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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Back from Genting
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:34 PM --- Post#2549984027615295489

No pics, nothing. Well...i can tell you Genting now and Genting then is tons much of difference. No difference in the facilities, the difference is how you feel there. I used to go w my relatives, and then i was young, and played lots of theme park rides.

Now after so damn many years....i went with just my family, with all the bickering and my sis pinching me all along. The outdoor rides are ALL THE SAME as then in my memory...which is like "i noe how this ride feel", i noe exactly what happen when the boat entered Dinosaurland. I noe wat is coming out of the damned haunted house ride. I noe how Cyclone feels. I even noe roughly the path Flying Dragon is like. All is like...boring... As usual we went out when the theme park just opened...and was the first to play everything. By noon we finished all the rides...leaving out things like Merry Go Round or the Flying Jumbo.... All the rides are badly maintained....broken airplanes....bandaged brontosaurs neck, stinky kart helmet...

Well the indoor look revamped from last i went. But all the arcade and stuff are still using the same old machine. Ripple Rabbit still there, still many ppl queuing to play cos it produces the most ticket (to be exchanged for gifts). I was playing that with the new RM40 ezlink-like card they sold. No more tokens now. I played for half an hour and decided to give it a break, checking my card with a RM26 balance. Then after five minutes, my dad took the card from me and attempted to play this shooting game. He tapped and it says "2/3 Credits" and game wun run. No matter how i tap the last credit wun go in. I approached the technician and told him the prob.

"The machine wun take 2 credits" techy said, "It will only take 3 at a go." I dunno what he meant, until he took me to the counter and checked my card balance - RM2.00

WTF? Where the RM24 went? It was RM26 before!!! No one used the card right after i checked my balance the 1st time. No wonder the game wun run....cos it cant deduct 3 credits!

GG.....cheated my money...my whole family saw "RM26.00" when i checked the balance lor...

Well nvm...dad topped up RM10 and we played for a while more before exchanging some stupid gifts from the earned tickets...

The rest of the time were spent DS-ing in the hotel. Great batt life, it last me more than 5 hours. My sis took out PassWe3 and it lasted her more than one hours more. The weather was nice...cooling enough, and i i was quite relaxed there....

haiz...off i go liao....

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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Brite life?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:15 PM --- Post#8218953444044949773

Why am i blogging less and less even after my last paper on Friday? Well its the "post-exam" syndrome. Becos after exam, i will be so laid back and slack a lot. By slacking its really just slacking...not even doing Flash or Photoshop.

Very sianz...i feel damn aimless now. Its like "oh...JC life is over". Ya and now all the past AJ memories began to start fading away...people, authorities, events....all fading... and on a second though, "hey its NEVER going to happen again".

No more sleeping in classroom before assembly, no more stuffing Linux from school com, no more toking cock with Western food aunty, no more listening to Lame Cock Wee tok cock...no more upside down flag, no more mossy water cooler...no more cheese-dog computing lesson...

An yet NS is coming, and its coming fast. What im feeling now is similar to the post O levels. Things changing too fast to adapt to.

And "how about your blog tools, Flash apps, photoshop and stuff?". I would say im a strange person. Im only interested in doing all those stuff when there is school work around. Meaning I wun be doing programming and IT dev stuff during holidays. I will just slack away, wasting each day. How strange am i?

And the lack in human interaction is beginning to bug me. Its like me cooped up in my own little room and world...no one tok to and stuff...in another words, lonely. What i wish is to find something "正经" to do. Be it part time job or some onlineshop with my friends or maybe even someone asking me to make posters...

Its simply that when no one ask me to do work, i simply wun do it on myself. When in school, i often wander off to IT development to get away from the school work.

Do i really love computers? No. Computers are really troublesome. Not to mention the fact they make me a freak. But why i stick to IT? Simply because i have no other skills. Its not that im talented or skilled in IT but its something im better off, comparing to things like Sports, making Music, mugging etc etc.

My PC is giving me trouble, no i wun go into the geek way to describe all the technical details. Basically its hit with viruses and the anti-virus software is giving me more trouble than the viruses themself, by deleteing thousands of file it detect as "infected". Just guess what happeneds when it thinks my Photoshop.exe, Flashplayer.exe, my Word, my FTP client and all the stuff are infected and delete them all. And every few seconds it pop up and say a new virus is found. Upon inspection, its all some generic trojan horses and its so generic that the anti virus website simply say its a general detection rule and have no describtion of the trojan, unlike other definite viruses.

