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Sunday, September 17, 2006
Mail Shield 1.0
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 11:13 PM --- Post#115850598472804058

Scared that your email get stolen by bots and sent to some advertising company? Fear not, Mail Shield is here! A simple SWF on your blog will solve the problem!

-protect email, reverse your email and replace '@' to get out of bot's attention
-animated, scrolling text to display your email in a fixed area
-small, merely 160x50px
-click to mailto
-no external file required unless its skinned
-basic skinning of changing the bg pic, text position, colour and scroll speed.

To use:
Download Mail Shield. Then host it anywhere you like. Use the following embed tags to embed the SWF anywhere you want:

For Mail Shield, the settings are edited in the EMBED tag thus no external file needed to store the setting. Note that each setting is separated by an ampersand '&'. Start off by EMBED SRC=" then key in your SWF (this Mail Shield) URL then followed by a question mark '?'. DO NOT close the quotes here for SRC, close after the last settings. Then followed by all the settings separated by '&'. Each setting is as follow: [setting name][equal sign][setting string][next setting name][equal sign]....such as the one below:

myEmail - your email BACKWARDS and replace '@' with '[^]' (no quotes). myEmail@server.com becomes moc.revres[^]liameym
mySkin - URL to background image skin file, in jpeg, gif or swf. MUST be 160x50. The currect skin will disappear if a skin URL is set.
myTextX - the X position of the email text display
myTextY - the Y position of the email text display
myTextC - the colour of the email text display in hexa (eg 000000 or FFFFFF, no '#' needed)
myTextDelay - the delay of the scrolling of the email text display in milliseconds. The smaller the value, the faster it scrolls.

Remeber you can out 'NA' (no quotes) for each setting to set to default value.

Download the ZIP file (Last Updated 18/9/06)

-Skin and text shows together when loaded
-added option to mailto or copy to clipboard

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