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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Teachers Liars
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 4:43 PM --- Post#116055910739753192

Why you give up so easily?
Math teacher ask me how many times i do math a week. I dunno how to answer. I only look at her and give her to "well...its ok" smile.

Time flies...2 years gone. Or rather wasted. I remember i cried during VS-graduation ceremony. That was becos im going to leave a fun place.

On Friday im going to cry again. But this time cry becos it marks the end of me.

Everyday teacher ask me "why you give up so easily? If you give up difficult things in life then thats so sad!". Wait wait... Ok, i think many of your still dun get my point. My point is this isnt the way for me, i mean i dint want JC life in the first place. I admit i went to JC cos of herding instinct. I admit i went to JC because my parents insisted. But if i had realised all these earlier...i wun be here. First three months is a total lie. Stupid me tot JC life is gonna be like 1st three months forever. Thus i stayed on, and realised i had "上了贼船" (as one of my senior described AJC). Wrong subject combi also. I wanted something like Chinese and computing but no such combi. And little did i realised that Math C was continuation of A Math, which was totally screwed by Mdm Teo in sec3/4. Thus you see this is not the way i wanted it... In fact everything turn out screwed. I regret choosing a wrong path. And why should I be working for a wrong path i had chosen? I dint gave up. Guai Lan me insisted to be guai lan till the very end. Insisted in hating math and not believing in my teachers and all those fuck idioms or phrases....

Dun blame me, AJC made me so depressed. I wasnt ZOMBiE before that.

Mdm Teo
Mdm Teo... one of the lousiest math teacher in VS... So suay to tio her... Last time i totally gave up on math. Thus i failed A Math, taking two calculators into the exam hall and sleep. I hated math since PSLE when i needa do 50 math qn in 1.5 hours. Same problem: I neber know how to start and CARELESS MISTAKES! Same problem of not practising enough since young. I just hate math. WHY CANT YOU GUYS JUST ACCEPT?!

So what did i achieve in 2 years?
Well these 2 years are wasted academically, but not in some other aspect. When i was Sec 3/4 i was damn curious about how ppl actually create software and such. Then Mr Chan taught me DnT, about product designing. He told me to look out of posters and designs on the streets to get inspiration for my coursework. Again i was curious how people actually make such posters?

Being a mugger i mug at home whole day by the name of "a good boy" and "score for O levels". Thus i never got the answer to all these questions. I ever tried to learn Flash, but always turn off by the codings.

Which means one thing: Before i step into AJC, i noe nuts about programming and gfx design. IIRC, only me and Elvin stepped into the computing class with nothing in our heads. No concept of programming or how actually computers work. The only thing i did right is to choose Computing. Wanna thank Mr Kho, Mr Khor and Mr Ang, for being patient to a noob like me.

Every computing lesson is like a little candle in all these dark part of JC life. Maybe cos i get along better with the other 5. Maybe cos only they find my lame jokes funny enuff. Getting "Humongous"? Also teacher never strict with us. Free style learning, eat in class, play games, take off shoes normally NO PROBLEM! Only lesson can put two bare legs on another chair and sit right in front of air con and munching cheesedogs away. Damn song!

Then i started to explore Photoshop. Got some tips from Tsun Lam and all his tutorial sites. Also the idea of "zombifying" people's face started off everything. I dunno why, but its just 一拍即合, somehow no matter how hard the thing i wanna express, how hard the design is, it will eventually fall in place. As in you sit on your computer table looking at the design, and the next moment some ideas will pop up to fill the poster bit by bit.

I started to learn Flash. Something i always hopped to master in. AS programming is much simpler than C++. Everything now falls into place. The Flash, the Graphical Interface, the coding all seems to come together now.

Thinking back, i had answered all my questions in Sec 4. JC started me off to fulfill my curiosity on software development and designing. Dun ask me how i did it, all i can say its "just pon lecture, dun do hw and slack in tutorial lah!"

Teachers Liars
Shuan: Politicians are the 2nd best liars in the world
Another guy: Ya the lawyers are the best liars!
Me: Then who third?
Shuan: Teachers lor! They tell you in one month can shoot from F to A! You believe anot?
SH: Can mah! Why not?!
Me: *show disgusted face

I was fooled by my teachers in Sec 4: Just give your best for the last month before O's. After that you can do watever you want! You can play all day or dun sleep....

Ya rite...after O's its only few weeks to JC life (nitemare). And come to JC everyone seemed to be doing their hw when im asking "teacher, this one need to do anot?". Fake! Today Lusan said the same thing! After A's can relax and slack.

FAKE! After A's go NS liao! If go Uni, u got to MUG MORE! And all these happening in a short time. You really think its gonna get better after A's? NO!!! Just like after O's almost immediately you go JC and you needa work 10000 times harder. So what my teacher say after O's you can enjoy all you want is FAKE! BLUFF!

If go Uni, SAME PROBLEM! Need to mug also! Mug MORE! So im NEVER looking forward to the days after A's... NEVER...

Remember: There is always light at the end of the tunnel, cos its a train coming in your way.

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