Gaming? Im moving from good gfx good sound to massive multiplayers online. I find myself getting stuck in the fantasy world after playing games for a long period of time. Its like i tot im in the world, which is so scary cos everyone is so damned faked and mechanism and im suppose to perform some absurb task to complete some mission.

Yet when i take my game away, im back to this uber boring world. This room of mine, this schol of mine, this computer of mine, im sick of all these. Im even sick of places like Bugis or Vivocity in fact all the shopping centers. They are like replicates of each other.

There is nothing interesting. Everyday is the same. Before A's everyday is wakeup > lunch >lib mug > go back > dinner > TV > gunz > sleep.

Now its wake up > lunch > play NDS > play NDS > play NDS > play NDS > play GunZ > sleep...

haiz...can someone brighten my life?

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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Kawaii Kingston!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:17 AM --- Post#8038619754607523272

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Got my poster and pay for the Kawaii Kingston poster on tues...finally...developing the poster from before prelim till after A's. Sponsors keep changing their mid and stuff...

Its a looong journey, from thinking about how to be "kawaii" to drawing on paper then using Illustrator to vector them out. So sian...so ppl keep telling me "wah u so fast get holiday job after A's lah!", NO...it should be "Wah u finished your September holiday job lah". Anything...

Anyway this poster mark my 1st time trying out vector drawing, which i had a phobia on. Ever since ah lam taught me vectoring, i never really tried it again cos is so sibei mahuan... I got 3 posters from Boss, one for me:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And the other two posters are obvious whom im giving to. Just a form of thanks for helping me along, gimme ideas. A lot of ppl have tons of ideas in their brain...just that they dunno how to "physical-ise" it. It helps wake up mugger minds in AJC also.

Yet the Kawaii Kingston is on Friday, when im having computing paper 2. Which also means like the Eskimo Party....i cant go.... here is the official webby (also by me).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
BeUp Live 0.3
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 5:12 PM --- Post#6875302194307599969

Some homebrewed apps to run your MSN messenger in toilet from NDS!!!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Down Syndrome (DS)
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:42 PM --- Post#2198038926809123410

I did a stupid thing today, Down Syndrome (DS), i bought a Nintendo DS Lite.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Setting Up
Its pretty complicated to set up an NDS system to play homebrew games, but be sure there will be no risk of bricking the devices.

- NDS Lite
- SuperCard Lite Rumble
- PassWe 3 (or SuperKey, PassMe, NoPass..)
- MicroSD

SuperCard is a "SD-Card to GameBoy Cartridge" device, means it is shaped like a GBA cart, but has a slot to read SD card. SuperCard Lite means its smaller than odinary SuperCard, and it fits onto DSL without protruding. Rumble means it can vibrate (like the Playstation controller).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

PassWe is a flashcard like other original NDS game card, its function is to tell NDS to read from SuperCard (as all your games are stored there in the SD card). Confused?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Boot always in NDS Card Slot > PassWe tells NDS to read from GBA Slot > GBA slot contains SuperCard > SuperCard reads from MicroSD in it > You can play all your games you stored in the Micro SD.

These is required as orginally, NDS can only load .gba games from Slot2 (GBA Slot). With PassWe, it can load all files from Slot2.

My Video:

A Quick Look
Two screens, mic and speakers. Speakers a bit soft, or im going deaf, the sound is quite bassy through my KSC75 and CK7, which definitely beats some cheapo mp3 players. Audio using the 35mm jack, unlike GBA which uses their own connector.

Dun really fancy the "push and snap back" Power button, i prefer the GBA's switch.

I on my DS at max volume, 40% brightness, using SuperCard and PassWe but no Rumble, and it lasted me through the day. Good! When you close the DS, it auto pause game and hibinates, entering sleep mode. which can run of hundreds of hours before battery is drained. The game resumes when you open the DS again.

No problem when playing multiplayer games with my sis. Wifi works fine.

Media Playback
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

NDS has this wonderful homebrewed software call Moonshell, which can play mp3 and OGG VORBIS! YEAH OGG! And common image and text files. Videos are in DPG format.

It will boot with some "DOS-like" text appearing then in no more than 3 second you see this wonderful interface. The orginal comes with the Mac OX interface. It has windows, scrollbars and other UIs like a mini Mac, lol.

Video playback is reasonably good, colours are vivid, no lag and smooth. The only complaint i have is the audio a bit too soft, but sounds loud enough on earphones.

