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Friday, September 08, 2006
Math VS Photoshop
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:11 PM --- Post#115769586636638825

Lets do a comparison between graphic design and Math.

Concentration Level
Math: Full concentration to be able to solve the required problem within a given time
GFX Design: Never concentrate, the more you concentrate to think of an idea, the more mental block you suffer. Always relax, look around, walk around, listen to music, close your eyes meditate, talk to people then idea will come.

Attention Span
Math: Becos of the exam structure, you need the full 2 to 3 hours of attention to be able to complete and score well.
GFX Design: Minimal, when you get stuck or run out of ideas, stop, take a break no point forcing ideas out as mention above regarding Concentration Level. Take as much time as possible to refine it.

Time Span
Math: 2 or 3 hours depending on your exam paper
GFX Design: Usually given weeks or months to complete one design. Ample time.

Method to Excel
Math: Understand and do 100000000000 questions
GFX Desgin: Look and observe things, question yourself, ask people, think without the box, learn to merge ideas.

Fun Factor
Math: What do you think....-_-"
GFX Design: What do you think? :)

Satisfaction Level
Math: You just need to get an 'A'...Everyone is getting the correct answer, there is no "sense of satisfaction", only "sense of I-met-the-requirement"
GFX Design: Your design, you dun like it, redo another one! Else seeing someone else making it a wallpaper is good enuff feeling.

Creativity Boundary
Math: There are several ways to solve a problem. Do the fastest method you know. The final answer has to be correct.
GFX Design: There are infinite ways to do a design. Do the most comforty method you wish. There is no definite answer. Its smthing new everytime.

Math: Elementary math is good enough for daily life, for real usage you need specialisation in areas like enginnering further on in life
GFX Design: Smthing you can see, something others can appreciate once its done. Instant usage on designing websites, blogs, posters. Freelance work to do once you think you are good enough.

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