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Monday, October 30, 2006
[Music Review]将军令 by 吴克群
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:43 PM --- Post#116222157240313488

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

New album 将军令 by 吴克群 Kenji. Released in October 2006, im considered quite late to buy this album since its almost November le.

Overall, being a fast mando music lover, i prefer this album to his previous two. This album has five faster-paced lively songs which drives you 'higher' than subutex and also five touching love songs. Which sort of bring variety in this album. All lyrics and music are composed by Kenji in this album.

The 主打 "将军令" uses a lot of Chinese instrument like 唢呐 (chinese trumpets) and chinese drums and Gu Zhen, which sort of mimic Jay's "Zhong Guo Feng", which is to make pop music with lots of China feel and styles. But Kenji definitely has his own style in terms of singing, which i feel is quite clear in articulation and his unique 转音 and especially in his lower tones. his rapping isnt as good as other artists but he did a good job by keeping the rap in a simple rhythm and get this point across.

In the song "将军令", The General i suppose refers to Westerners cos he mentions about "西方人" in the song. Some people like to follow the western cultures (the "General"?), speaking "yo yo yo" on the streets, and wearing Bling Blings on their outfit, but it does not mean the grass is greener on the other side and that he felt that different places have different culture and he feels proud speaking chinese in his homeland, be it that his english sucks.

The song "冠军", seems to imply something on the 6th Global Chinese Music Awards, that it does not matter if you win the award or not, the most important thing is that when you sing, you try your best and produce the best music. He might be trying to say he is not the best singer and he cant rap well, but he is happy with himself thats the most important.

Like previous album, "男佣" is a cute song like "大舌头". Spinning a mini story of he and his Korean girlfriend and how a man becomes the maid of this unreasonable girl. He makes meal, massage and let her wack all the while just to please her. lol good song!

Overall this is quite a nice album, worthy of buying, the China parallel import version comes with a poster as well.

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