My Video:

I shall now comment on some of the games i experiment with today. The touch screen is one reason i chose DS. I use to have a Palm Zire72 and Tungsten|T before, none of them has any 3D hardware support at all, but the touch screen opened up a wide range of gaming possibilities. RTS is of course most benificial of all since you can point and select easily. Puzzle games like Bejewled are made convinent and Insaniaquarium is one of Frank's fav on my Palm (remember 1st three months he kept asking for my Palm JUST to play Insaniaquarium).

In DS, the bottom screen is touchable, which becomes extra buttons in game. In shooting games, it can become "mouse", by moving the stylus up down left right, its like moving a mouse you normally would on a laptop's touchpad, but on your DS.

- Elite Beat Agents

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Those who enjoyed Audition or O2JAM this is for you. The rules are simpler than simple, tap/slide/spin the circles in order. Why isit call Elite Beat Agent? I dunno cos you are the agent that are suppose to save ppl, but what has it got to do with dancing? LOL, the better you tap, the better you dance and the characters in the story get saved! LOL! The stories and characters are brought in by a good comic-book style on the top screen and you dance by tapping on the bottom

My Video:

- Nintendogs

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

One word - "CUTE!". Its like an very advanced tamagotchi in 3D, but rearing dogs. With voice command, and the stylus, you can "touch" and "talk to" your doggy!

My Video:

- Metroid Prime Hunters

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is a first person shooter on NDS. As mentioned, the bottom touchscreen serves as you touchpad, which you navigate around. Double tapping the touchscreen and u will jump. Change of weapons and options can be very easily selected on the touchscreen. Quite uncomfortable with the key layouts at first, but fine with them now. Metroid Prime Hunters do have quite some game features like a series of weapons, ability to morph into a "ball" and roll into tunnels and the map is definitely not easy to play.

My Video:

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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Weird in College - Lost and Found!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:43 AM --- Post#4975433616803337165

There are lots of weird things in College that you never notice....here are some to share with your

Blotched pain works

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wow, nice blotchy paint works! But lets look closer here: What did you see on the floor! REAL BLOTCHES of paint! So let me guess...they got the ideas after spilling some paint on the floor?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now this is the REAL Blotch Art, located just in front of Secu Hut. Ok i seriously dunno how they created it:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Alien Control Panel

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You ever wonder what this is for? Its at the basketball court there on the wall...Maybe some kinda communication device for aliens and maybe the bball court is the landing spot?

Lets Light!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Ok...what is there to light about?

Shoe Rack in Library

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

No...this is IN the library, not outside...i found a SHOE RACK in the library for me to place my wet wet shoe....hmmm why did they purchase such a nice shoe rack IN THE LIBRARY?

Dustbin Monster

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This looks like some big big correct that was pulled out after finished...or did it came out from the dustbin itself?

Fly Up!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Next to the dustbin, we expect the handicapped to fly up...to where? Audi?

Three Flat Breast Women

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Hmmm...found this in the library....who do you think the THREE women refers to?

Lightning Ah!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Same thing in the lib, we found lightning talisman all over the roof....are they suppose to make us smarter???

Side Fan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I dint tilt the camera, the fan is installed sideways...why? I dunno...maybe blow different direction


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Did you ever notice this tombstone in college?

Sleeping Lamp

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The College likes to store exta, like this sleeping lamp under there...or isit...

Escape Route

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

THis used to lead to a drain cover outside, but now its sealed up

Lily Fountain

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yea, this is the 2006 in-design, the create this water fountain that comes in the shape of a Lily leave!

Dustbin with holes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tell me the top and bottom photo, whats the difference? Cant they just throw the cover away, than drilling a hole through it?!?

No More Chicken

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I guess no more Chicken Rice for 07 batch liao TT__TT

Champ Secu Hut

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, our security is the best! We even have posters outside the Secu Hut! CHAMPS!

Staff Room

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The above pic is our new staff room...and we walked in and this is what we saw:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The Fountain isnt working.....

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
The Hippo Sleeps Tonight
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 12:01 AM --- Post#3799841043918981921

Relax and destress...

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
SAW - Saddist Physicist
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 3:05 PM --- Post#116350200682201467

My head spun as i woke up. Where am I? Hell? I lifted my arms to massage my temper to relive my headache but to my horror, my arms CANT MOVE! The chains rattled as i try to detach them. I squeezed my eyes and forcefully bought myself to attention.

Luckily my specs were still intact, but unfortunately the area was almost pitch dark. I can smell. Smelt stale air and rust around me. All my limbs were locked.. Argg...stupid chains! In front is an old wooden table, i guessed so since i cant see well, only some lights came from the door slit behind me.

I reached out my arm, and the chains were long enough for me to touch the table top. How nice, i though. I could barely feel any table, most were layers and layers of dust and hard crispy, which I think were, dried insect bodies.

