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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Erase my memories...
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:16 PM --- Post#116230582700960200

2 years ago, when i dunno who the hell Yat PV is, i hurried to my P4 desktop to check my PAE posting. I launched Opera and went to the lagging MOE website. One's and Zero's flowed into my comp and after some waiting....i saw "Anderson Junior College". Eh...i tot its suppose to be "Temasek Junior College".

My first reaction was... what is "Anderson Junior College"? As in none of my Victorians had mentioned about it b4. Yes i had heard of Raffles, Meridian, Catholic, the new Innova, CI, and especially VJC since its affliated to VS and TJC which my parents though its convinent to go there from home.

Mom came into my room and asked with concern which JC i got into. At that moment i dint know what to tell her, because i myself is still trying to recall from memory for drabs of impression what "Anderson Junior College" is.

So my mom came to the comp, though she is computer illiterate, she could read "Anderson Junior College" off the screen. She frowned. And she though for a while.

"Ohhhh...." She seemed to get enlightened after some moments of though...and i was expecting a satisfying answer from her.

"Its in Ang Mo Kio!" she continued.

I have been living in the East of Singapore for long. "Ang Mo Kio" sounds far to me. "It's ok, i will take you there see see, i want to see how AJC looks like as well". It sounds like...taking me to some kidnapping organisation.

So few days after, i went online to look for a bus to goto AJC. No direct bus. And my mom search the street directory and with my uncle's help, we finally figured out a way to get to AJC. First, go to the bridge two blocks away from my house, then cross the bridge to arrive at Eunos. Walk across the large Eunos carpark to Eunos Central. Then take the MRT from there till City Hall. From City Hall, change to the line that goes to Yio Chu Kang. From there, simply walk out of the station and walk towards the factory like building.

Wow...sounds far...well it isnt THAT far...its only a one hour trip!

So upon arriving on a Saturday with my mom to AJC, we stepped in. The first step tells me its not friendly, the second tells me im not welcomed. The third step tells me im dead.

Anyway i went in and...well saw the ground near the canteen area all wet...and the blue and yellow benches deadly resemble those in the old VS compound that we abandoned, wtf they got here? A single girl in this bluish-grey uniform rushed to the coin-phone can called. HUH? Dun they allow handphones?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This photo was taken by my Palm Zire71s, on 12/28/2004 / 12:34:34pm

This is damned...The 1st impression wasnt qutite right...
I went on a chalet with Tomato then, and told her about my AJC and that some gal had justed called me in the one of the previous days about Orientation. We were at some Mcdonals eating ice cream while the other relatives were chatting in the resort rooms. All she could do was to stare at me earnestly and...wished me GOOD LUCK.
Orientation began, I remember the 1st day i agreed to meet Bryan Low at the gates. Bryan was my sec 4B classmate who sat beside me. He took AEP while Im on DnT. AJC was dark and gloomy then...as its still in the rainy season...The morning seemed to mystify AJC...

I was standing alone...and that really i see soo many girls around me for the first time. I kept calling Bryan while he arrived late. I met Gek Han there as well. I cant find more than 10 Victorians there...now i know why previously i had not heard any about AJC.

Orientation began...and so is the lie. The orientation is a lie. And so is the first three months. Ignorant me totally disregard the advised from my seniors to leave AJC. I remember one said "我们是上了贼船才不能走。。。你还可以逃,First three months 后快走!".

I ran into some unreasonable people that scores a deep deep wound in me during the 1st three months...and that skool still looks fun. So i decided to stay on....

Who knows...after that JC hell began... all the mugging and all the complications woke me up from honeymoon and found myself in depression and no way to catch up on my studies.

I began to regret my decision. And as the more i knew about my skool, the more clear things become, and the more hurting the truth. Maybe its not just AJC, but rather JC. I somehow totally lost my motivation to study. I began to slack and slack, and i feel such a strong force coming from everyone in studies that i began to give up. I hate math, i hate it forever, i was like damn shocked when i realised that Math 9233 is just continuation of A-Math, which i flunk in O Levels.

While all that happened, i began to search for some life instead. I took up blogging after 1st three months of AJC and began to learn Photoshop. I started with ZERO knowledge on programming and after some teachings by my computing teacher, i tried some Flash software development. I began to go out more and watch more movies and listened to more songs. More and more i discovered some beauty out there. I learned to relax through music and movies. Learnt to enjoy the greatness of slacking...

Now two years had passed. Im still liddat. Exams after exams i told myself, "ahhh nvm this time screwed up...". To me, A's is just another exam. I once told a Sec4 girl that after O Levels, if she decide to go JC, she will have to mug 1000 times. She replied, "it will be 0 x 1000 then, since i DUN MUG!". LOL nice answer, I loved it!

Am i worried for my A's? Not really, its just another exam, and it happened to be the simplest in the two years and that please, let me fail this last exam for the last time and please, from then on spare me. So please! A's faster come, let me be anxious 30minutes before the exam, then i will settle down and after 3 hours thats it! After that there will be no more mugging for at least 2 years. I dun care i fail A's...please..just make it pass quick...

so that i can erase my memories of all that in AJC....

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