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Saturday, November 25, 2006
Brite life?
[ZOMBiE CyGiG] ranted at 8:15 PM --- Post#8218953444044949773

Why am i blogging less and less even after my last paper on Friday? Well its the "post-exam" syndrome. Becos after exam, i will be so laid back and slack a lot. By slacking its really just slacking...not even doing Flash or Photoshop.

Very sianz...i feel damn aimless now. Its like "oh...JC life is over". Ya and now all the past AJ memories began to start fading away...people, authorities, events....all fading... and on a second though, "hey its NEVER going to happen again".

No more sleeping in classroom before assembly, no more stuffing Linux from school com, no more toking cock with Western food aunty, no more listening to Lame Cock Wee tok cock...no more upside down flag, no more mossy water cooler...no more cheese-dog computing lesson...

An yet NS is coming, and its coming fast. What im feeling now is similar to the post O levels. Things changing too fast to adapt to.

And "how about your blog tools, Flash apps, photoshop and stuff?". I would say im a strange person. Im only interested in doing all those stuff when there is school work around. Meaning I wun be doing programming and IT dev stuff during holidays. I will just slack away, wasting each day. How strange am i?

And the lack in human interaction is beginning to bug me. Its like me cooped up in my own little room and world...no one tok to and stuff...in another words, lonely. What i wish is to find something "正经" to do. Be it part time job or some onlineshop with my friends or maybe even someone asking me to make posters...

Its simply that when no one ask me to do work, i simply wun do it on myself. When in school, i often wander off to IT development to get away from the school work.

Do i really love computers? No. Computers are really troublesome. Not to mention the fact they make me a freak. But why i stick to IT? Simply because i have no other skills. Its not that im talented or skilled in IT but its something im better off, comparing to things like Sports, making Music, mugging etc etc.

My PC is giving me trouble, no i wun go into the geek way to describe all the technical details. Basically its hit with viruses and the anti-virus software is giving me more trouble than the viruses themself, by deleteing thousands of file it detect as "infected". Just guess what happeneds when it thinks my Photoshop.exe, Flashplayer.exe, my Word, my FTP client and all the stuff are infected and delete them all. And every few seconds it pop up and say a new virus is found. Upon inspection, its all some generic trojan horses and its so generic that the anti virus website simply say its a general detection rule and have no describtion of the trojan, unlike other definite viruses.

Gaming? Im moving from good gfx good sound to massive multiplayers online. I find myself getting stuck in the fantasy world after playing games for a long period of time. Its like i tot im in the world, which is so scary cos everyone is so damned faked and mechanism and im suppose to perform some absurb task to complete some mission.

Yet when i take my game away, im back to this uber boring world. This room of mine, this schol of mine, this computer of mine, im sick of all these. Im even sick of places like Bugis or Vivocity in fact all the shopping centers. They are like replicates of each other.

There is nothing interesting. Everyday is the same. Before A's everyday is wakeup > lunch >lib mug > go back > dinner > TV > gunz > sleep.

Now its wake up > lunch > play NDS > play NDS > play NDS > play NDS > play GunZ > sleep...

haiz...can someone brighten my life?

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