Suddenly, my fingers came across a cold, plasticy remote-control-like handheld among the dust and dirt. Instinctively, I felt for the largest button - Power On/Off and gave it a push. Strong light radiated in front of me, blinding my vision which was already adapted to the dark.

An old 21 incher flashed up with a white noise screen. Other than that there was nothing else in screen. With the flare of light from the TV, i could see my surrounding more vividly. This room looked familiar, In front me behind the table was a large cupboard with a large array of books, which looked quite messy. To my right are frames and frames of by-fold windows, but the outside was locked out by planks and nails. The little water fountain on the left was completely dried up.

This place looked so familiar that I knew there will be a small couch behind me beside the door. But my head could not identify this scene in front of me. Where AM I?!

Of a sudden, the screen popped an image of a horrendous face, the face of infinite pride and plots of immorality. Looked like a woman in her 40's or 50's. Wrinkles paved her scheming eyes while she smiled like a devil. A little camera on the side of the TV caught my attention as it swiveled towards my direction with a blinking red LED. She is monitoring me? What does she want?

"Hello ZOMBiE, i want to play a game with you and here are the rules...", she started off without even introducing herself. But deep in my mind i though i saw her before? My name is ZOMBiE? Why cant i recall anything before that?

"...dun worry, you MAY be fine " ,she raised her browns, "and dun bother trying to think to anything else, your brain had been wiped cleaned..."

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yelled,

"You had been found to be...hmmm...not loyal to us..." she continued as if she dint hear me, thoughts raced through me, as i was considering the video was either pre-recorded or there was no microphone for her to hear me.

"..but thats no longer important, all those rebels ended up like you, so you think you can get away from my grasp? I will see if you are still useful to me. Prove to me your ability and perhaps i can spare your life. Remember the rules of the game, you will be given five minute to three questions, enter the correct answer into the little digit lock on your side, three correct digits and the lock will open, and any wrong...the revolver above your head will fire."

I struggled in my seat and noticed that there is indeed a little digital lock on the side of the steel chair im locked to. So perhaps unlocking it will release me from the death chair? I looked up, startled by the fact its not a revolver on top of me, but a two barreled rifle. Attached to it is a gear mechanism that will pull the trigger and the various control cables were linked to somewhere else.

This is sick, real SICK. "Are you ready?" She said in her monotone. "First, what is a radian? Second, if your life is halfed every 70 years and you already lived 1/40 of your life, how old are you when you had lived 1/20 of your life?"

"What about the last question? You said three!" I screamed, as tears almost dripped.

"If you answer the last one correctly, you will get the answer for the first two questions. What is the code that came out on the top right that makes everyone fear after nine? Hahaha" The image faded away on the TV screen.

"Hey you idiot! What kinda of questions are those? How do you expect me to know the answer? And the digital lock can only take numbers! How do i answer the what shit on radians? Hey you come back!" I yelled and yelled and hope i could get some hint. All that is left on the screen is white.

A little clock previously unseen on the other end of the room blinked in green. 5:00, 4:59, 4:58...Ok now what am i going to do? Im like no HDD, Im like no Elvin...Im like no smart...but those questions sounded familiar...arggg...

Instead of spending the time to think of all those nonsensical questions, i tried all the ways to escape, i banged my arms and shook my legs, hoping that something will come lose that will get me out. My legs were clipped directly to the base of the steel chair, but my arms could still move abit as they were chained up with a connections of rings for about 30cm long.


I tried to stand up, but my foot were not able to exert strength on floor as they were clipped tight about two inches from the ground. Oh shit no TIME! Once again i tried standing up, which only brought more pain on my feet as the force were exerted near my ankle by the toughened clips. I twirled the chain on my left wrist to make them shorter and used body mass to swing myself to the left, attempting to break the chains...noooo the chains were too strong to be broken by human.

Time Time! Maybe i should think about the questions and answer them? Or am i faithed to have an early death?! And who was the one on the screen? Why they doing all these to me? Why did they say im not loyal and why why why why why?! I slammed my arms on the table, shaking the dust all over.

An idea sparked in my mind, but do i have time? The chains were designed to be long enough for me to reach the remote control on the table, thus getting it would be easy. I cant really see my feet as its pitch dark, estimating the position of my leg, i lightly dropped the remote control to the floor. It landed with a soft "thud". I tip toed so the front of my feet could feel for the remote control and slided them across to my another feet, so i could have support on the remote control which was placed steadily on the floor.

