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Thursday, September 21, 2006
Slaughtered 100 Pathetic Soul
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:16 PM --- Post#115884825533653374

"U after prelim siao lah?" - Wen Yan

Click for full view:
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Feel so much better..talking a quick stroll on Town, arming with my LX30 Assault Rifle. Its not of the most powerful rifle, but no doubt one of the fastest. It holds 40 bullets in a bullet. It means one thing: SPRAY TIME!

Jumping from one roof to another, looking over my shoulder for any suspecting dagger stunners. Tumbling over the corners, looking at a gang of machine gunners, their guns aint as good as i expected, they cant event put one bullet in me. I took out my rifle and started piercing holes in them. LX30's rapid firing rate plus bull's eye accuracy took them down within moments. More of them swarmed from the back, i jumped backwards and with the other hand grabbed my launcher: Walcom L1.

One shot from my launcher towards the ground splashed tremendous damage on the surrounding gunmen. Some backed off in time while others got simply blown off.

I grew more and more furious, not becos of not getting enough kills fast, nor becos of the invincible hacker rambling around. But becos of my counter part in the real world. He told he all about something call "prelims". He injected his hatred on events in his skool into my soul. My blood boiled by converting his stress to my anger. Pressing my trigger even harder, i sprayed my bullets all everyone i see. Sword bearers are no threat to me, despite they fast speed,  they cant get near me, while im able to gun them down from far. 

I was spraying and spraying, bullets like water, but instead of losing my aim, accuracy instinctively got better and better. "Click Click", that was the last of my ammo. No more rockets either. No choice but to fight with my Military Sword. Im not fond of swords and their counter part - daggers. I just cant fight well with them, basic wall flying is alright, but my sword is never my primary weapon.

I dashed forward and slashed a couple Butterflying. They flew around me and pierced my skin from all sides. DAMN! I wished i cought fight but i was on the ground by then. After 10 seconds, i was given a whole new life continued battling...

I fought and fought ten, twenty, thirty. I had forgotten time... I only remembered to KILL KILL KILL. I can see my real life partner wanting to do the same in his world as well, just that its considered illegal over there. One down and another...Im not tired...

How am i going to win? I dunno...Suddenly the sky darken...I pointed my rifle at his head. BANG. Head shot. Thanks for being my number 100.

Thats the end of it. Im tired now. 100 souls taken by me. Time to retire for rest. I missed my Breaker 6 shotgun. Dun worry baby, you will take more blood next time.

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