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Sunday, September 10, 2006
Sorted My thinking about AJCians
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:48 PM --- Post#115789612356567931

Prelims. Good Job, Good Game, Good Day.

Its going to be the same AGAIN. Before that feel heart jumping out, go in thinking i can get A. Then cry when scripts are returned. Failed. Its the same fucking cycle over and over again. Then i will be called upon to VP's office and tok cock with her and all the bullshit. Same thing, I wun be able to finish my AQ tml. I wun be able to EVEN WRITE, cos i my hands are too used to typing these weeks. Math...same thing...go in sleep and bargine with my mum if i can pon Math paper the nite b4.

Im quite sure i wun be able to Ace or even pass my Khumpting paper this time round. I have a feeling HDD will do DAMN WELL.

This is prelim. No longer any other ah mao ah gao test. Mr Fazil once told me "not to get too used to failing." Guessed what. Im addicted to failing.

Sorted My thinking about AJCians
Im nuts. Everyone thinks so. Im mad. I came to JC to waste time. I finally cleared my mind. Those in AJC are not just plain mugging. They do have their dreams, aspiration as well.

Their dreams are some accountant, enginner, bio researcher, lawyer and there is nothing wrong with that. All these occupations requires smthing - mugging and mugging and a nice cert. They know it, they want it, thats why they are mugging for it. After all m ranting i finally realise all these. AJCians are NOT wrong to mug, and im not scarstic this time round. They do not mug for no reason: Their wanted jobs and status are all related to mugging. No Uni are going to accept someone who failed everything to be a doctor or lawyer.

I mean if this is what they want. Well they SHOULD go for it.

Now reverse the thinking. They think im nuts cos i spent sooo much time doing crazy photoshop (which most are really ugly) and mad softwares (which most are really crap) and reading up on all the geeky techno techno thingy and get soo particular about mp3 payers. I noe i wanna work in one of these fields next time, which requires creativity and bold experiment and experience. Thats why im doing it. As compared to me thinking mugging is shit, they are merely trying to acheive what they want.

Sensibly (in Singapore), you come JC to go Uni, the fastest path to Uni. Then you master the acedemic subject and excel in all these related fields. Likewise, you interested in IT and Design and other more practial-bases stuff, you should go poly. AJCians came to do what they ought to nothing wrong. Though i do admit a lot are OVER-mugging, not touching on that today...

Im FORCED to come to JC by parents. Typical Singaporean parents sure push their child to JC if they can. I already told them im not gonna make it and lots of noise. They tell me try... Well i tried... I cant make it! I failed all my exams! And they nothing much to say also. Its like the warranty told them "Only for use in Poly and other institution. Attempting to JC will void warranty." Warranty void and the product (me) spoilt. Too bad for me.

In all, its AJCians not wrong to mug, though some OVER-mug. It seems more like i entered the wrong skool.

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