Now that my feets were supported, i threw myself forward and landed my face on the table in front, burrowed in all those dust. My nose hurt. My ankle were still pivoted on the base while the chains on my arms acted as tension so my face wun slam right through the table.

At this angle i hope the bullet from the rifle on top would not be able to hit. With the last ounce of strength, i pulled my right arm to my back and


The rifle fired as the clock read 00:00. The bullet was fired at the center of the seat, and crossed path with the chain on my right hand on the last minute as i pulled my arm to my back, bring the chain across the seat.

I lost balance and i pulled the chain on the left to get myself back in seat. By now the whole room was quite messy, smell of gun powder, flying dust, falling objects from the table...the floor under me was scattered with papers, exam papers?

Something in my mind tells me to start searching from clues, as my eyes scanned through all the piles and arrived at this Physics A Level exam script. Though there wasnt a lot og lighting, i could see some workings and names written on it and footprints as well. I took a closer look.

I smiled to myself, and punched in "246" in the digit lock.

=The End=

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Friday, November 10, 2006
The Math Hunter
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 9:43 AM --- Post#116312692626756739

I stared at the questions, and they stared back at me. I cant take it anymore, i picked up my pencil on the floor (i left it on the floor so it wun obstruct me writing) and took out the two Panadol on the side pocket, popped them off the plastic shell and swallowed them with the few drops of water left in my water bottle.

I closed my eyes...trying to concentrate. Computing paper had already taken up most of my sanity and senses as i tried my best to get an 'A' for it, plus i dint sleep early last night. Actually all those are excuses, the real problem is that i dint study for Math paper 2 - stats.

Im trying my best to work out the answer for 3rd last question, and i only have got like 20 minutes left. For the moment i feel like just putting my head down and let time flies, im really tired and sick of Math. I dunno how to do most of them, even if i know how to, i get tons of funny answer which i knew its 100% wrong. Whats the point of completing the questions then? Just to make myself feel better and so i can tell ppl "see i finished all!"...and and all wrong also...

In the end i only touched the first part of the EITHER question (qn 29, last qn). In fact i skipped big parts of 26 and 27 liao. After the exam i dint tok to anyone, just smiled at my classmate and listening to them say "wah so easy neh!", "you did EITHER or OR on the last qn?", "you hypo tesing u reject or accept??"

One of the things i fear after exam is that when ppl ask how how u find the paper, u say "thats it man" while the others all say "no what, its easy".

Along the way out of skool, i saw my math teacher, i avoided her but she saw me. I wanted to run away and she called my name. No choice, i went to her and again, smiled. "Hows the paper?" and she made an "OK" sign on her finger, trying to ask me if its ok. I shook my head. "Err...50 marks? Can?" I wanted to say 30, but i dun wanna disappoint her, so i say "45 ba...just pass...maybe"

And off i ran, i dun wanna continue the conversation anymore. I ran to the toilet on the second floor. Strange enough, the toilet has no lights. Ahhh must be those lousy light bulbs spoilt. I dint bother to try the switch as i prefer the darkness. I feel like crying and hopefully no one sees me. I took off my specs and washed me face.

"SLAM!" one of the toilet door flew open inwards and slammed onto the wall. I was astonish as i tot there were no one in the toilet.I grabbed for my specs and they fell off the washing basin. I squat down and searched for them. Meanwhile i heard some footsteps coming, slowly, step by step. And the foot steps seemed light. I wiped clean my face using my shirt's shoulder piece and hastily put on my specs.

I turned my head and saw something that no one would believe. Its a small woman, and wtf is shw doing in the guy's toilet? Did i enter the wrong toilet? Her face looked utmost familar, yet i cant remember who she is. She stood less than a meter tall, looked about 40 to 50 years of age and clearly some sort of mutant.

"Why? You regretting? Hahha how do you feel? Humiliated by your friends?". Is she refering to Maths?

"YES, MATHS! How uselss you are, how can you fail such an easy paper?" OMFG, she can read my mind...

"I can read everyone's mind, especially those useless students like you who cant study." She walked forward, as im was sitting on the floor, crawling backwards.

"You lazy, do you know if you fail math, there is no place for you? No uni wants you? you will bring SHAME to the college, DISGRACE to your family, and it reflects how LAZT, STUPID and IDIOTIC you are!", She sneered and jerred at me.

The more i looked into her face, the more scary she gets, i pushed myself off the floor and headed my way to the door. The door flew closed, and i used my body mass against it and gave it a real hard bang and found myself falling and the door nudged open. I grabbed the railing in front of me. Stood for a while and headed to the water cooler behind to take a sip of ice water.

