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Monday, October 02, 2006
Do you still want to buy Singapore Version CD?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:14 PM --- Post#115979744212761160

We often see in Bugis Street these few stalls selling primary mando pop audio CD. They are cheap, only about $7 per album with sometimes a discount of $6.50 an album if you buy many. Taking a closer look you will find this shiny "XY" labels on them. They are NOT pirated. They are parallel imported from China.

Aside from audio quality (which will be the focus later), the main difference between a China import CD and Singapore Version CD is that Singapore Version albums have nicer and more elaborated packaging and sometimes with small freebies like a tee or a calendar. China imported comes with simple CD sleeve and the jewel case with a protective plastic film on it. Thats it. Lyrics book will of course be provided as well.

China has more than a billion of people, and assuming most of them actually listen to mando pop. Thus the selling price need not be high to earn enuff to throw money like water. Also the low pricing competes with piracy. Thus even on added transport cost to singapore, the CDs are still cheaper.

So i decided to give the audio quality of Singapore Version and China Import a little test.

Using Jay's Still Fantasy, song Twilight Seven. iAudio G3 Flat all EQ and enhancement with Audio Technica CK-7. Seriously i cant notice any difference, it feels like repeating the same track again and again yet its two tracks (SG and CH versions).

So i decided to post a 15s sample on iAudio forums, this time including sample from song Ben Chao Gang Mu.
Here is the link:

Ok, using my RME DIGI96/8 PST > Headroom Max Balanced > Sony MDR-SA5000

there are very little if at all any difference between the chinese and singapore mastered CD's. The only differences i could pick up were the slight emphasis on background details present in the Singapore track (such as the violin, in twiglights seven. its slightly more prominent than in the chinese version).

Of course if you cd contains slight scratches or anything of that sort, its easy for these things to occur during encoding into wav.

So I've come to conclude that the 8 dollar CD is just as good as the singapore's 18 dollar offering =P

Don't be surprised though.

Well the audio tests seem to tally. Though its not 100% accurate since i used only one album and 2 songs to test. So you can now buy the CH import version safely without and worries, if you dun give a damn about those freebies and fanciful packaging. After all you appreciate the music and credits goes to the artist, not the fashion designer or product packager....just my 2 cents worth!

You can download the sample files i used here.

But remember, only Singapore version allowed in autograph session!!!

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