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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Why everyone went for GP?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 2:20 PM --- Post#116106734520623924

Everyone had gone for GP prep...and what am i doing here? Skiving? more or less. Its either there is some MSN problem or everyone had gone for prep? All so guai?

Anyway, went mugging with Jeremy @ marine parade library yesterday....cant quite concentrate but did more than what i did at home, mainly due to the aircon and quiet environment i think. Or perhaps its all the TJ and VJ and TKSS and TKGS chio bu around?

Jeremy: Wah, those VJ one quite chio....
Me: ya got TJ one also, TJ gals are cute
Jeremy: VJ ones are elegant and CJC's have lots of character and personality
Me: AJ one neh?
Jeremy: KANA SAI!! Waste my time only...

Well got an sms from tomato telling me she passed all but math and bio. Math she just pass the paper, but overall with all other assessments she still failed. She got 28/100 for bio.

GP - pass/subpass
Econs - pass/subpass
Math - fail
Bio - fail
chem - pass/A pass

She needs 2 A pass, one subpass... i hope got moderation for her. Seriously why all my juniors failing their promos?

Wen Yan:
Math - fail
Phy - pass/A pass
GP - pass/sub pass
Geog - ???

He also barely made it....
How many times i said not to follow my footstep?

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Eh? Some pirated "Anderson"?

Nice paintings @ MP Library.

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