Outside, the skool dun look like the normal skool, its now sort of like...greyish...desaturated... I walked around and saw some swarms of students standing on the foyer, there another of such creature, but this one has big curly haird and protruding eyes, but looked less scary than the previous one. They seemed to look listless, and under a spell or something, they are all walking slowly out of school, and the curly-haired creature waved her arms over them and seemed to be intaking some form of energy from them.

This dun look right...As the "energy" was taken from those students their face grew paler. I even saw some of my friends there...i quietly went round the Hall and took the stairs to the canteen, arriving at the back of the swarm of "zombified" students. I shook one of them, who seemed to be like from class 03, he looked at me queerly and started to burt out some math formula. He has super dark eye rings and dead eyes. Then he pushed me aside as the crowd continued...

I backed away...this is...what is this? Just then, someone pulled me back and threw me to the ground. "ouch...wtf..." regained my stance and not surprisingly the hideous creature in the toilet was facing me.

"What do you want? Whats all these? What happened to my school?!"I asked

"What do you think, how can we survive without YOU? We need POWER, REPUTATION, and RECOGNITION and its only those muggers can bring us. It happened EVERYDAY, just that under our spell your dint know. The more you mug the more knowledge and experience i take in. And the more powerful i get! And you this bastard! You useless fool!" She retorted.

"Why can i see you know then?" I questioned.

"You can see me now means you are an ASS-HOLE, a SCUMB, because dumb you cant study! Its just a few math questions, others can all do it, why not you?!" she screamed.

"So what?! I stupid none of your business!"

"You are no longer useful to me, if you are alive, you have got some value, but why did u choose to DIE?!" She asked me back.


"Head to the parade square... look at yourself..." and poof she was gone.

Sure from the canteen i can see the parade square...and there lies someone...i rushed there and as what she said..i was looking at myself....just that im covered with blood, and my arms and legs are bent in such an unnatural way. My school uniform is no longer blue... its red.

And in my hands...im holding...the entry proof.

==The End==

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Thank you, Mr Math Tuition Teacher!
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 10:14 PM --- Post#116300170298714728

I was sitting on the sofa, waiting eagerly for him to come. I knew it, when he says "about 7.30pm" i means 8+pm. Finally, the familiar doorbell rang, and as usual, me grabbed the keys and opened my gate.

My tuition teacher will walked in softly and quietly. He seemed to be overly quiet, yet fast in action. He will grab the seat to my left and ya start to gimme tuition.

There is no lesson plan or format. Its simple - explain my lecture notes and guide me on my tutorials. I never asked him for any challenging or what extra papers cos, ya, i suck in math and being able to catch the basics is more than enuff for me. In a way, i plan my own lessons.

He is pro, he flips my lecture notes as if he was the one who wrote them. Whenever i asked a question, he will to the page of my notes on that area. Its like "wtf? I dint even noe there is such a page in my notes!". Ya i was sleeping most of the time.

Normally (days before any exams), he will come on Sunday morning, and i find it damn irritating. As it Math spoilt my Sunday right from the start. How bad... But towards A levels and prelim, i may ask for addition lesson.

Everytime before he goes, he will say "thats all for today" softly on the last question. I will burst into life and chiong to the gate to open for him. Then we will say "so next sunday same thing". I will nod.

But this time after he left, he never say anything..as in cos this is the last time liao. Tml is the last Math paper for A Level. I wun be seeing him again. I even reminded him before he go and when my mom was paying him "ya today last lesson, cos tml math paper liao", i said subtly.

Suddenly i realised its like 2 years le. Every Sunday without fail unless i have some special program on. Thinking of when i first met him and when he first went thru my math with me. I remember its on sketching of Trigo function graphs.

I dint even realised its 2 years liao, i just knew he is my Sunday morning... And i never tok to him about anything else except math. Cos perhaps im not too socialble to start an off topic conversation. Now and then i will "oooo" or "errr..." and "ahhh i noe le" to soften the quite serious tuition session.

Now towards A levels, i realised how important he is. I never find him destorying my Sunday, rather i wake up early and prepare what i want him to go through. Its like i never pass math before, and he is the only one who can help me, giving me 2 hours of his time and let me ask as many questions and go through the actual process of me doing the questions and catching my careless mistake and correcting my thinking path. In exchange for $50 ($25 per hour).

After he left today, i sort of feel that i lost someone liddat. Strange...its like i will never see him again, unless i repeat JC. Strange isnt it? Since i dun tok to him about other stuff, i dunno much about him. I dun even remember his name or his Uni or anything about him. But ya i still consider him friend. $25 an hour is not a lot, compared to my other classmates who pays like $100 per hour. And there isnt any math qn he dunno how to solve...

