster, doing software development
Im brainless becos... I cant and dun like do sport. Being a guy, must excel physically and must love World Cup
Im brainless becos... I speak Chinese alot. AJC teacher say cannot tok Chinese in skool. Only Engrish.
Im brainless becos... I hate polidicks. Kiat say i dun study polidicks i dunno a thing.
Im brainless becos... I hate r*u h*a. I should be gentlemen enough to forgive her horrible deeds
Im brainless becos... Im a techno geek
Im brainless becos... I have a chicken as pet at home (Pok Pok), i shld have cat, dog, other birds, hamster...
Im brainless becos... I cant pass math, whereas others get away with relying on me all the time for tech support becos they have the "right to fail IT"
Im brainless becos... I do Dark Arts, art work must be brite and cheerful looking
Im brainless becos... i fail all my subjects, im stupid to waste 2 years in JC
Im brainless becos... My favourite drink is teh-o-bing, not Wen Yan's coffee
Im brainless becos... I waste so much money on mp3 players and earphones
Im brainless becos... I care to and want to improve and remake AJC, I shld just shut up. "Its just 2 years ma!"
Im brainless becos... My blog dun have dynamic width
Im brainless becos... I seldom go Orchard, i hang around Bugis
Im brainless becos... I live in the East of Singapore while my friends live in the Middle and the West
Im brainless becos... I took DnT (so called low class lousy subject) in sec 4
Im brainless becos... Im not charging fee for using my blog flash apps
Im brainless becos... Im too childish, the rest of the AJCians are the most mature
Im brainless becos... Im always depressed and too pessimistic
Im brainless becos... I pon lesson. AJC lectures and tutorials are always the best for me
Im brainless becos... I dint get Spaper, Scholarship, dunno what other acad achievements
Im brainless becos... I dint join the AJC work attatchment or researches
Im brainless becos... my friends say so
Im brainless becos... my parents say so
Im brainless becos... Pok Pok say so
Im brainless becos... I always giving up on myself academically
Im brainless becos... Im myself. I shld not be myself, i shld adapt to the AJC enviroment and be "one of them"
Im brainless becos... i skip Alpha list program
Im brainless becos... Im ugly
Im brainless becos... i always make ppl around me angry
Im brainless becos... I say thank you to the unker keeping my plates in the kopitiam
Im brainless becos... I dun mod my PC
Im brainless becos... I will buy NDS instead of PSP
Im brainless becos... Im using Win 2K, not XP
Im brainless becos... I dun skin my OS
Im brainless becos... Im last in my class in anything

Im brainless becos... I LOVE AJC

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