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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
My Dear Elvin
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:11 AM --- Post#116222946811797239

Lets look at our very classic example: Elvin

Ok no offence Elvin, u noe i always TRY to be as balanced as possible in my blog. Ya i TRIED.

WE love Elvin dun we? This cute little boy living in lala land, with great results and good amount of cash. "Money makes the world goes round" is his favourite phrase.

But what made him so special? He is a "harddisk drive". IE he eats info and eats into and store them and eats info and store them and slurp them out. He memorises stuff without much thinking and often restrict to skool books and lecture notes. Well...i guess he always get what he wants...say when he cant beat us in GunZ, he simply want us to stand and let him kill (note i already loosen up and relac when playing the first and last match with him). Thereafter he lost, he dint play with us anymore. I gave him tips but well...he still died a lot. This is nothing strange as he is a beginner.

This is the classic advise from parents "aiya that 2 guy bully you then dun play with them lor. Go away from them, they are bad examples for you, u stick tot hem u always become bad.". Yea, im bad!

So some nites after i heard he reached level 15 (sad Kiat only level 5 now!!!), i called him, he say he will reply me later on....Well he dint...anyway the game was much more fun without him.

Elvin bullied me! he say he will return me a call but never! So i dun play with him lor! mama said one! Later i become bad bad and rape girls (oops!)

We all know he hog the teacher a lot during Computing practical. I mean he is really the spoon-fed kind that wants every single info from teacher into his HDD, or rather he himself. Can he think a bit b4 he ask teacher? Ok...why did he want to join Computing if either he dun have the passion for it or dun wanna practise programming?
Everyone reading...i guess i already preparing to jot down other points about Elvin and mega fame him on your blog or my comments liao?!

Hahah relac relac... read on....

Well there is always a side of someone that we often mislooked (mistakenly overlooked). Did anyone notice Elvin is actually a kind person? He dun really come about flaming ppl or plot evil tricks on others or crititise others (am i wrong?). He dun really whine and complain as much as well. He is just living in his own happy land.

He is happy and he does not have hatred, depression and jealousy in him. Elvin is just a plain simple guy that dun think too much. "ignorance is bliss", though he may crap smtimes...but overall i can tell he is blinded to all those "poisons" of JC like others. He need not worry much of his grades since memory work will pass him, even it isnt a good grade its still a pass....unlike me...never pass b4.

He need not spend time on his blog fucking AJC and all AJ's flaw cos he just dun really bother or feel the impact. I dun think he locks himself up in the toilet and cry like i do sometimes when JC is just unbearable.

He need not worry how ugly or handsome he look cos again he isnt bothered by it. He need not worry no gals tok to him cos he isnt attracted to chio bu-s.

Elvin is just like a baby...innocent.. VERY innocent...you scold him he also wun mind... Sometimes i wish im like him...becos thats one of the way to 4get all troubles....

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