Not seeing him again also means smthing else - this Jc phase of life comes to an end. I cant adapt well from one environment to another. I will have lots of hang over. Maybe when i tot i wake up and goes to morning assembly in AJC...i maybe wake up and find myself in an army bunk. Its like time disorder and warping sort...

I dun think my tuition teacher will read this blog...i wish him all the best and ya THANKS a lot!

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Xia Xue Meets Steven Lim!
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Monday, November 06, 2006
Math A level
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 7:21 PM --- Post#116290365841926840

I took a deep breath, and entered the exam hall, checking and making sure that everything was there: IC, Entry Proof, pencil case, watter bottle, calculator...

The Hall was quite chilled, but i liked it. Soon enuff, the papers were being distributed and started. How nice, the paper was quite easy in the beginning...but towards to end its like hell...Math was never my subject. But this paper is easier than Prelim. If i get 18% in prelim, i should be able to get 28% for this A Level paper.

I could have continued this blog entry....but after thinking bout Math....i got headache...and i shall sleep now...

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Friday, November 03, 2006
How to choose the correct lossy audio codec for you
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:40 PM --- Post#116256042354423138

We have mp3, ogg, wma...lots and lots of audio codecs. If you dunno what an audio codec is, it is the format that you music is made up of and how the computer data are structured to represent the sound. Just like there are formats for exams, letters, dining...Different audio format definitely sound different. By sounding different it means how nice and how bad your music sound, not that guitar will sound like drums. Just like an obvious example is that we know mp3s from our computer generally sound better than normal telephone and common radios.

Mp3, ogg, wma and so on are call lossy format, while CD/DVD audio, FLAC, APE, PCM Wave are lossless audio. Lossy audio makes file size smaller by striping out certain frequencies that our ear mostl likely cant hear. Lossless audio do not lose quality when converting from one lossless format to another. Lossy audio are normally "ripped" or processed from audio CD to produce your familiar mp3 or wma.

When ripping from a CD, we are sometimes given the choice in perhaps Windows Media Player or iTunes to choose the bitrate. Bitrate refers to how much data is held per second, the more the bigger the file size and sound better and visa versa. Common bitrate includes 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 320 kbps and so on.

But how much bitrate and which format to choose from? Between the various audio format, the differences are actually quite minimal. Some say that ogg vorbis and musepack yield the best quality compared to other lossy audio format of the same file size, so you may be considering them, but take note not all digital audio player support these formats. Vorbis and musepack are open source format as well. The file size difference of the same bitrate between these formats are usually matter of few kilobytes, thus file size is also not a major concern.

The majour thingy is how much bitrate suits you? 128kbps? 256 kbps? What i did was not to rely too much on "technically which will sound better", but rather if my ear can tell. Normally we listen to a collection of music of different tracks, the best bitrate for you is when you cannot tell if the sounding is good or bad.

Some people can tell between 64kbps mp3 and 192kbps mp3, while others cannot. By being able to differentiate, it is more useful that you can differentiate the two different bitrate independently THAN comparatively. If given two similar sound source, one of 64kbps and another of 320kbps, and you play one source after another using a delicated earphone and good player, most people will be able to differentiate the different. Its simply because our ear can draw a distinct comparison when the play the two sound source one after another. This is comparative differentiation between a good and bad sound.

But if given two different sound source (ie different track), you may not tell the difference. As mentioned earlier, we listen to music in a way that each track normally differs from the previous one, thus our brain find it difficult to really draw comparison between which track sounds better than rest as every track is different. For example is easier to tell which apple is sweeter between two, than to tell which is sweeter between an apple and a pear, because generally the taste of apple and pear is different, which makes it difficult to tell which is the sweeter one. But if your tongue is sensitive, yes you may be able to tell. Similarly, this is independent differentiation between a good and bad sound.

So for a rough gauge, take eight different songs and encode two in 128kbps, two in 192 kbps, two in 256kbps and the remaining two in 320kbps. Remember to do this from an audio CD. Never encode a lossy to lossy format, eg 128kbps mp3 to 320kbps mp3. There will only be further loss in quality. Then play the six songs, and see if you can tell which song has a better quality than another and which few songs you cant tell at all. Try to get a decent earphone and player for this test.

