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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Back from Genting
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 1:34 PM --- Post#2549984027615295489

No pics, nothing. Well...i can tell you Genting now and Genting then is tons much of difference. No difference in the facilities, the difference is how you feel there. I used to go w my relatives, and then i was young, and played lots of theme park rides.

Now after so damn many years....i went with just my family, with all the bickering and my sis pinching me all along. The outdoor rides are ALL THE SAME as then in my memory...which is like "i noe how this ride feel", i noe exactly what happen when the boat entered Dinosaurland. I noe wat is coming out of the damned haunted house ride. I noe how Cyclone feels. I even noe roughly the path Flying Dragon is like. All is like...boring... As usual we went out when the theme park just opened...and was the first to play everything. By noon we finished all the rides...leaving out things like Merry Go Round or the Flying Jumbo.... All the rides are badly maintained....broken airplanes....bandaged brontosaurs neck, stinky kart helmet...

Well the indoor look revamped from last i went. But all the arcade and stuff are still using the same old machine. Ripple Rabbit still there, still many ppl queuing to play cos it produces the most ticket (to be exchanged for gifts). I was playing that with the new RM40 ezlink-like card they sold. No more tokens now. I played for half an hour and decided to give it a break, checking my card with a RM26 balance. Then after five minutes, my dad took the card from me and attempted to play this shooting game. He tapped and it says "2/3 Credits" and game wun run. No matter how i tap the last credit wun go in. I approached the technician and told him the prob.

"The machine wun take 2 credits" techy said, "It will only take 3 at a go." I dunno what he meant, until he took me to the counter and checked my card balance - RM2.00

WTF? Where the RM24 went? It was RM26 before!!! No one used the card right after i checked my balance the 1st time. No wonder the game wun run....cos it cant deduct 3 credits!

GG.....cheated my money...my whole family saw "RM26.00" when i checked the balance lor...

Well nvm...dad topped up RM10 and we played for a while more before exchanging some stupid gifts from the earned tickets...

The rest of the time were spent DS-ing in the hotel. Great batt life, it last me more than 5 hours. My sis took out PassWe3 and it lasted her more than one hours more. The weather was nice...cooling enough, and i i was quite relaxed there....

haiz...off i go liao....

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