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Thursday, October 05, 2006
The Bian Tai Way @ Pizza Hut
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 6:42 PM --- Post#116004745437933674

Decided to talk a little break as i had not gone out since prelims, despite my math teacher trying to encourage me to pass math today.AWWW.

Went Suntec eat pizza w 4Stars. I ordered the stupid spicy spagetti...wah lew...so small...then i was discussing w 4Stars about how exp the service charge and GST was...then this ah em waitress was listening to us and keep saying "beri cheap liao beri cheap liao!". Cheap le eh si lang tao...spagetti so small plate must $8. It neber taste as nice as the Swensen one, the Swensen seafood one really tok gong and nice. Then her vegge pizza came, i see her last time eat pizza the cheese and chilli powder pour like free. So i open the chilli powder container and pour 1/4 of it in. LOL! She almost burst into flames. Luckily IMF over liao.

Yet she still add more and more cheese powder. See pic above, the cheese and chilli initially same level, after eating now the cheese decrease like siao. Just for ONE personal pan pizza. "下雪了!下雪了!"

See pic above, to add to the bian tai-ness, i added half a bottle of pepper to the mushroom soup. Those brown patches are actually undissolved/mixed pepper cos too saturated liao.

Then went over to Bugis after pizza to Action City and saw this:

The image is blurred but its some audio visualizer mechanical fish that will wag its tail by the tunes. On the bottom left of the box it says "Do Not Use in Water". Its call iFish.

On the way 4stars met alot of her friends...so suay? LOL. She met one tall and muscular guy. I tot he 20+, then she told me he J1 only like her. I was like WTF? I like never see such a "偶像剧" guys in AJC LOR! WTF? Even guys in other JC look better than those in AJC? She met some gals who like again damn matured like:

The following text had been BlogLocked. Select all, copy and paste into BlogLock and decrypt with the correct password.

and unlike AJCians... -_-. Though i noe some small small cute cute one in AJC.

Bugis Street was as usual....the Sex Life shop is still here with all the shaking big dildo dancing away there and some various guai lan condoms on display. The panties specialist still there also. The only thing that is not there is Zhang Zhen Yue's Jia Jian PI album.

Well... at the Albert Street the Si Ma Lu there, saw this:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If next time i fail A's...then this shall be my job....

Next up went to OG enjoy flee aircon. Saw a demo of those Hip Hop Pets, which is similar to the iFish, but IIRC, iFish got audio out to your earphones, while Hip Hop Pets needa use the built in speakers.

Nike got this erxin bag:

But one fits the TKGS uniform very well:

And WTF is my P doing in OG????

Large tamagotchi:

On the way back to Bugis Junction, this guai lan ice cream is promoting:

Click for larger pic, and see how disgusting its dick is dangling there!

Saw this on the MRT:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
"Peep into my stuff At your own RISK!!"
LOL? One dozen of pads and tampons inside???

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