If between 192 and 320 you cant tell the difference, a good choice of bitrate maybe 192 or 256. But if you really cannot tell the differences between the above eight songs, congratulations! You have an untrained ears and you need not waste money on upgrading your equipments. 128kbps should suffice you. Generally i will recommend 128kbps as the minimum you go. And if your mp3 player has enough space, just go as high as you can, like 256 or 320 kbps.

As a note, when ripping, you may be given an option to rip at a certain speed, nromally "Fast speed lower quality", "medium" and "slow speed best quality". I will strongly recommend ripping at slower speed, that few more minutes of ripping will not increase your file size but will do significant upgrade to your sound quality.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006
GP Tradegy
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Right after the GP paper, i keep telling myself "it simple...its easy....". I was like halfway through fooling myself into that i had just taken the simplest paper in my Life.

The Summary soooo easy! And so its the AQ. I was doing Paper 2 halfway, when my energy level decreased till zero. Suddenly i became restless. Suddenly my mind started wandering off...thinking about all sorts of things...in fact a lot of strange things popped up in my mind, like what im going to eat for lunch, what am i going to mug today, how long did i sleep and wtf some tic-tac-toe thingy came in (Frank, remeber i asked u about the relation between some sets of numbers?).

My eyes read the passage but my mind used only like 20% on that process, it resulted in repeated reading...and suddenly i got a glance of some chio bu sitting around me and all my XXX sites popped up in mind as i cursed Kiat why he never finish transferring the Jap porn last nite.

Ahhh...its only till the last 20 minutes, when suddenly the air con got more chilled. The coldness woke me up from restless-ness. Guess what? I suddenly realised im out of time. Relax...i tell myself...relax...its the easiest paper! The paper is so easy.

So off me taking my sweet time to finish my Summary and AQ, and when the invigilator yelled "Can you see whats on the $1.8K clock? Its TIMES UP!". Yeah i haven finish, but nvm, i told myself once again, this is such an easy paper that i need not do all questions to get A.

Going out of the exam hall, i put on my "hehehehe" face and went round telling the world how fucking easy the paper was...BUT....

I saw my junior, Xiao Chen. Suddenly i realised there isnt just me in AJC, there are lots of J1 victims as well. For my junior's sake, i have to warn him! I started to change...ARGGG JUST LIKE werewolf on a full moon nite!

I went up to Xiao Chen, "Eh...thats it man...err...". Xiao Chen looked at me with curiosity, "Kena owned?!". The word "owned" rang in my empty head. I stared blankly and though about it for a while. I shook his hand, "eh, GO! GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!".

At this point braddy and JJ came, "oi fuck u cheebye, can u be uglier anot?". JJ was whispering "he just now out there still kao bei the paper what how easy". ARGGG...reality struck me hard, like lightning zapped my ass liddat. The paper wasnt easy at all! I was lying to myself only!

I pulled Xiao Chen aside, screamed into his face, "fucked le, owned until no more lan cheow le!". ARGGG....i start panicking and pacing, grabbing my own face. IS THIS REAL?! Xiao Chen was trying to comfort me as i pushed him aside, "GO! GO AWAY WHILE U CAN! FUCKING GO!".

My legs began to power up, ran as far as i can. Ran as fast as i can. To where? I dunno. I remeber pishing aside the incoming crowd and hearing some cursing as i made my way through. Things flashed in my mind, bits and drabs of my life. Hauntings of the GP questions attacked my sanity and soul. Before i knew anything more, i arrived at this big spacious and brite area.

In front is an overview of AMK, I could see the MRT, down there is Student Alighting Point. Wait wait...where am I? Why am i standing so high up? What am i doing? Out of a sudden, my body collapsed, as if used up the last 0.001 volt of my battery. I sat to the ground, staring blankly as an MRT buzzed off the station.

I knew the answer. Instinct is calling me, my pencil case seemed wanting me to open it. I opened it. Out i took a penknife, i swiveled out the blade and tested the sharpness using my thumb. With faith, i held it using both hands. Firmly. Each second passed seemed like one second off a timed bomb. I aimed the blade at my chest, and with a courageous grip I stood up.

"bye.." I muttered to myself. A tear roll off my cheek and i stepped forward, feet just at the edge of the roof. I let my balance off and held the blade closer to my chest, making sure it will rip my heart off during the fall.

I let my body off balance. For just that one last second...i could see the ground falling towards me, i could also see all the evils beside jeering and teasing. Then, i saw red.

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A Level Tml
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:24 AM --- Post#116240209900746358

tml is death day. No need wish me luck, cos as i said, this is just another exam, and the easiest one since skool standard is always higher, and this final exam will allow me to fail for one last time and its an escape route from AJC.


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