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Monday, October 02, 2006
>> Enter Serious Tone
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:18 AM --- Post#115972124207628452

Fuck... lah...eat too much aw lua, moon cakes, curry rice, chicken wings...plus whole day gaming then no drink water...my throat went dry and got imflammed. Now slight fever..

I wish can get MC somehow to escape skool for a few days.

Happy Children's Day
Its children's day 39 minutes ago. I wish all children happy children day. Take this holiday and rest, dun mug. And of course dun grow big be as bad as gor gor.

>> Enter Serious Tone

Ok liddat, I dun like AJC. But it doesnt mean EVERYONE hates it. There will be people who likes the school but i guess most of them are neutral about it.

Why i say a lot of people hate AJC is simply by general observation. Some J1's had recently set up an online forum out of desperation becos there is few effective ways to communicate with the authorities. I posted an online survey for AJCian, in 50 students, more than 980% do not like the school and wanted to change if given the chance. Through daily conversation we had heard enough of similar ideas. These evidence isnt enough to prove anything. But there is a trend out there. Personally, i can "feel" it, the "grumpiness".

Ya you say "be the brave soul and walk into the principal's office and talk openly about it".

No one wants to bring trouble to himself, IMO, our VP is really a sharp tongue with great command of English that can gun you down within few sentences. Sad to say, when asked for evidence and support, the rest of the student simply dare not stand out. We all know VP isnt really the woman to mess with.

Unignal had blogged indirectly about the school, was called up by the VP. There was a lot of disclaimers and VP wun recognised them. So Unignal deleted his blog postings and yet VP still say that he was blogging wrong about AJC. Kind of misunderstanding. Unignal emailed some suggestions to VP and hope to improve the JC. She did not really looked into them.

Then our computing teacher was discussing w me about this issue one day. He told me VP had already told Unignal's form teacher never to give good conduct grades (despite his acceptable everyday conduct) to him. This was neber told and revealed to Unignal.

With his incident told to other people. They fear even more. There is a big wide gap between the authorities and us now. I admit we haven try and do our best to try to bridge the gap, but in our eyes there is no practical solution to it in the moment. The skool seldom say "sorry". Even they do they will always retort back. They stick to the very politically correct policies and rules, so much that the teachers do that as well.

My teachers strongly emphasis that we come to JC to get out A's cert, the CCAs and other stuffs are not important. Its true to a certain extend. But i believe that socialising, developing your characters and talents, learning way of life and enjoying the stay and being with one another is actually more valuable than the A's cert. Having to meet a nice friend like Unignal beat the A's cert far far already.

Quoted from http://www.spug.net/forums/showthread.php?t=86904&page=5

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