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Saturday, October 14, 2006
So It Ends
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:12 AM --- Post#116075803325855054

So It Ends
So two years ended. Good game. Well today's grad ceremony is quite lengthy...its totally different from sec 4's graduation ceremony. That time was tears and snots. This time is "AHHHH" when we are requested to stand up on arrival of the GOH. LOL, u never look like the PE teacher's face when we refused to stand up!

The most commendable part of the concert is Math department that skit. They really look like students in AJ uniform lor! Conclusion: Skool uniforms muggified everyone including big adults! Actually if the gals are given the choice to wear their own clothes (or dun wear at all) a lot of chio bu will surface, now they all hiding behind the AJ uniform.

I was half asleep when SH told me "eh your wife! She neber wear specs today!!". Then i peeped through the crowd! OMG...LOL. Forget what i say about chio bu just now....

Then again i was half alseep when this time sihui poke me up. She yelled "YOUR GALFRIEND!!" I opened my eyes to see a photo of certain CCA and again that face on the screen. WTF....cant you guys just let me rest in peace? I mean ya its the last day....no need make me suay rite...

Then Form teacher gimme this yoyo which i crashed on the floor within 5 minutes. Took some photos in class and went to see Yat PV. For the first time she looked so cheerful. Strange enuff Shaun also in APTS. Well she sounded like a bit giving up on us like. Simply wished us good luck and within 10 minutes let us go le.

By then my stomach pain like fuck le. Must be the char kway yesterday. Cos the aunty told me last time got one gal eat their char kwuay until lips red and swollen cos too spicy. So from then on she dare not put too much chilli. Thus i asked for more chilli. She gimme one big spoon and in order not to waste food i just poured all in.

Shaun pulled me eat Pizza Hut, tried the $30 Triple Cheese one. Wah lao i cant eat...eat only 1/4, in the end da bao the 1/4 home. Then in Pizza Hut, the whole place like kena booked by AJCians liddat. One table saw some MK and her bf. Another is all Choir.

Then i da bao home, reach home and pang sai....then sleep for the rest of the day. When i woke up at 5pm, i began searching for my remaining pizza. Wah lao my dad go eat all the rest. Nothing left....fuck lah i still owe Shaun $4 pizza money then he liddat eat up everything....

I had a terrible 2 years, i dint enjoy skool, i wun look back at AJ times. Well i always forced these ideas into me. But sometimes i realised there are still worth-remembering memories in AJ. Although most are quite dark. The surprising thing is...when i ask myself what is so dark about AJC, i need to hestitate and think, yet when ask me what fun i had....i can list down quite a lot...

-making posters for AJ ("we make until no need text also you can feel 'non mihi solum'!" ended up anyhow make then point to the screen, "CAN YOU SEE? NON MIHI SOLUM!")
-family day (when Potato joined me)
-luffing at kung fu master
-stupid IT support for Chinese current affairs
-enjoyed toking cock w Wester Food aunty
-Loading Linux and cock skool comp
-calling Mr Chan shuai ge

more to go.

So ya even its a dark place i guess still got some fond memories left. Soon after they will fade away. Soon after all all these will be buried.

Getting prepared for smthing worst in next stage of life...

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