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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
The destrution of muggation
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:30 PM --- Post#116175203887463133

I had enough! Day in day out me and Jeremy goes to Marine Parade to mug. Be in in the library, Mc, Burger King...blah blah....i just enough!

Everyday is the same, sit there eat and study and grow fat and eat and study and eat and study....

At nite i relieve a little by playing GunZ...then i wake up at 11.30 again, wash up and goes to Marine Parade again! This is fucking killing me like mad.

Ok I dun wanna lie anymore. But to all those online that i had been telling them im mugging...ok im lying... When i anyhow recall some formulae to Frank it suddenly gave him motivation. When kiat see me mug he also get anxious and mug a bit.

When others are lying that "I no need study one also can beat XXXX in physics!", and then go home and memorise all his books, stupid me goes round teling ppl "shshshshsss, im mugging, i can do it! Thats the way! I want to get my A's! I mug i god! I math god! Muahahaha", when im actually falling asleep in front of the comp foruming.

Jeremy told me last nite he is damn sad, cos he thinks he cant make to Uni to do his part as a good son. He thinks his parents are uber good ppl and he ought not to disappoint them. His friends beside him all got gf and made it to uni yet he dint do anything great. So he put studies in the first and foremost, becos that will definitely make his parents happy.

Thats why thru these 3 years, he mug and mug and mug...hoping to get to Uni. Now he tot he cant make it.

Little did he knew everyday i see him mugging hours and hours non-stop remix. Little did he knew that he has a compassionate heart for his parents which most of the students i Singapore no longer have. He dint know about his integrity and honesty and his maturity(compared to me -_-). He had forgotten about his passion for music, how he plays without score and how he like it on his piano.

All he knew was "i think mugging will do me great, i see others doing it, i shall do my best!"

Today i saw the real destructive power of mugging.  I mean he could had composed some music and become a famous online musician (maybe i help him put in lyrics?). He could have taken part time job as music teacher and earned some $$$? But mugging covered and brainwashed him. It has blinded himself of what he really wanted and what his passion is. But no doubt i noe he is gonna do well in A's. But remember do not repeat the same mistake after A's.

And I am starting to become one...though i dint really mug (in 6 hours all i could do is to summarise 2 phy topics, not including practising TYS, and i only do math 2 hours a week during tuition), but all these are far more muggation than what i did in past 2 years. And im fearing mugging now. Cos i will willingly lock myself up in Marine Parade Lib and sit there and try to study. Its MUNDANE! Its BORING! And mugging is starting to kill me.

Not long...i will began to numb of mugging. I will love mugging...and i will be a mugger. Or perhaps im already one now?

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